When this year started I chose a word to reflect what I hoped the year would hold for me.

The word for me was FOCUS.


I usually have too many ideas in my head about my business, home, children, friends etc.

I find it really hard to focus sometimes and accomplish the things that are most important.

I am easily distracted and can waste time.

After I chose that word I prayed that the Lord would help me focus from the moment I woke up.

To help me focus on the things in my life that mattered the most.

The things that truly needed my attention.

That focus even applied to my creativity.

Sometimes I can have so many ideas in my head that it can feel overwhelming.

When I feel overwhelmed over all the things I can not possibly create as a mother of three I can end up not doing anything.

Isn't that ridiculous?

My prayer was to help me focus on SOMETHING….just sit down and BEGIN!

Sometimes we have our hearts and heads so full that we do not know where to begin.

When I did the Letting Go piece it was really about so many things.


The biggest thing it was about was giving my dreams to the Lord.

Letting Go.

Believing that HIS plans for me are so much bigger and better than ANYTHING I could EVER imagine.

I don't know where these dreams of mine will go.

What I do know is that I don't want any of them if they are not what I was made to do.

I was born with a purpose…many of them.

So are you!

When I give my dreams to the Lord I am saying…Take them.

Whatever happens.

I trust you (that has been a hard one for me).

I know that you hear my heart, you love me, you gave me these gifts.

What I am really wanting to end this series with is that you need to lay your dreams down.

Give them back to the one who made you and blessed you with every talent in you.

The dreams, aspirations, goals in your heart are NOTHING compared to the ones the Lord has for you!

The truth is that your dreams could turn out looking very different than the ones you are imagining.

What I can promise is that they will be BETTER if you give them to the Lord.

I don't want dreams created in my heart….I want dreams created for me in the heart of God.


So…now you begin.

Are you going to trust the Lord enough to say, "Take my dreams…I trust you.  I trust that what you will put in my heart will be so much better than anything I could have imagined."