I can not remember a time that I didn’t love and appreciate fashion.

Whether I was watching an old black and white movie with my mom, reading the latest Vogue magazine or sketching my own creations…I have been a lover of fashion.

When I was thinking what I wanted the summer series to include I knew I wanted it to include fashion and beauty.

I purposely chose a person that was not a fashion blogger.

I chose someone that loves fashion, has fun with what she wears and how she accessorizes, has a heart for women and searches out the bargains to get the look she wants.

I am so excited that Paige Knudsen is the fashion contribution to the summer series!

Let’s Play Dress Up {Summer Beauty and Fashion} begins on MONDAY!!!

You guys are going to LOVE what she has in store for you.

You will feel like you are one of her friends just hanging out at her house.

If you are stuck in your own fashion rut or you just want to add a few new things to your wardrobe …you will love this course.

If you don’t know what to wear for your body type or even your age…you will love this course!

If you are looking for some fresh inspiration….

I think you get the point!

You are going to have FUN in this mini course!!

Paige will be talking about…

*style guidelines

*style accessories

*fragrance and beauty

*her own personal favorite products

*fashion rules (that you should break)

and you will get to sit down with Paige and her friends as they dish on what they love, how they stay healthy and what products they love.

Seriously, she invited some friends over for the day and they all dressed up in their favorite clothes and shared with all of you.

The whole time we have been editing and putting this course together I have been so excited for you guys to see it.

It is going to be good!

Did I say it is $10.

I thought you would like that.


Here is a little Skype that Paige and I did this week.

It is super casual but I thought it would give you a better idea about her course (and her heart).



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