Portraits + Self-Portraits: Supply Lists

Supplies for Studying Under The Masters: Vincent Van Gogh

*Collecting Patterns {part one and two}*Index cards/watercolor paper




*Pen & Ink {Following Van Gogh}*

Watercolor paper


Lamy pen I used in the video (I like it with black ink)

*Watercolors, Graphite & Chalk*



natural chalks

300lb cold press watercolor paper

kneaded eraser




French crayons

*Sculpting Van Gogh {playing with paperclay}*


wood sculpting tools

wire sculpting tools

17 gauge wire

aluminum foil

masking tape

wire cutters

wet wipes

The Journey of Letting go (more sculpting projects)

Studying Under The Masters (more sculpting projects)

Santos Cage Dolls

*Sketching The Face*

watercolor paper

charcoal pencil

white gesso

#4 round paintbrush

*My Dialogue With Van Gogh {practicing using Postman}*

substrate of your choice (I used a birch panel)

clear gesso

white gesso

charcoal pencil

oil paints (water mixable) or heavy body acrylics

#4 long and short handle paintbrush

*Inspired by Van Gogh {palette knife painting}*

substrate of your choice (I used a birch panel)

clear gesso

white gesso

charcoal pencil

oil paints (water mixable) or heavy body acrylics

palette knives of different sizes


#4 long handle paintbrush

*Suggested Reading*

Van Gogh’s Letters

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh Face to Face: The Portraits

Becoming Van Gogh

Portrait Drawing

*Videos on Van Gogh*

Van Gogh: A Brush With Genius

Van Gogh: The Post Impressionists

Van Gogh: Private Life of a Masterpiece BBC

Van Gogh: The Power of Art

Fun Tools and Extra Resources

Artist MVP by Peggy Kroll

Creating Patterns and Textures Video

Supplies Video

Van Gogh Portrait Board on Pinterest


Supplies for Studying Under The Masters: Pablo Picasso

* Creative Fluidity Balance Exercise

blank paper

2 markers

* Cubism Collage Exercise

Blank paper or journal page

Magazine pages (text, light patterns)

Glue stick

Fat Woody Stabilo Pencils or Oil Pastels

Photo of self (frontal view)

* My Dialogue With Picasso


White Eraser

Flat, angled and round brushes

9×12 canvas (or rectangle size)

Acrylic Paints

Cadmium Yellow

Manganese Blue

Paynes Gray

Orange or Tangerine

Raw Umber



Palette knife

Old credit card

*Inspired By Picasso

16×20 Canvas (or rectangle size)


White eraser

Flat, angled and round paintbrushes

Acrylic Paints – your favorite colors

Palette knife or old credit card

* Jeanne’s Recommended Reading List


Life With Picasso

Picasso Line Drawings and Prints

Picasso and Francoise Gilot

Matisse and Picasso: The Story of Their Rivalry and FriendshipPicasso’s Weeping Women: The Life and Art of Dora Maar

Picasso: The Real Family Story

* Jeanne’s Recommended Books For Children

Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail

Pablo Picasso: Meet The Artist

Pablo Picasso: Getting To Know The Worlds Greatest Artists

The Children’s Book of Art

* Teresa’s Recommended Videos

Picasso (short video of work)

Picasso BBC

* Jeanne’s Recommended Videos

Surviving Picasso (good but not as good as the book My Life With Picasso)


Supplies for Studying Under The Masters: Max Beckmann

* For the self-portrait with red scarf 

Linen or cotton universally primed board – I used 50 x 70 cm’s


OR Fabriano Artistico Hot pressed watercolour paper covered with gesso


Sennelier oil sticks/bars


Windsor and Newton Oil Sticks


Ivory black

Burnt sienna

Raw Sienna

Mars Yellow

Cerulean blue

Cadmium Red

Naples Yellow

Antique White

Titanium White

Above are the main colours I used – the following I used only very minimally and so are not so necessary to purchase – Mars Violet, Cadmium Yellow

I used cerulean blue and cadmium yellow to mix green but this was rather bright so blue and mars yellow gave a more muted green.

Turpentine – I use Gamsol (an odourless turps substitute) just to rinse out my brushes


Willow charcoal


Bristle brushes in size 1, 2 and 4

I like Rosemary and Co – http://www.rosemaryandco.com/oil-brushes/ivory-oils/ivory-filberts

Small metal or plastic palette knife



* For my own self portrait 

Sennelier oil stick in medium (transparent)


Titanium white

Ivory black

Other colours – mars yellow, red ochre

Soft pastels – in red, yellow, white, grey/blue and any other colours you like

I like unison pastels – http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Darts-crafts&field-keywords=unison%20pastels

Or Rembrandt pastels – http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Darts-crafts&field-keywords=rembrandt+pastels&rh=n%3A2617941011%2Ck%3Arembrandt+pastels

Charcoal pencil and graphite pencil

Fabriano artistico watercolour paper


Supplies for Studying Under The Masters: Brett Whiteley


A note to artists. Please use whatever materials are available to you. I don’t like to come to the easel with outcomes in mind which means I rarely make decisions on what to use. Just go with your muse – he or she knows best! If you decide to follow along with me, then here is a list of what I think I used for my self portrait! The first part of the video covers this so you will have an opportunity to see what I have at the table!

o Paper – 240gm acid free 210mm x 297mm (A4). Any paper specifically formulated for oil and acrylic painting. Best to use non – textured – not like me!

o   Lead pencil 2B

o   Rubber

o   Conte crayons

o   Black Ink

o   charcoal

o   pastel blenders

o   Brush

o   Sponge

o   Faber Castell artist’s pit pens – black, walnut brown.

o   Kuretake Zig Clean Colour Real Brush Mid Brown

o   Artline ballpoint pen


Robin Fingher self portrait/influenced by BW

A note to artists. Please use whatever materials are available to you. I don’t like to come to the easel with outcomes in mind which means I rarely make decisions on what to use. Just go with your muse – he or she knows best! If you decide to follow along with me, then here is a list of what I think I used for my self portrait! The first part of the video covers this so you will have an opportunity to see what I have at the table!

o Wood painting panel – sanded birchwood 12″ x 16″ (or canvas or paper that will take acrylics)

o All purpose sealer (if using board)

o Sanding block or paper (if using board)

o Lead pencil 2B – for sketching

o Some stencils if you like to incorporate them into your work

o Wooden skewer

o Acrylics – assorted colours of your choice. I use Matisse and Atelier acrylics: Australian sienna; antique white; green black; ultramarine blue; cobalt teal; transparent venetian red; titanium white

o Waterproof drawing ink. Carbon black

o Brushes – whatever you like to use

o Faber Castell artist’s pit pens – black

o Gel medium (for glazing)

Recommended videos:

Difficult Pleasure: A Portrait of Brett Whiteley (1989)


  1. Wendy Whiteley on ‘Self-portrait in the studio’ 1976

Wendy Whiteley, former wife of Brett Whiteley, talks about the work ‘Self-portrait in the studio’ 1976.



Supplies for Studying Under The Masters: Mary Blair

-sketch paper

-surface to paint on

*sized paper, cardboard (primed white), illustration board, wooden cradle,

stretched canvas  (really your choice here)

-PVA glue…  optional as my use of vintage paper was a failure (but maybe you

can figure out how to make that work)

-vintage paper (again… i failed using this, but perhaps you won’t!)

-wax paper (if you choose to paper a wooden cradle)



-white charcoal pencil to draw on top of gouache

– palette

– a cloth for cleaning your brush  (i use a diaper because it is lint free)

– tissue

-paint brushes (experiment to find what you like to use)

bright size 12 (michaels)

round  2,4,6  use what you have, but if you have to

buy one pick a number 4 and buy the

best one you can afford (they are worth every penny)

*and if you are going to splurge buy kolinsky sable (and shop around online)


– flat (shader) size 12 is what i used…

guache color list

PLEASE…  feel free to use what you have or buy a basic set

and mix your colors from there.  they may not be a tight match

but you will get the idea (and if you want to buy only a couple of

these colors… i love the flesh, prussian blue, and the gamboge is nice

because it mixes up with white to be such a nice shade of beige/titan beige)



raw sienna



hansa yellow

dk green of some sort  (i used a mix of dk green + pthalo green)






COLOR RECIPES (my versions)

recipe for a gouache version of titan buff/beige

white + touch of gamboge

~mix enthusiastically with all colors in place of white

(you will love it!)  *great to add to skin tones

funky Grey

white + lamp black + raw sienna

light blue/green

prussian + titan (white + gamboge) + touch of cobalt

lt purple

pyrole + cobalt + titan white

green-grey brown

prussian + raw sienna + white

GOUACHE information


from my reading i have deduced that opaque watercolor paint and guache are virtually the same thing.



gouache is much thicker and you need less to paint a surface PLUS adding more doesn’t change the color (unlike transparent watercolors qouache can be painted over a white or colored surface and it doesn’t change the surface).


colors must be lightened by adding white  not by adding water.


you do not apply gouache in glazes or tints


the gouache is not absorbed into the paper as it is with transparent watercolor, it remains on the surface  *caution… if applied to thick gouache will crack.


gouache creates flawless flat color areas.   because of the concentration of pigment and filler, gouache is resisant to water induced variation…


gouache paint covers ALL layers below it.  so it is a very direct way to paint.


it is great for complex patterns over layers


and light colors can go over dark colors.


Cori Dantini Pinterest Boards



Mary Blair


Supplies for Studying Under The Masters: Frida Kahlo

I am an Art Supply addict. So let me just point out that you do not NEED anything on my supply list. You can make substitutions for whatever you have. But I am such a freak for Art materials that I opened my own Art Supply Store 6 years ago! We only sell what I personally use and recommend. I built my website so it is a resource for artists and full of useful info and videos on each product. So I have linked everything through to janedavenportstore.com

If you order things from me, I thank you, but you can use the info to help you make purchasing decisions anywhere on the planet.

I also have a ‘Supplies Stash Series’ of Art Lessons with Cloth Paper Scissors with more info about many supplies that I use: http://janedavenport.com/art-lessons-cloth-paper-scissors/
And a whole Online workshop about Mixed-Media art materials and how to use them called ‘Supplies Me’: http://janedavenport.com/supplies-me/

So with no further delay: The SUPPLY LIST!

Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint:
AC FLesh
Santa’s Flesh

Golden Fluid Acrylics :
Van Dyke Brown
Niko Azo Yellow
Naples Yellow
Inian Yellow Hue
Payne’s Grey

China Marker:

Liquitex Gesso:

Liquitex Matte Medium:

Liquitex Acrylic Ink:
Carbon Black
Transparent Raw Umber
Deep Turquoise
Quinacradone Magenta

Dye na Flow: http://www.instituteofcute.com/dye-na-flow-ink/
brick red
Midnight Blue

Hero Daubers
Red Royal

Aquash Waterbrush

Prismacolor Pencils:
Cobolt Turquoise
Parma Violet

Paint Pen
White Extra Fine Sharpie:

Zig Extra Wide Paint Pens
Burnt Umber

Various handmade papers
Loteria Mexicon Bingo game

Fabriano Artistico Hot Press 300gsm Paper