Let’s Step Back in Time {Saturday Mornings and other Ramblings}

Last Saturday as my husband and I were drinking our morning coffee we started talking about what Saturday mornings were like growing up.

It was funny to  reminisce on those weekly routines.

Saturdays to me was waking up early, heading downstairs and watching cartoons.

If I woke up really early my only option was Davy and Goliath.

Goliath may be the Caillou of the 1970s.

I can do the impression if you want:-)

Next up on the schedule would be The Jackson 5.

If we had the TV too loud we would hear a parent (who was still in bed) yell down to lower the volume.

I think this happened every Saturday morning.

We would watch cartoons ALL morning.

I loved Super Friends.

I may…MAY…still say “Wonder twin powers activate”…may!

We had to turn it off before American Bandstand unless my mom didn’t catch us in time.

Otherwise, you better have watched out because we had some mad dance skills.


As we were talking about those childhood memories I grabbed a photo album that my mom had made me a few years ago for me.

{Amy, Jeanne and Michael}

Our kids had the best time looking at photos when I was young (along with their Aunt LuLu and Uncle Mike).

I think they were making fun of me a little but I stood strong!:-)

{Hanging out on the toilet while my hair dries. Nothing to see here people..nothing to see}

Many of my days were spent making forts (using a light brite so we could see), playing dolls and barbies.

I am so grateful that I have siblings and I know that these two other people know my story…and I know their story.

Looking at these photos just reminded me again that family is the most important thing.

Believe me..I used to beat the crap out of them:-)

{That would be me on the right rocking the 80s glasses.  Jealousy doesn’t look good on you!}

I could do a whole other post about how much we drove each other CRAZY!

I was perfect but my sister and brother….

When my kids fight with each other and swear they will never play with each other again I am so glad I know differently.

Someday they will get it and be so thankful for each other.

{playing in the fort with our light source…the Light Brite}

Someday they will be so glad that they have their own Saturday morning memories, games they played together and stories that only they all know.


What are your Saturday morning memories?

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  1. Candace Bertalan Horner

    Oh my gosh, Saturday morning! Whoever woke up first was responsible for rousing the other up to watch Crusader Rabbit and Davey and Goliath! Oh yeah I also do a mean impression of Goliath…DAAAAAVEYYYY! and when Davey’s mouth would turn down when he was sad about something, oh boy! Our oldest brother was a lot older and he would pit me against the other bro and call him mean names, I feel bad about that now, but we are all good, lol. My little sis was 6 years younger so she escaped being mentally scarred altho when she was a newborn I held her nostrils shut and pinched her when no one was looking. Well I had been the only girl so she stole my dang thunder! …

  2. Pam

    we were not allowed to watch tv!! the occasional brady bunch here and there. and even now as an adult..i hardly watch tv. love those old pics!! xo

  3. Kristi

    Saturday mornings were all about tv when I grew up too. We’re talking hours! Remember the show Fat Albert? Yikes! That would never fly today!

    I love your pictures…reminds me of my own. But I have to say, even my kids were laughing over my shoulder. My two little kids, who are best friends and worst enemies all withing a matter of minutes most days. Thankful I also get to see my two teenagers starting to appreciated each other as friends–a BEAUTIFUL thing!

  4. Valerie

    I used to watch Davy & Goliath on Sunday mornings while I was eating cereal before church.
    Cracked up at the photo with the hair dryer! My mother used to torture me with stuff like that too — had to sleep with curlers in my hair the night before a special occassion or church and my grandmother used to give me perms (Tonette). OMG. Just awful!

  5. Peggy

    OH man does that ever bring back memories! Yes I am still know to utter “wonder twins activate” as well. Fat Albert, Speed Racer, and Land of the Lost after school. Did you ever watch the “After School Specials”? No siblings so I just watched them by myself or with my dad if he wasn’t working as long as it was somewhere we had television. Between kindergarten and 7th grade we only had TV for about 18 months. At times it was a lonely childhood because we moved often but it was one that I enjoyed as a child and look back fondly now…. One childhood memory… walking to the post theatre with friends (by ourselves…) to watch a Saturday morning matinee. All the Disney movies plus great classics such as Herbie the Love bug! Sometimes even being paid by the neighbor to take their kids…. it was when she went grocery shopping and as a 2nd grader it was the best “job” around!

  6. amy

    sweet, jeanne. it is so fun pulling up those old traditions, some are funny, some plain scary, some wonderful! love you.

  7. laura mccollough

    Love it! That was just like my Saturday mornings… Love remembering the old shows I probably shouldn’t claim to have watched, like H.R. Pufnstuf, The Bugaloos and Land of the Lost! Of course Davy and Goliath was parent approved, but Land of the Lost was so creepy cool that me and my brother couldn’t stop watching it. hahaha thanks for the blast to the past!

  8. Lori

    That hair dryer made me smile as I remember Mom’s so well ~ wish it was still around! We used to love when Scooby’s Laugh a Olympics were on and Schoolhouse Rocks ~ those were the best commercials. My Mom grew up with American Bandstand so I carried on the tradition. What a great post.

  9. Katey

    All of this is SO familiar!! I even still have the little school house that is in your fort. I didn’t have a sister so I was forced to play with army men (very boring) GI Joe (they worked with Barbie well) and watch Three Stooges at 6AM. Super Friends, Batman and Scooby were my favorites but the Jetsons and Fat Albert were thrown in there too. Loved the memories you brought flooding back.

  10. Southern Gal

    The pictures, the memories, they could be mine. I believe I’m a little older than you, but weren’t Saturday mornings great? (I still have my Jackson 5 Greatest Hits album. My son LOVES it when I play it and sing along. ;)) If we got up super early there was only Roy Rogers to watch. My sister and I had after school shows that we had to watch like The Brady Bunch, Lost in Space or Gilligan’s Island. I got so aggravated with Gilligan after a while. How many times could you botch an escape from that island!!!!
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  11. {oc cottage}

    oh wow! saturday mornings…we got up at the crack of dawn to watch tv, but HAD to be quite…if we woke the peeps up…we got sent back to bed! OH NO! of course it happened a time or two since there were 5 of us…AND IT WAS TORTURE! imagine that! boy do i wish someone would send me back to bed each morning when i get up and 5:15! ;} those hairdryers! oh man! just think about ALL the things that were under the bathroom sink “back in the day”…kids today would be completely bewildered! {especially by the YUGO sized box of “napkins”! ;} I especially LOVE the last picture! the fisher-price school house! the lite brite {wasn’t it AWESOME to be the first person to use a pattern!!! ;} and the card table fort! i have to agree with rose d…my heart strings are being tugged! and i feel bad for kids now…we had so much less but were so much freer…just be home when the streetlights come on…we used our imaginations and made our own fun! man! do i sound old! ;} off to dig out the old photo albums… with the lite brite theme playing over and over in my head! ;} thank you for this post! ;}

    m ^..^

  12. clisette

    Love this, Jeanne! I have the same red-tinted photos of my sister and I and our brothers. Favorite Saturday morning TV included Wacky Racers (loved Penelope Pitstop, even had her model car!), HR Puff N Stuff, The Banana Splits, our entire basement made into multiple forts and tents, tornado siren drills at 10 a.m. the first Saturday of every month, 1-2-3 Jello, RazzleBerry or was it RazzleDazzle (?) candy/gum, etc. Oh what fun memory lane can be! 🙂

  13. Suzen

    I watched Davy and Goliath with my own kids on Sunday morning. When I was little, Saturday cartoons didn’t start until 7:00 but I was up way before that looking at the weird graphic that sat there until the appointed hour, which seemed to never come. Then it was Mighty Mouse, Warner Bros. cartoons, Pepe Le Pew, Roadrunner and all those greats. I often will ask my husband, did I just imagine this or did it actually happen? Things like just leaving your bike parked without a lock somewhere, the car windows down and keys in it, or that show “Queen for a Day.” So many of the things we contend with today didn’t even exist then; it was an easier time in many ways. Even my hair wants to return to the 50’s (never mind the Tonette’s) since it tries hard to look like Donna Reed, when I really want the straight and spiky look. Hopeless. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! PS The hairdryer! Gah!!

  14. Di@Cottage-wishes

    I loved your post, I remember all those cartoons and a few more. My moma would pin curl my hair with bobby pins! I use to dress up my dad’s hunting dog and put her and my little brother in our old tram and we would ride down the hill. I am surprise no one got hurt but sure remember it was fun. I had that same hairdryer and dippy-it-di-doo! Di

  15. Michele

    What fun going down memory lane with you! I think we may be about the same age seeing your shows, glasses, Lite Bright, etc.

    Love it. Havent thought about Davy and Goliath in years – almost don’t remember it – but the Jacksons? YES. We also NEVER missed HR Puffenstuff with Jack Wild and The Archies and Scooby Doo (original.)

    There were 5 of us kids but the first two were so much older than the last 3 that it was almost like two different families……but every Saturday was the middle kid (me) then my brother John and my little sis (and best friend) Teresa….but we only called her T. She is STILL called T but EVERYONE.

    : – )

  16. Dawn Edmonson

    Oh Jeanne…each and every pic brings back so many wonderful memories!!! Do you remember Clutch Cargo too? I loved Gumby and Pokey….and I just noticed that sweet Fisher Price school house in your wonderful fort ~ such precious memories….thank you for bringing them back! hugs and love, Dawn

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