Playing With Fire: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Inexpensive craft paints in shades of blue, green, and white (use what you have)
white gesso, any brand (use what you have – even white house paint)
inexpensive tubes of acrylic paint (such as Hobby Lobby’s “Master’s Touch”)

My palette for “Nothing Gold Can Stay” :

dark titanium white, titan buff, zinc white (can substitute transparent mixing white), raw sienna, chrome oxide green, turquoise green, nickel azo gold, paynes gray, transparent brown oxide Also pan pastel in any shade green (optional), and R&F oil bar in any shade green. You can substitute any kind of oil paint in your favorite green, or leave out oil paint entirely. This art is so flexible. Use what you have.

**all these are completely optional, and are for the painting “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, to paint alongside me. Use what you have to either paint alongside me, or to interpret a poem/poet of your own choice with the colors you love! Just paint as big as you can, think it through and break your concept into a visual abstract painting, use MDF, and experiment with layering oils over your acrylics at the very end!

My palette for “Isaiah 60” :

Master’s Touch (Hobby Lobby) turquoise green, Master’s Touch brown red, Master’s Touch iridescent graphite, Master’s Touch metallic gold, some silver goauche and gold goauche, Stabilo pencil, willow stick (or charcoal pencil), Sharpie fine point pen in black, pencil of any sort, black ink pen of any sort. **all these are completely optional, and only to do the painting “Isaiah 60” alongside me.

Use what you have to either paint alongside me, or to interpret a portion of Scripture (for the Lectio Divina portion of this course) or another poem of your own choice, with nature/water/mountains/trees as its subject, with the colors you love! Just paint it into a tray with sealed sides/edges (round or square) and be ready to do the resin pour-over together.

Fun, patterned scrapbook papers for collage (use what you have – or I provide elements for you in a PDF)
matte medium or mod podge
scrap leather – enough for 2 pieces anywhere from 3×5”, 4×6”, or 8×10”
book/journal sized chip board, or vintage book covers, or upholstery fabric (use what you have)
a roll of watercolor paper
spray adhesive (any brand, but this is what I use)
velvet ribbon (or grosgrain ribbon, or torn fabric – use what you have)
Pilot Parallel Pen (can be any calligraphy pen, any brand, any size – but I love this set)
Olive green acrylic ink (or any shade of green…or any color you prefer…)
Antelope brown acrylic ink (same as above…any color you prefer, to accent the above color)
metallic gold ink (can be any brand)
pocket Thesaurus
MDF or particle board – (I used one 24×24”, and one 24×48” – but you can do two 24×24” pieces)
black gesso (I think cheap black acrylic paint would also work)
white chalk or white pastel pencil – do not use a Stabilo white for this. It needs to be erasable.
Vintage cigar tins such as this one (these vary wildly in price. I do not pay more than $8 for one…a 5×8 size is good, if you can find it
any size metal tin with a lid
pour-on resin (if you don’t want to buy resin, you can use modpodge – you just won’t have that glassy finish)
printable vellum
assorted Neocolor ii crayons in a handful of your favorite colors
Gold Leaf
Gold leaf adhesive (here is what I used)
Uniball gold gel pen
sticks from your yard 🙂
yarn of various colors and sizes, chunky to regular, and embroidery thread from your stash


Paper deckler or distresser bone folder
Round tray like this one (the one I used from Hobby Lobby is not on their website. Check your local store.)
set of alphabet stamps, small font
This one here (rolling alphabet stamp)
Pyrography pen

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