Textural Minimalism: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List

Cardboard, chipboard, masonite, book covers, foam core, heavy watercolor paper, felted wool, canvas,

Textural objects (dry leaves and materials from nature, fabrics, tools for mark making, large nuts and bolts, rubber stamps, etc.)

Paints in your favorite colors (I’m keeping a minimalist palette of raw umber, titanium white, black, and a few of my favorite shades of blues and greens. Golden’s Heavy Bodied Titanium White is my favorite and I equally love Golden Raw Umber and Liquitex Raw Umber. Golden’s Van Dyke Brown is a great alternative to Raw Umber.)

Basic art supplies such as craft knife/scissors, cutting mat, ruler, masking tape, brayer, etc.

Awl and other mark making tools. Think beyond the obvious “tools” or look at tools to be used in a different way than they are intended to be used.

Favorite glue (I love Liquitex Matte Gel Medium and Golden Soft Gel Matte Medium)

Your favorite artist brushes (for glue and for paint)

White gesso (I love the opacity of Liquitex Professional White Gesso)

Trowel/putty knife (I like metal ones made for drywall like found here,) offset spatula, or sturdy spreading tool (I love this bulk pack of spreaders. I use them for so many things!)

Plaster of Paris

Mixing cup and spoons (Metal, glass, or flexible plastic is best. A large offset spatula works great for mixing!)

Wet wipes or damp rags

Plastic wrap, deli paper, wax paper, or some other kind of water resistant paper

Sandpapers in 120 and 200 grit


Plaster gauze (this is the 8” version but you can also find it in 4” and large bulk packs.)

Oven Dry Sculpey Clay (you can usually buy it much cheaper in person at a big box craft store.) Stencils

Wood glue

Rolling Pin

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