Sunday morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground.

This was a stark contrast to the previous day when I had gone running in 60 degree weather.

As the morning went on the snow came down harder and it was changing our little town into a winter wonderland.

In the afternoon I met up with my friend Jenny and Shamanie at the only restaurant open on Sunday in downtown Castle Rock (Dream Pastries).


As the snow continued to fall we lost track of time catching up with each other over a light lunch and coffee.


We took the quick walk up the street to one of Shamanie and my favorite shops, The Barn.

Poor Jenny…I think she was wishing for her California weather at this point.


When we got there we were so shocked to find that they had closed early because of the weather.

I peeked in the window and noticed a few of the girls still closing up.

They so kindly let us in for a few moments to show Jenny around.  The funny part was that one of the women used to work for Stampington (back before Jenny was the Editor in Chief.  Now you can find Jenny at Crescendoh).

Jenny found an amazing purse and we quickly scooted out so the ladies could make their way home.

This is what the streets looked like in my neighborhood by 3:00.


The three of us met up later that night for a little wine and dessert and even a horrible improv show by Shamanie and myself.  I am so glad you all weren't there to see it!

Today the kids are enjoying all the snow with their friends and I have been drinking too much coffee!

What did you do this weekend?