Creativity Takes Courage | Danielle Donaldson - January 2014 - Jeanne Oliver


I have known Danielle Donaldson for the past three years and am honored to call her my friend.

She is just real from the moment you meet her and some of my best creative soul searching conversations have been with her.

Danielle also creates some of the most beautiful and interesting work of anyone I know.

Her art draws you in, makes you want to look again and want to reach out your hand to touch it.

Today we are talking about art, the creative journey, finding your own creative voice and creative practicing.

Come and join us.

{we had some technical difficulties during the video so know it is not your computer:-)}



I began my colorful and creative path in the art world as most young souls do, with crayons and a stack of coloring books. In my earliest years, I soaked in as much as I could about all things color and how to get them on paper in ways that made people smile. In high school and early years in college, I focused my artistic efforts in watercolor, graphite drawing techniques and in graphic design. Each allowed me to find a balance in the stories I tell with my pencils and paints.

After college, I focused my efforts on raising my children and doing my best to infuse them with my love of visual story-telling. While my kids were young, I stumbled into the scrapbook world which allowed me to capture the memories of my children and tell the stories. This discovery opened doors for me to work within the scrapbook industry designing products, teaching techniques in small and large venues, and contribute to several books and magazines on a regular basis.

My family returned to Northern California and, in the last few years, I have waved goodbye to my kids as they headed to out-of-state universities. Since then, I have filled my time with learning new art techniques and finding my creative niche again.

I have dug down to my roots and moved through some big changes – both have allowed me the freedom to grow as an artist. A mix of the young-me and the seasoned-me. Even I don’t know what is around the corner – no matter how hard I strain to see.

Currently my creative cupboard is full of paper and watercolors – and I am never without a mechanical pencil and a white pen or two. But you never know when that will change. No matter what the medium each finished piece tells my story. Once piece at a time, of course.

Some things you may or may not know about me. Just for fun.

My dad is Mike Brady. Seriously.

I love donuts.

I love the color (or absence thereof) white.

I always finish my current piece prior to starting a new one. Always.

I was a roller-skating carhop.

When I was little, I wanted to live in a barn, be a horse doctor and eat pancakes every day.

I call my daughter “cuteGIRL” and my son “sweetBOY” online. It’s my weird way of protecting their privacy a bit.

My favorite game is Yahtzee.

My favorite teacher was Chella Gonzalez – my art teacher in high school.

I am very hard on myself. Ridiculously so.

And I am short but mighty. Meow.

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