Last Saturday as my husband and I were drinking our morning coffee we started talking about what Saturday mornings were like growing up.

It was funny to  reminisce on those weekly routines.

Saturdays to me was waking up early, heading downstairs and watching cartoons.

If I woke up really early my only option was Davy and Goliath.

Goliath may be the Caillou of the 1970s.

I can do the impression if you want:-)

Next up on the schedule would be The Jackson 5.

If we had the TV too loud we would hear a parent (who was still in bed) yell down to lower the volume.

I think this happened every Saturday morning.

We would watch cartoons ALL morning.

I loved Super Friends.

I may…MAY…still say “Wonder twin powers activate”…may!

We had to turn it off before American Bandstand unless my mom didn’t catch us in time.

Otherwise, you better have watched out because we had some mad dance skills.


As we were talking about those childhood memories I grabbed a photo album that my mom had made me a few years ago for me.

{Amy, Jeanne and Michael}

Our kids had the best time looking at photos when I was young (along with their Aunt LuLu and Uncle Mike).

I think they were making fun of me a little but I stood strong!:-)

{Hanging out on the toilet while my hair dries. Nothing to see here people..nothing to see}

Many of my days were spent making forts (using a light brite so we could see), playing dolls and barbies.

I am so grateful that I have siblings and I know that these two other people know my story…and I know their story.

Looking at these photos just reminded me again that family is the most important thing.

Believe me..I used to beat the crap out of them:-)

{That would be me on the right rocking the 80s glasses.  Jealousy doesn’t look good on you!}

I could do a whole other post about how much we drove each other CRAZY!

I was perfect but my sister and brother….

When my kids fight with each other and swear they will never play with each other again I am so glad I know differently.

Someday they will get it and be so thankful for each other.

{playing in the fort with our light source…the Light Brite}

Someday they will be so glad that they have their own Saturday morning memories, games they played together and stories that only they all know.


What are your Saturday morning memories?