It just hit me today that I leave for San Miguel, Mexico in 10 days.

Just hit me!

With our three week adventure on the east coast and the launch of Home for the Holidays I had kind of not thought of it.

I don’t know how I forget the countdown for the first ever art retreat that I am GOING to (not teaching at).

It just seemed so far away when I signed up:-)

I guess I better get those art supplies together.

That I get to go with one of my favorite ladies in the whole world doesn’t hurt!

Getting back on track after our three weeks away has been hard.

Our children have completely forgotten what chores are and they have had technology withdrawals.

There may have been twitching involved.

Maybe it has been hard for everyone!

At least I came home to fall.

We have had fun decorating the house, making cider, getting back into the swing of school and enjoying all of the beautiful colors created in fall.

This past week was also a very good mail week:-)

Wouldn’t this make your dinner making more fun?

Oh my gosh I am so gagga over this canvas print!

You can get your own HERE.

I  had shared an amazing sign I purchased from my friend Tiffini.

My friend Becky also bought this sign and we both are moved by the words “Fall on your knees”.

Isn’t that what the presence of God should do to us?

Isn’t that exactly what every shepherd did that night?

“Oh night divine”!

Well, my sweet friend Becky sent me this cuff just to remind me.

I have worn it every day since I got it.

I just feel filled up lately.

Good things.

I feel on track and that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

I feel like I am asking more and trying to listen better.

I know what I am doing today, the next day and even next year because of big dreams.

I know they won’t turn out the way I think…I know they will be better and I will be better however things go.

I received a sweet letter from a friend (not email..real letter:-)) and even life confirming emails from women that take my courses.

Today is good.

I want to also share that I have donated 10 complete e-course class packages to to help raise money for Miracle for Maverick.

“My friend’s son, Maverick, has gone through 13 operations.

He is four months old.

His family has been told countless times that they will lose him–and countless times, God has kept Maverick alive.

Congenital Heart Disease is the leading cause for infant death in the world.

One in 100 children has it.

Maverick is one of those children.”

{taken from Emily’s blog}

Each package will include every. single. course on

The course package is worth $367.00 and anything you can give to Maverick would be a blessing.

You can read more about Maverick and his family HERE.

Here is the link to all of the donations.

Here is a direct link to the e-course package.

This is such an amazing deal and the starting bid is $15.99.

Go bless Maverick and his family.