Lead Me

My children and I are beyond blessed to have a daddy and husband that loves the Lord.

My heart rests in the peace that his love provides.

I know marriage is hard and without guidance from the Lord our chances seem so slim now a days.

Someone I love very deeply is going through a lot of heartbreak and pain right now and I wanted to share this song.

What honest words of what we truly all long for and how we so desperately need the Lord to lead us.

To all the men out there with honor, character and substance….thank you…a whole generation is looking up to you more than ever!

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  1. kolleen


    I couldn’t agree more with you … what beautiful words my friend! I cannot imagine having Him and him to lean on! My blessings are abundant as well as my childrens.

    I hope you know…You are a woman of the Lord…leading too.

    loving you

  2. kolleen

    okay… you know i meant i cannot imagine NOT having Him and him to lean on!!!! (not enough coffee today!)

  3. Deborah Carlson

    Jeanne this was beautiful ..thank you so much for sharing.
    The story behind this video was so touching and encouraging too.
    Love it!!

    Deborah xoxo

  4. Paulette Insall

    one of my favorite songs! yes, we need the Lord to lead us and be our strength. I know that there are many days I wouldn’t make it through without Him to lean on! πŸ™‚

  5. Paulette Insall

    lol! don’t know what happened there…..i was typing away and all of a sudden i guess i accidentally pressed return or something while i was typing my web addy into the form. πŸ˜€ anyways, also wanted to say thanks to much for sharing this on your blog!

  6. Nicci Kirby

    Jeanne..thanks for sharing your heart. You are so very blessed. Love this song…and especially the message behind it. Everyone needs to hear this πŸ™‚

  7. Bringing Pretty Back

    This is am AMAZING song for a husband!!!
    I love it soso much!
    I have three sons 24 ,22 and 19. I will give them a copy of this song when they get married someday.
    Have a pretty day!

  8. Sue Dyer

    Jeanne, I really look forward to your posts since getting to know you at your NaDa Farm class (which I loved!!)! What a precious woman you are and what a gift you have in communicating through words,art,photos and now songs. Thank you for all you give and for enriching my life! May the Lord bless you and keep you, you and that beautiful clan of yours…

  9. Heidi

    I love this song!! i went through a heart wrenching divorce and I know now it was because I did not have Him in our marriage to keep us strong…the next time I will not give up the piece of me that holds me and my daughters together-God! Thank you for the post.

  10. Lara

    saying prayers each day. Thinking of you, my sweet friend—call me when you can.

    that song makes me cry, btw…it’s a special one.



  11. Ruthie Carlson

    Jeanne! I love your blog! I actually blogged today on a very similar subject. Isaiah 41:10. I shared this song with my son today and it made for a special time with him today. I am blessed to be married to a mighty man of God and am sooooo thankful my boys see Jesus reflected in their daddy! What a legacy! If you get 2 minutes I would love to share my blog with you! ruthiecarlson.blogspot.com. I love talking to you! hava a great afternoon! love love love Ruthie

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