The Working Art Journal: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

NOTE: These are supplies that I am using, I always encourage you to look at what you already have on hand and to substitute where you can. I have given links to amazon to show you the products but that may not be the cheapest price so shop around. I want you to be able to see the product and description so you can make the best choices for you.

Sketchbook, Moleskine Cahier XL unlined 7.75×9.75 or sketching paper if you prefer
Journal, Strathmore Mixed Media Toned (tan or gray) softcover, 48 pages, 7.75×9.75
Jack Richeson Grey Matters Disposable Palette or another palette you like
Masking tape
Lineco acid free tissue, 8.5×11
Uhu stic
Metal Ruler
Blending stump(s)
Sandpaper pencil sharpener
Artist chamois
Kneaded eraser
Generals flat sketching pencil, 6B and sharpener
Woodless Graphite pencil 6B
Caran d’ache Grafwood pencil set, or other pencils with 4- 6 different lead hardness’s
Mechanical pencil(s) here are a couple I like
Prismacolor Turquoise Lead Holder
Sakura 127 0.7
Water soluble pencils (I’m listing a couple, you don’t have to have all of them, one will do!)
Stabilo All, black, graphite and white
Generals Sketch and Wash
Bone Folder Tool
Water brush
¾ and ½ Flat angled shader and #6 filbert brush(es) I like these for journal work but you can use whatever brushes you like
Black pen(s), permanent
White Pen
Collage materials, I like to stay with neutral colors using old book pages, napkins, tissue, vintage papers etc. You don’t need a lot of material, I like to use small amounts.
Collage glue, matte gel medium type of glue, you will want a bit of ‘tooth’ to it and you can add clear gesso to the matte medium for that
Gesso, white
Conte Crayon Matchbox set or at least black and white
Derwent XL Charcoal Blocks
NOTE: You can also buy the blocks individually at Blick if you prefer to just get one to try.
*Optional: Derwent XL Graphite Blocks ( I used the blue from this set in the last lesson)
Water-soluble crayon, either
Lyra Graphit-kriede water-soluble crayons
Derwent watersoluble Graphitone
Artgraph graphite block
*Optional-Color Wheel Stencils, all stencils used are my designs with Stencil Girl Products
Vine Charcoal,assorted
Linseed Oil
PanPastels 0r other pastels in grayscale (or just use one color of gray and black and white)
this set comes with the Sofft Tools
Sofft Tools if you don’t get them with the set, if you use other soft pastels you won’t need these, you can use a blending stump