Life Book 2015 {Teacher line up, blog hop and giveaway}

Good morning!

I have some exciting news this morning and I hope you will be excited too and want to join me.

I am one of 25 teachers that will teaching in Life Book 2015!

This is an online art course that gives you new art technique and inspiration videos each month for a whole year.

So many of the artists teaching are women I know personally or women I admire for their creativity.

It is an honor to be included with so many talented and successful artists.

Registration will open on October 6th but you can check out all of the details and teachers now by going HERE.

I can’t wait to share with you my journal pages celebrating the lights and shadows of who we all are.  I love that I also get to talk with you about how I celebrate the day to day, find my gratitude in the midst of disappointment and my biggest tip that has helped me learn how to celebrate and the gratitude.  I will have print out quotes, prompts and more!

Each month will be full of inspiration to keep your creativity on track throughout the year.  I am just as excited to learn from the other artists as I am sure you are!

Look at all of these artists!

So exciting!

Who would love to win a spot in this one year course?

I get to giveaway ONE SPOT and to enter all you need to do is:

* leave a comment on this post telling me what keeps your creativity on track or what you would like to get out of Life Book 2015

For additional chances:

* Facebook THIS blog post

* Pin THIS post to Pinterest

* Blog about the course and link THIS post

Each time you do one of the above please come pack to THIS post and let me know and you will get additional entries for each time you share about the course linking to this blog post.

Want more chances to win a spot?

Tomorrow go check out the blog of Andrea Gomoll for an additional chance to win!

Here is a complete list of the teachers and all of their links so you can have additional chances to win and to get to know them better.

8th September 2014 – Tamara Laporte –
9th September 2014 – Jane Davenport –
10th September 2014 – Joanne Sharpe –
11th September 2014 –  Jenny Lee Wentworth –
12th September 2014 –  Violette Clark –
13th September 2014 –  Chris Zydel –
14th September 2014 –  Danielle Donaldson –
15th September 2014 –  Effy Wild –
16th September 2014 –  Flora Bowley –
17th September 2014 –  Alisa Burke –
18th September 2014 –  Rachael Rice –
19th September 2014 –  Jeanne Oliver –
20th September 2014 –  Andrea Gomoll –
21st September 2014 –  Kristin van Valkenburgh –
22nd September 2014 –  Jill K. Berry –
23rd September 2014 –  Alena Hennessy –
24th September 2014 –  Juliette Crane –
25th September 2014 –  Jenny Doh –
26th September 2014 –  Mati Rose McDonough –
27th September 2014 –  Patti Ballard –
28th September 2014 –  Lynzee Lynx –
29th September 2014 –  Roben Marie Smith –
30th September 2014 –  Andrea Schroeder –
1st October 2014 –  Lynn Whipple –
2nd October 2014 –  Donna Downey –

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  1. Elizabeth

    I find my inspiration to creativity through media. Nothing like a good Anthro magazine or Pin search to get my creative juices flowing. A good walk or bike ride outside also works quite effectively. Have loved taking your classes…cannot wait to “see” you in LB15

  2. Amanda M

    I just re-found my creativity in a whole new way. Not a day goes by without paint on my hands or spending time playing with metal. Now, I’m trying to win a spot in LB2015 so that I can have fun playing along with other people!

  3. Starrybluesky

    Have loved having a wee look at your gorgeous work. What keeps me on track – just sitting /standing and getting on with the work. Would love to have the encouragment of LB15 to keep the inspiration and ideas flowing.

  4. joy matthews

    Pinned tweeted and face booked! lol…its a whole new language isn’t it. Keeping creativity on track, thats a tough one, I’m not good at being on track…I usually have at least half a dozen things on the go at a time, and switch between things like structured sewing (quilts), knitting to a pattern (rabbits this month) and throwing paint at things…I think I get most inventive when I focus on a way to record or celebrate an interesting event …

  5. Cathrin

    Just showing up and starting is usually the best thing for me. And watching other artists create, hence LifeBook is a great inspiration.

  6. Candace Dallas

    I get a lot of inspiration from blogs like yours (love watching your home evolve) and from the world around me. Also from books I read and from teachings at church and Bible studies. My challenge is finding the time to make it all happen. I would love the year-long inspiration from this stellar lineup of artists.


    my creativity is kept on track by routine. sounds kind of lame (maybe really lame!) but it’s true. i find that consistently going to my work table, journaling, and painting or collaging even when i don’t feel like it keeps things flowing. and even when i’m not liking anything or i think it’s all bad at least i’m making, moving, keeping the flow going. something better is bound to come out at some point! i would love to take this class. xx katie

  8. Gisele

    Oh how beautiful to have all these teacher in one place, to learn from, to widen my knowledge in this beautiful mix media world. It is my favorite place to be, when I take a class, and even for a bit, forget about everything but what I’m painting. Such brings happiness and tranquility to my busy world. I am blessed and grateful that mid media came into my life. “It completes me” 🙂

  9. Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

    My creativity comes from My surroundings and My inner self (My spirit and soul).Oh how I would love to win a spot in Tam’s Willowing art class.What a joy it would be and I would learn so much.I would be so excited,it’s truly the only way I’ll be able to participate .I’ve been following Her now for several Years but cannot afford on-line classes.This would be a long awaited dream come true-Thank You Denise

  10. Denise

    That’s my problem – life & work get on the way of my creativity! I’m hoping life book will help get me back on track

  11. Andrea

    I would love to win a spot. I am new to art journalling. I have been watching videos for over a year and finally jumped in a bought some supplies. I find my inspiration by watching what others have created on youtube. I wanted to take this course last year but I am a single mom and my finances do not allow for this luxury.

  12. Amy O'Toole

    I would love to win a spot in Lifebook for a chance to learn from such a variety of teachers! The line up is amazing! Keeping creativity on track…I never seem to have a shortage of ideas. But sometimes, I need to force myself to sit down and carry through with them, one at a time!

  13. susan17

    I’d luv to learn new ways of working to take me out of my comfort zone as I seem to have got stuck in a rut with my art 🙁

  14. Cibergirl

    I’ve just shared this post in Facebook. I’m starting to paint so i would love to win a spot ON the LB2015 to help me in this new path i’m trying to follow. I find art like a way of freedom, where you can liberate your fears and share your joy.

    PS: sorry if my english is not good enough, i’m from spain!

  15. lorimoonstudio

    My inspiration comes from my world around me – the beach, the colors that I see as I walk around my neighborhood, words in a magazine. Now if only days were 48 hours long and I could live on 4 hours of sleep. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. M.Austen

    I find my creativity from nature and sometimes looking through magazines will get the juices flowing… Congrats on being an instructor for LB15!! I would love to win a spot to keep my creativity going ALL year long!! Also, my birthday is in a few days and would make the BEST birthday present ever!!!!!!!!!!!!1 {fingers crossed!!} Also, I would love to get to know you and your art. Thanks for this chance… Cheers!!!

  17. Linda K

    Oh definitely classes, art challenges and books keep me on track-so I’d LOVE to win a spot in this amazing year long class!

  18. Shinjini

    I would love to win a spot on LifeBook 2015! I learnt about it this year, and now that I’ve returned to creativity after a long block of 7 years….I think this course will help me not only improve my art but work on my inner demons. I really hope I can win a spot this year! Thank you so much for your generosity!

  19. pagangaia

    Hi. I’m new to the art journalling world and to be honest I have no idea how to keep my creativity on track, which is why I would so dearly love to win a place with Tam, yourself and the other wonderful artists who are teaching LB 2015. I feel I could learn so much from all of you, not just the technical side, but the spiritual and emotional too. Also you are my birthday teacher (I share the same birthday as Violette 🙂 ) so it would be an awesome present!

  20. Lindielee

    leave a comment on this post telling me what keeps your creativity on track or what you would like to get out of Life Book 2015. New techniques!

  21. ursula wollenberg

    Finding inspiration from others. What a wonderful class and would love to win a spot and have the opportunity to paint with you and all the other lovely teachers.

  22. Karen Ramey

    I find and hold tight to my creativity by looking at blog’s a lot, yours for example and many of the teachers lined up for LB2015, just seeing what other people do makes me want to get my hands into the paint! I would love to win a seat in this amazing class for next year to keep my creative juices flowing, I feel I have so much to learn and this is just the format I need.

  23. Sharon Andrews

    I find that whenever I am able to spend time with creative, like minded people, it brings energy to my creativity. An online coarse like this brings an opportunity to meet other like minded, creative people! Fingers crossed!

  24. Sharon Osborn

    Thrilled to see you will be teaching next year in Lifebook 2015. I learned a couple years ago to just give myself 15 min. each day to play with my art. I don’t always hold to it, but when I do I always amaze myself with what comes out of my soul, onto my page!

  25. Jill-O

    I feel as though I have been floundering this year, in both my work and my creativity. I am hoping that Life Book will get me back on track, to help me figure out where I need to go next.

  26. beverlee

    Yoga keeps me on track — and just practicing my art everyday. I would love to win a Life Book 2015 spot and study with all these wonderful, creative women!

  27. wendy

    To help keep my creative fires going I love to surf flickr, blogs, instagram – so many places for inspiration! So excited for LB 2015! Thank you for the chance to win – I’m looking forward to your class.

  28. Karen

    I would just love to win this spot because the teacher line-up is so fantastic, I know I would gain so much from this class. My favorite way to keep my creativity on track is to go outside and look at all of creation’s beauty, then I love to take photos or draw what I see. Of course I also am inspired by artists and bloggers! Thanks for the give-away chance.

  29. Lisa

    I find my inspiration in “Life” the bad the good and the downright UGLY. Art keeps me going through it all. There is always something, in anything to let go and art about. LOL. Good Question. I would love to win. fingers and toes crossed.

  30. Cheryl sheehan

    The best way for me to keep my creativity on track is to schedule in at least 15 minutes each day where I must do something! I find that, like a lot of other things in life, it’s all too easy for the “non-productive” days to quickly multiply. I always feel much more motivated to do more once I’ve done something. Telling myself I half to do something for at least 15 minutes usually means I do more than that.

  31. Carol Gourley

    My creativity is jump started by a trip to my favourite coffee shop with my journal. I love to be around a buzz of people in the background and me by myself writing and sketching my ideas ready to bring home and create in my studio. Life course seems to be an amazing workshop. So many fantastic teachers. I would love to win a spot to take this course.

  32. Melissa Ellen's Loft

    This is an amazing class and giveaway!:) A whole year! yay! keeping my creativity going… I think often for me, I need to take time to create simply for the sake of creating. I am a business owner, so creating is my work, and its so easy to feel the need to always be producing something I can sell. I am finding how important it is to my creativity to take time to just create for fun, for practice, and not for the purpose of production.:)

  33. Cathy

    One of the things I am hoping to get out of Lifebook 2015 is the push to stay creative and not let it fall by the wayside and to learn techniques from such talented ladies!

  34. Kathy

    Looking forward to this class. I find inspiration just about everywhere. Sometimes I think I am to stimulated and have to find ways to tamp it down. Usually I get motivated by a new technique, something I have not done before.

  35. Cathy

    I facebooked this link, pinned it and I tweeted it too! 🙂 Will blog later, off to work for now Have a wonderful day!

  36. Crist?ña Gàbriella

    Now about my creativity…I guess best thing is that there are so many mediums we can play with: when I’m into mixed media, I have enough next day so I turn to watercolor, then to soft pastels, and so on. The diversity keep my passion for art journaling on going! This will be my first time to participate in Life Book, so I’m very sure this online class will be a great asset to help me getting even better in creating in my art journal. I love many of the teachers, and some are my favorites, and only entering here on your website makes me grab my art supplies and create something! So I think I’ll have a great time on this LIfe Book 2015! THANK YOU for the opportunity!

  37. Denise S.

    Inspiration is everywhere for me. nature(birds,trees,flowers,sunrises,sunsets,lakes,rivers,the ocean,barns,old houses,etc)gets the creative juices stirring.This group of teachers looks just awesome!

  38. Nicole

    Doing LifeBook this year has been *AMAZING* and has definitely kept my creativity flowing in a way it never has before. When I want to create but feel stuck for inspiration, I’ll often go back and re-watch a previous lesson I did and really loved, or one I hadn’t gotten around to trying yet. I also love browsing Pinterest and getting inspired by all the amazing art out there. Thanks for a chance to win a spot in next year’s LB!

  39. lidijamik

    I did pin the blog post, but most important I did found you true Life Book hoop, so I plan to stay on your page for a while. Have a fun time in Life Book.

  40. Stacy Magic

    Keeping my creativity on track is about commitment. It’s easy to start, not so easy to keep at it. I love that Life Book offers a new chance, each week, to re-commit. I’d love to participate in Life Book 2015, as I have in 2014. Thank you for the opportunity to win a free spot.

  41. Linda Hofacker

    Wow – what an amazing opportunity! I always create and scrap for my family and just finally did a page on myself because my daughter captured the real me – laughing – eyes squinting – enjoying life. I need to do more of that so discovering more about me would be perfect!

  42. Denise

    I AM excited, and would love to join you! I have suffered with depression for several years and I am hoping that Life Book 2015 will teach me ways to be at peace with myself and the world around me.

  43. Laura French

    I really get inspired by looking at my favorite blogs on a daily basis…yours is one of them! Thank you for not only this opportunity but for all of your online courses and interviews! You really provide lots of inspiration for so many people Jeanne! PS I love your kitchen make over…now that’s some serious inspiration!

  44. Sue

    Life Book is new to me and I really hope to be able to take it. Not only do I want to expand my own artist within, I want to reach out to some of the hurting souls in my community that might find healing through art journaling. I shared this post on Pinterest
    and at Facebook
    Thank you Sweet Jeanne!

  45. Sara A. Mueller

    My writing and my art reinforce one another, so that when I do one, the other is improved and becomes richer. I also find inspiration to create by looking at art and images on Pintrest. It helps me with feeding my creative eye, so to speak.

  46. Ella

    Taking a class really cranks up my inspiration! Being part of a community that´s willing to share success and failures is as humbling as it is invigorating! Thanks so much

  47. Cindy Tobey

    Consistently seeking inspiration keeps my creativity on track. And I’m most inspired by nature – birds, flowers, leaves, animals. Getting out into nature as much as possible is what keeps my creative juices flowing.

  48. rachaledwards

    I find that there are times that I need inspiration from other artists to stay on track with my creativity. Lifebook is that inspiration.
    I find it so peaceful to be part of a community where people are encouraging and inspiring to each other. We all have something to teach and something to learn.

  49. Tonya Williams

    As a child, I had a real passion for art that I embraced all through my teen years. When I became an adult, and a mom, I lost sight of my passion. Until recently, I had hidden it away as something that was only for “real” artists and kids. If I were chosen to win a spot in Life Book 2015, I would hope to re-energize my passion and help me to become a more confident creator. I want to be able to pass on a life long love of all things art to my children and help them to know you don’t have to be afraid of what speaks to you.

  50. Melanie LeGrand

    More often then not, it is the interaction with other artists that keeps my own inspiration growing and multiplying. It sparks my own creativity in new ways. My favorite part is when I study with an artist, or take a new class and a brand new idea, never uncovered by heart or mind before, pops out of thin air! That is what keeps me going. I know LifeBook will be all of that and so much more! Thank you for the chance to win. It’s a long shot, but I am dreaming of winning!

  51. Rhonda Kamel

    Most of the time it really hard to keep my creativity on track! With 4 kids and lots to do and just trying to live life! But I am more and more trying to make creativity a part of my life instead of something I have to take time for! LifeBook helps! Its a great class with lots of wonderful artists and loads of inspiration! I need to win a spot! 😉 Thanks for the chance!!

  52. Deepa Gopal Sunil

    My creativity is definitely getting better with practice. I art everyday…and my blog has helped me to get in touch with different artists from around the globe and that definitely has helped me to grow and explore more. Life Book will surely help me towards this progress…various artists and various techniques will add color to my creativity 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  53. Heather Goldsmith

    Cool. I keep my creativity on track by keeping a daily journal. I don’t always get to the art, writing or jewellery design, but I scribble, sketch and think on words on the page each day. Thanks for a chance to win a spot. 😉

  54. Cheree DeRiemer

    I recently completed Kelly Rae Roberts class and it opened up a whole new world to me that I hadn’t even known existed. I am enjoying channeling my creative energy and just making art to amuse me. I have social anxiety issues so I appreciate that so many wonderful artists have come together to create a space where I can find community, feel comfortable, learn, inspire and be inspired, and engage with creative people of all levels without being overwhelmed. I would appreciate winning this class as it would allow me to spend the tuition money on much needed supplies.

  55. Adele Hanley

    What keeps me on track is my desire to learn after years of thinking I was hopeless at art. Great teachers and inspiring courses and obviously seeing other students work really motivates me to play so I can share my own

  56. Cheree DeRiemer

    I’m back to say – I pinned this to my Pinterest board “Mixed Media – Classes, Events, and Teachers”. I emailed a friend, I posted to my Facebook page AND I Tweeted information about Life Book 2015

  57. Kelli Thomas

    One of the things I love so much about lifebook is it really keeps the inspiration and the juju going all through out the year.

  58. Jo

    I’ve found that since I {very recently} started doing online art courses it’s easier for me to *keep at it* creatively, and my confidence has grown too – plus making *friends* with other artistically minded people is entertaining and inspiring – especially when you find someone who *speaks* to you with their art. I do try not to put myself under pressure to be constantly doing stuff tho, as I find this counter-productive. We mostly have busy lives and berating ourselves for not having done something takes the fun out of it. I often find myself drawing something whilst wrapped in a towel having just got out of the bath! Inspiration strikes at the oddest moments. I’m really excited by the Lifebook 2015 lineup and want to participate! 🙂
    Will also be linking this via Facebook. 🙂

  59. Mary Jessop

    I find my inspiration in the everyday things: the first smile from my girls in the morning; the hugs at the end of the day; the laughter that fills the house and the beautiful, natural things that surround us. I would love to take part in Lifebook to learn new techniques and be inspired to have a go.

  60. Christine Kravitz

    Lifebook 2014 has kept my creativity on track this year. I feel very motivated by each week’s lesson to sit down and make time for art – that’s the beauty of new weekly lessons. Thanks for the chance to keep going in 2015.

  61. Sandra Meijer

    I find my inspiration with workshops likeLife book ans workshops in the scrapbookstores. Ans I’ve pinned your post on Pinterest and on Facebook.:)

  62. Carla

    My creativity keep working when I listen to songs that are meaningful to me or when I try to express my feelings with a colorful drawing.
    I like to drawing things that represent my concept of love, peace, friendship, illusion, sadness, courage…

  63. Maribe Losada

    I would love to win a spot in the Lifebook 2015. I would like to learn new things from people living different parts of the world. A lot of talent in each teacher!! Thank you so much Jeanne Oliver for giving someone a chance to win.

  64. Kristen

    I just posted this to my Pinterest LB 2015 board and onto facebook too!

    Since my handwriting is not easy to read (sometimes I can’t even read it!) I’d like to learn lettering techniques and how to incorporate it into mixed media and art journaling. Also, different mixed media techniques. I haven’t been crafting for the past 6 months until recently, I had alot of personal “stuff” going on and just didn’t have the will. Once I dealt with everything and came “out of the fog” I felt like I could start creating again. I’ve been told by friends that art journaling enables one to put their feelings on paper and help deal with them, which is only one of the reasons why I want to take this class. Looking forward to it, should be a lot of fun!

  65. Vicky Tucci

    Hi Jeanne. I would just love a spot on LB 2015! I’ve always loved drawing and painting as far back as I can remember. Unfortunately, life just got so busy through the years (working, starting a family etc) that I put my love and need for creative expression on the back burner (pilot light out too). When my best friend (my mother) past away I turned to art as a way of working through my grief. Finding abstract oil painting exciting and fresh. Now with my boys grown and moved out of my nest I have found mixed media art to fill that void and love all the potentials it has brought me as ways to create anew. I feel as if I am just scratching the surface and would love to learn new techniques and avenues of self discovery that I have ignored and am ready to explore. I feel that all the lovely teachers/guides in LB 2015 will be just the right next step for me on my path. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win in spot on LB 2015. (fingers crossed hope I win 😀 )

  66. Debra Eastridge

    All of YOU inspire me! I love learning how other women “do it.” You are all so creative and that brings out the creativity in me!

  67. Konstanze

    I am hoping to find my creative rhythm with Life Book 2015 and a fun, inspiring community of art friends which I have no doubt will show up 🙂 I dream of a steady flow of colourful awesomeness in my life. Thank you for offering this chance!

  68. thewriter

    My creativity is kept on track by doing and seeing. I love to see other artists’ work. I love being inspired and learning from their technique. and keeping art supplies out! 🙂

  69. Miranda

    I find my inspiration in just being part of the lifebook community…all the people that share their art inspire me and all the different teachers too, still enjoying this year but already looking forward to next year with a lot of fabby new teachers

  70. Lori W.

    I get my inspiration from colors – a color will just speak to me and I go with it. I also get my inspiration from patterns in the same way – a pattern will speak to me and I just go with it!!!! 🙂

  71. Alessandra Matthew

    Hey!It would be mu honor to win a spot in Life Book 2015.This journey would help me to stretch myself creatively and in so many ways, it would help me to know myself better… I have posted this on FB, I blogged about it and I pinned on Pinterest. Thank you for considering me for the spot!

  72. Anna

    I have been unwell for two years – got my diagnosis on tuesday – need to heal physically and artistically! Want to join life 2015

  73. siren

    The best way to keep myself going is to always leave supplies and journals out and open so I see them and have to pick them up and work!
    Thank you!
    Also pinned this post – Pinterest rivervoodoo/Awesome classes to take!

  74. teri pastorino

    i would love to win a spot. we just moved to a new state afer having been through a lot of troubled times. i am ready to start my life over from top to bottom. winning a spot would give me a nudge in that direction. i am a major crossroads in my life and need a push in the artistic direction right now, something i can dive into.

  75. Meghan

    I would absolutely LOVEEEE to win a spot in the 2015 Life Book class! I really want to learn how to paint with watercolors and how to draw people and faces. Thanks for the chance!

  76. Rhonda Zamora

    One way I feed my creativity is to look at blogs. I look at blogs almost everyday . . . I don’t always get to create everday but when I do, I have lots of inspiration. I’m so thankful there are artists who share thier love of art on thier blogs!

  77. Robin Broitman

    I’m fairly new to art journaling so I love learning new techniques….I participated in Lifebook 2014 and would love to participate once again in 2015!

  78. Melissa

    I have to say I’m bad at keeping my creativity on track. In the past I’ve always used the excuse of not enough time to let myself play creatively. But several recent changes have now given me unlimited time and I’m try to make a practice of doing something creatively every day. I’ve recently taken to art journaling and would love to continue learning new art techniques in Life Book 2015.

  79. Annette Maloney

    Oh, how I wish I could keep my creativity on track! That is exactly what I would LOVE to get out of LB 2015 . . . . . A reason to stay inspired to create something at least once a week! Thank you for this great opportunity, I sure appreciate it. Annette

  80. KristinB

    My kids they help me to see the beauty in all things and have fun doing it. I would love to take my art self up a notch and learn from some very talented women.

  81. rachelleeason

    Jeanne! I not just need, want, or have to take Life Book 2015…my soul is craving it! I produce pieces everyday to sell at local markets, at the beach, other places, but it is not really my art. I feel like I have forgotten what my art really is because I have to produce a certain style to turn over quickly in my markets for income. I so need to be inspired to create for me and encouraged by all the other dreamy souls in the Life Book 2015 community.

  82. Kimmie

    Sometimes keeping my creativity on track is difficult. I overthink things way too much, and i have an obnoxious inner critic. Taking Life Book has been instrumental in helping me with techniques, creating from within, and learning to love my mistakes as well as the things that turn out the way I envisioned. Having such a wide variety of artists with various styles to learn from is a blessing. Since becoming disabled and no longer being able to work, Art has helped not only deal with chronic pain, but to keep my sanity intact. I’m still trying to discover my own personal style, and one paint stroke at a time I’ll find it. Winning a spot for LB 2015 would be awesome. (I’ll be able to buy some new supplies) I’m looking forward to learning from you. Thanks for so many opportunities to win a spot.

  83. Cindy McPeak

    I love learning how to use different methods and materials to create something that makes me happy. I find I’m much more intuitive and free in my work when I’m making art for myself. Please consider me for a spot in the Life Book 2015 class.

  84. Mary Campbell

    Taking online classes from you and other amazing artists keep my creativity going!

  85. Silvia

    I try to be consistent with my art, and I take time to learn and explore. I love learning from other artists and seeing how what they teach works it’s way into my art!

  86. Marcie Aspras

    I find my inspiration everywhere I look, but my main source is from other artists. Their enthusiasm helps translate a cool technique into something totally awesome!! I am anxious to learn new techniques and meet new artists (both teachers & students) and share ideasvin Life Book 2015!!

  87. Joy

    I would have to say that trying to do art everyday really helps me stay on track… I would love to just learn from such an amazing line up of artist! So exciting!

  88. Michelle Lake

    What an amazing opportunity! 🙂 I just keep creating because it is the one outlet that involves your creative side, your emotional side and can incorporate all aspects in your life… i have gone through many difficult challenges in the last 12months – and LB2015 is an incredible way to deal with all of these elements and encourage me to just keep moving forward and acknowledging that it is ÒK… 🙂

  89. Debbie J

    As long as I can remember, I’ve always felt the need to do something creative everyday. Someday, I just do a little doodling, or pick up a paintbrush and add color to a journal page. I would love to win a spot in this workshop. Thanks for the opportunity.

  90. Lisa Ingram

    I’ve recently come back to art after many years. I feel like I’ve found an old friend. It’s exciting to revive my first dream and get to know myself a bit better along the way.

  91. Jeri Bellini

    I am new to mixed media and art journaling and would LOVE to learn different techniques and how to use the wonderful supplies I’ve been collecting the past year. I was lucky enough to download a free lesson from Tam a few weeks ago and now I’m super excited to join! I am inspired by watching others create and try to sit down daily and do something!

  92. kelly

    I get so inspired seeing how others make their art, and I am sure LifeBook will fill me to overflowing with inspiration.

  93. Jackie S.

    I keep my creativity going by staying off line and exploring theoutdoors with my kids. I love looking at life through their eyes. They are life’s magic!

    Good luck with your teaching LB, I hope to be able to join you if I win a spot!

  94. Teresa Swanson

    It’s funny, how when you host a giveaway, everybody becomes all interested in leaving a comment. I wish people would really get to know their inner muse and contribute more than just for a giveaway, if you know what I mean. I have a blogging friend whose ‘attendance’ in comments from kindred spirit bloggers went from 40 comments a day, down to 15 or less for most posts. We have been trying to figure out why this randomness is happening. The attendance at my blog has also dwindled.
    thank you for a chance to win the Life Book 2015 workshops. It is so wonderful you are one of the teachers on Tamara’s ning site. I have been on the site about three months. I have not yet signed up for the 2015 workshops, in hopes that I would possibly win a spot. Thank you for posting all of the other teachers and the dates to have a chance at the Life Book 2015, for a lot of chances to win. I know it is so difficult to figure out who to give a spot to. Some people play on the emotions of teachers to get a spot. I am not going to do that. I just want to be able to learn more how to express myself through art, and just the learning process is never ending and so richly rewarding. I am not the type of person to wear my heart on my sleeve, as all of us in life are always going through something, and I don’t want sympathy, as I need to realize this is my journey and mine alone. I have to figure out where and who I am going to be and art is one of the outlets for exploring my past, present, and future.
    God bless!

  95. Catherine Bautista

    Oh God! I sooooooooo need this!!!! I am doing calligraphy right now and have come to realize that doing it consistently really really helps!!! So this would be a really good start to work on my art journal dreams!!!! Ooooh i really really wish i win! ????????????????????

  96. Joanna Strom

    To be able to see the beauty and simplicity while applying the shades and hues of my life and its complexity.

  97. Jane Lazenby

    I have loved lifebook2014 this year. I signed up not really knowing what to expect and have been overwhelmed with inspiration each week. Looks like another great year with great teachers for next year. I would love to win a spot in it to give my sweet friend, who is such a talented artist but not able to pay to take the class. It would be great for her to be a part of such an awesome experience and we could do it together becaue I am signing up October 6!! look forward to seeing you next year!!

  98. Pam Kirshenbaum

    I think just showing up gets the creativity going. It can be doodling, drawing, painting or even looking at something that just makes your heart skip a beat. I look forward to this group of teachers.

  99. Melanie

    I’ve only been exploring art for the past year and it’s all so fun and rewarding. Taking a variety of classes definitely helps me stay on track with my creativity. Seeing the work of artists and learning new techniques is all so inspiring. Oh, how I wish I had started this adventure 40 years ago! Thank you for a chance at winning a spot in the upcoming class.

  100. Jenny Karp

    I get my inspiration from everything around me. My kids, the ocean, the strawberry fields near my home. Art is my refuge, as i navigate parenting 4 adopted children and running a diy business from my home in california.

  101. kelly hoernig

    a simple walk through my backyard will give me many treasures to collect and find inspiration from making creativity close at hand. life book offers techniques and teachers I have admired right at my fingertips too. both are a win win and speaking of wins, I sure hope I am picked as your winner of the life book 2015 class spot.

  102. Leanne

    I am not very good at keeping my creativity on track, even though I know how to do it. However, if daydreaming counts, I’m doing just fine!

  103. Sue Pompetti

    I posted on Facebook, I pinned, and I tweeted 🙂 I try to keep it on track for my sanity, but am not always successful. Sometimes life gets in the way and I have to learn not to let it.

  104. Lorri

    I’ve spent years doing what I needed to do instead of what I wanted to do. The creative part of me became silent. There was so much I wanted to do but when I tried there was just a huge blank. After making a few changes and allowing myself to be quiet inside, I find that my creative self is slowly waking up. I hope this course can inspire my creativity. I believe I’m finally ready. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  105. Mary W

    Hello Jeanne, thank you for the chance to win a spot! I have taken several of your courses and love them, never did Lifebook before and would love the opportunity. I am back on my feet, after 7 months of severe back problems and think it would help me get back into the groove of painting again on a regular basis!

  106. merissarevestir

    To keep my creativity on track I love online classes. Where I live in Hawaii, there is only 1 craft store or a small section in Walmart, also creative workshops in person are non-existent on my island. Online is where it’s at for me.

  107. Marianna

    My creativity is off track 🙁 so what I would most hope to get out of this amazing workshop would be much needed inspiration.

  108. Jen Letts

    Small challenges inspire my creativity. My favorite of the year so far? One small, quick abstract painting a day on index cards every day in June. I found such joy in smashing and swirling the colors freely!

  109. Chrystal

    I find inspiration in music, literature, and poetry, especially the poetry of the Bible. There is so much inspiration in our world that it can be hard to choose where to start.

  110. Carol Mc

    What keeps my creativity going is the peace I feel when I’m creating. Creating art quiets my mind.
    Looking forward to being part of a creative and supportive network from taking this class. It would be
    so wonderful to learn great techniques from so many amazing teachers. Thanks for the chance to
    win a spot in class.

  111. Renee Mendozzi

    My inspiration comes from my three year old. I see the world through her eyes and the colors and vibrancy of them, the imagination, the way she doesn’t hold back, and that everything even the ugly is “beautiful mama”. Everytime I see life book I always think about the beautiful colors and teachings from different people who see the world in different colors. Posted to facebook, and pinned.

  112. Linda W

    I keep my creativity on track by listening to music while painting or watching online art classes. I spent two hours this afternoon making marks with acrylic paint on watercolor paper – – simply playing and experimenting. My daughter searched her house for mark making tools. She is inspired now to do some art also. Encouraging someone else to try some art is one of the best ways to keep my own creativity on track.

  113. Andi*B

    What keeps my creativity on track? Getting out and experiencing the world around me… things I like… flea markets and antique malls… the local art gallery… yarn…. nature… I think mostly its engaging all my senses in the things I love ignite me again and give me fresh doses of creative inspiration.

  114. Judy

    Oh my goodness, I would love to just reconnect with myself and my creativity. I can’t imagine a better way to do so than this course.

  115. Chasity

    This years line up is amazing!
    The title alone- honor your story-
    speaks volumes to my soul.
    I would love to be a part of this journey.

  116. bevlangby

    Oh classes that’s my main inspiration for sure and looking at the wonderful line up of teachers in Life Book 2015 well that’s a dream team thanks Jeanne ,have my fingers crossed…

  117. betty wisse

    Classes and workshops done locally and online keeps my creativity on track. It is such a wonderful lineup of teachers for Lifebook 2015 I just can’t wait for it to start!

  118. Gayle Gartin

    Hi Jeanne, I am inspired by creating next to other people who create, also. Watching them and being inspired by others brings an excitement to want to learn more. I need LB 2015 to begin my walk in my life. As loved ones have came and gone in my life I feel a need to live for me know. I love to just get buried in paint. We let too many things get in our way. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this journey and meeting so many new friends around the world.

  119. Teresa beg

    I keep my creativity going by taking classes and learning new techniques. Love to have inspiration from the lifebook courses.

  120. dannylion

    I’m trying to get my creativity back… I’ve raised three boys. One of which who has severe disabilities. I am his caregiver 24/7 and have been for the past 20+ years. I stayed home to be a full time mom after I lost my career when the research and development facility shut down (after 100 years of being in operation). I gave them my all. All three needed intense in-home therapy when they were younger. Each child needed between 30-65 hours per week of intense types of therapies. My goal for all three was for each of them to be truly happy with their lives, healthy and independent as possible. I gave all of me away. I don’t know “me” anymore so I’ve turned to art and journaling. I have to find me – or I will fall into depression (or rather deeper). I am starting to see a glimpse of myself from courses I have already taken from you…. I need to do this for me so that I can spark something that needs to rejuvenate in my soul… not sure if that makes sense….

  121. E J Brown

    Wow what an opportunity! It would also be such a gift to start 2015 creating with such talented artist!

  122. Liz Atmore

    To grow in confidence& skill in my creative journey through the awesome teaching of all the amazing artists involved in Life Book 2015

  123. Skulleigh

    It’s been a rough year. I’d like to have an outlet to take care of myself creatively for next year.

  124. erinb

    I would be so grateful to win a spot in Lifebook 2015 to continue to nurture my creativity. In regards to staying on track creatively…I have a very unpredictable life due to medical issues that restrict my activity and confine me to bed often, so for me it’s not about keeping on track, but instead it’s about honoring where I am and being okay with my own individual process and what I am able to do in the moment. I work on taking care of myself, staying positive, and being grateful for the things I can do instead of getting frustrated about the things I can’t do. Right now having art and creativity in my life in any capacity is incredibly healing for me. Many days may go by where I’m not able to create at all, but I am grateful to be able to watch lesson videos and view other student’s artwork online. It still fuels the flame of creativity in my soul and fills my brain and body with positive healing energy. I would be overjoyed to win a spot in Lifebook 2015. The list of instructors looks absolutely amazing and I would be overjoyed to be a part of this class and to have the opportunity to learn from all of you.

  125. Elizabeth Jones

    Thank you so much for this opportunity Tam and Jeanne, very kind of you both.

    My inspiration is kept up via my online classes. I find that interacting with other artists and learning new things is the way to keep you focused. I get such a joy from seeing other artists work too 🙂

  126. karen

    Creativity is part of our wiring, it is a hunger deep inside that cries out to be sated. We are designed to be creative- to find beauty and meaning in everything and to create something fresh and new from that which appears common. To be chosen for a year of exposure to the work of these wonderful minds would be a gift- may the gift fall exactly where it is most needed

  127. Tania Bain

    I am inspire by manny things, but the thing that sets me up for the day is when I go on my morning run through the forest. It clears my mind. The peaceful beauty of the birds and trees and nature gives me such a sence of happiness, contentment and piece, and it is that feeling I take back home with me that sparks my creative flow :”)

  128. Ashley

    I am kept creative by life. I have experienced my worst fears and live to sing again. I hope to gain inclusion into a fabulous club of women who create and think and ponder and wonder and love travel and dream big. I want to read stories of people who look at everything as a way to share creativity, make something beautiful to use or to give away.

  129. Darla Deiparine

    Just like in grade school I am raising my hand with excitement saying **”me,me,me”***- I would love a free enrollment in Lifebook – -seeing those creative hands in the promo, I realize my childhood excitement surfaces when I sign up for an art workshop-the wonder, the joy, the learning –all from talented teachers and mentors-WOW !!!

  130. joan

    Have been with Life Book since the word GO, so what I expect from Life Book 2015 is still the greyt self paced lesson with greyt world wide artists that I would not otherwise have the chance to frequent the courses that they do, and If I don’t do LB 2015 I know withdrawral sysmptoms will set in 🙂 🙂 🙂
    b-fazio ( at ) tin ( dot) it

  131. Debbie L

    I have pinned this to my Pinterest. Would love to win a spot in Lifebook, I love it!!!

  132. Ali g

    It’s like looking at gifts under the Christmas tree and wondering what’s inside knowing each gifts is unique and meaningful. Life book is about receiving the gifts of wonderful talented artist so that you can share with others your own artistic gifts. Oh how I would enjoy a spot to be able to expand my joy of learning especially in the art realm.

  133. SusanLH

    I don’t have to tray with art journaling. It makes me smile, and gets me through the week and a whole year with Life Book would be a great way to learn more and test my creativity. Good luck everybody. PS I’m also sharing on Facebook.

  134. Frau Frosch

    What my creativity keeps on track is not only ONE thing. Sometimes it’s a new color, tool, paper etc., sometimes, it’s a photo, painting, drawing etc. that I found on blogs, a quote, a book… It can be everything! And because of this, I think, Life book is a good thing to keep creativity on track.

  135. mary blackmer walmer

    This looks like a wonderful class-I have been floundering creatively since moving last Fall, I cannot seem to find the motivation to do anything. I need a creative kick in the pants!

  136. Lee W

    Well, the past few year s have left quite a hole in my creativity bank. We moved to Maine, and three years later, moved back to Pa. I was lucky enough to have a studio in Maine, but when we moved back, everything but a few select materials went in to storage (and they just sat around, collecting dust!) Living with my parents was an amazing journey in many ways, but there was no room for my art. I stopped blogging. I stopped making art. I stopped everything. We looked for a house for a year, and before I knew it, two years had flown by. Relationships were strained, finances are still strained, but we finally took a leap of faith and decided to rent a house. Having my own space, albeit small, has allowed me to start dreaming again. I unpacked my supplies and began to get excited again. I have paint and canvases and buttons and fabric just waiting to be used. This course would allow me to get my artistic Life a new infusion of energy and creativity!

  137. lauriewe

    My creativity is inspired by color, patterns and nature! I have never painted, I want to explore multi media techniques and have heard rave reviews about this class- had to check it out!!

  138. Sandy

    Online classes keeps me inspired and Pinterest. I have signed up for LB the last 2 years, but life threw me a major curve ball when my husband got ill and then passed away. Art classes went on the back burner, I went on the back burner. I want to get back to finding me. Who am i now? The theme of this year is HONOUR YOUR STORY. I hope with the coming LB2015 I can get back on the creative track, back to taking care of ME. Through the hard times online art classes have always been a refuge of sorts for me. Can’t wait to get started again! 🙂

  139. Kim

    I dearly want to keep up with my practice of creating. Admittedly some days, weeks, months are much harder to do this, either the juice just isn’t there or I don’t put myself first often enough. This would be an enormous inspiration!

  140. Taylor

    I get my inspiration from so many things including life experiences, other artists, and everyday life. I hope to gain inspitation and technique from Life Book. It looks cool.

  141. wjw62

    If I want to be creative but am not sure what I want to do, I start putting a coat of gesso on everything around me. A blank canvas is frightening but once it has a coat of gesso, my mind changes. All of a sudden I want to put some colour or markings on it and even if I end up painting over it a few times my creativity is back on track.

  142. debiesto

    I FB’d the post, and Pinned the post.

    I am inspired by others people’s work, and their homes. I love to recreate what I see that I like. I used to think it was cheating, but I don’t care anymore, because it is inspiring. And, I have heard others do it all the time.

  143. Kiki Halbert

    How wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win this! I get inspired watching online videos and learning new techniques.

  144. Kristen Pare

    I am super excited about this class with its awesome line up of artists! I really would love the year long inspiration and creative spirit. Inspiration comes from simple beauty, enjoying the fall breeze with the warm sun on my face. Letting in thoughts that have not been allowed to follow my creative spirit in a long long time. Thank you!

  145. Lynda

    Inspiration is everywhere, but much is achieved from what is learnt from our on-line teachers. Lifebook gives such a variety there is so much to learn and so much to be inspired by.

  146. aintnoninny

    I started a blog earlier this year for the express purpose of keeping my own creativity flowing with my art journaling or poetry or photography. I’m a beginning artist, picking up where I left off 50 years ago when I was told that I wasn’t very good at art. All I want to do know is learn from others and express my creative urges. Thanks!

  147. Becky J

    WOW, Jeanne..this ol’ gal could use direction, focus and some quiet time in the midst of the flurry that is life. I would love to spend some quiet time with all of these great teachers while enjoying the “therapy” of creating…thanks for the chance to win! Blessings!

  148. Kristin Langlais

    Online workshops has been the biggest thing that keeps my creativity on track. I am constantly getting inspired and excited to create and try something new which is why I would love to be a part of Lifebook 2015. Thank you for this opportunity!

  149. Tanya Poling

    The idea of LIVING the creative life is what keeps me on track. I would love to take life book 2015! There are so many great artists participating! I think having such a great go to place would be a great way to establish an even better creative habit!! Thank you for the giving away a spot and congrats!

  150. Catherine M

    I would love to win a spot in Lifebook to enable me to learn some new techniques from the wonderful variety of teachers. I think it would also help me to develop a more regular creative practice.

  151. Darlene

    Congratulations on being a part of Life Book 2015! Would love to win a spot. I keep my creativity flowing by creating on a daily basis.

  152. Rachel Evans-White

    I have to create every day, or it becomes more difficult the next, I don’t know why! Also I am so inspired by others, which is why Life Book appeals in particular – so many amazing teachers!

  153. stacie spencer

    I have to say LB keeps me on an awesome creative track. I have taken LB for the past 3 years and can’t say enough great things about this class. Would love to win a spot for next year.

  154. Jen Ueno

    My participation in an Altered Books art group and the occasional art play date with my art-loving friends keeps my creativity on track. When I have a “deadline” for an altered book round robin, I don’t feel guilty having a painty, messy, good ol’ time. Still working on keeping the guilt monster at bay when taking time to create just for mw or just because… maybe LB 2015 can help!

  155. Joan Currie

    I pinned to art instruction! To keep my art practice going, I show up early every morning, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It’s amazing what one can create in a short period of time.

  156. Angela V.

    Being able to participate in such an online course with so many inspirational and talented artists included in Life Book 2015 would open my mind to so many new ways of creating art, and in turn, calmness, that is needed in such a chaotic world we unfortunately create for ourselves.. Thank you for giving us all a chance to win a spot in this course!

  157. Monica

    What keeps me on track is remembering that practice does make perfect. I cansee improvement every day if I just keep at it!

  158. Rita

    Jeanne, I am delighted to see that you are part of LB2015. Actually what keeps my creativity on track in recent years is having courses like yours available to me via the web. Teachers like you are my inspiration. I am thoroughly enjoying LB2014. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win a spot in this wonderful artistic journey.

  159. lulumoonart

    Inspiration is all around, from found objects and the colors and patterns of nature, to hanging out with artsy friends and seeing art shows. My cup runneth over! Thank you for this chance, Jeanne!

  160. Ruth Navarro

    What keeps me on track with my creativity is remembering that I have this beautiful gift of creating that lead my mind to imagine all the possibilities out there to be creative, the nature, the animals, family scenes, conversations, movies, magazines, blogs, pinterest, traveling;
    all I have to do is observe and listen, be within me, dream, and all these brain storms come to me like magic and I can daw, write, paint, photograph, create and share with the world all these beautiful ideas.
    So this course, with all that many inspirational women, it will be to me one of those incredible ways to be inspire to create more.
    Thank you for offering such a beautiful gift!

  161. The Constant Curate

    Structure helps me create, and creating helps me stick to my structure because it’s so rewarding. When I get out of balance then I’m clogged and slow down. I pinned and Facebooked$

  162. Nora Krenc

    You have always inspired me with your talent, your courage through difficult times, your love of family and home.

  163. Lesley Hartley

    The Inspiration from all the different teachers and learning so many new things keeps me motivated and keen to see what the next lesson is

  164. suzieq23

    I try to stay on track with my art by following you and other artists’s blogs looking for new techniques, color combos, etc. I think I will come away with so much from this class and all these amazing teachers. I believe by the end of LB2015 I might finally be able to say with conviction, “Yes, I am an Artist!!”

  165. suzieq23

    I just pinned and added to my FB page the info on LIfe Book 2015. Thank you for the opportunity to take this class.

  166. bfanta2013

    i am constantly inspired not only by the art of others, but the expression of their inner selves. Their art and their stories come together to give me a different perspective on this life we are living. Our differences are ok, indeed they are good, and that helps me to allow myself to express ME and let it be ok. So from LifeBook 2015 I hope to gain even more perspective, and to grow as a (newish) artist, not only technically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

  167. Sarah

    I really don’t have a problem with accessing my creativity – I just run out of time to do all of the things I want to! I love to create and do so literally every day. I think Lifebook would be perfect for me as I would learn so many new techniques and explore lots of different ideas. I’ve never done Lifebook before but would love to win a spot for 2015.

  168. Sara Torbett

    I’m a busy stay-at-home mama so to keep my creativity on track I make sure to be creative WITH my girls! 🙂 Win, Win! We also keep daily art journals!

  169. Cheryl

    I am keeping my creativity alive and well by trying to make an art journal page a day in my long skinny vintage ledger, and then posting daily to instagram. Life book would keep me motivated and inspired to do even more!

  170. Marieke

    Maybe it’s more that creativity keeps me on track! Nothing will make me feel more ‘me’ than creating something!

  171. Lora

    I’m creative from a need to work with my hands and get messy. I know with this class I’ll be inspired and learn new, fun techniques which will be so motivating. Looking forward to this adventure!


  172. Helen Grossman

    what you would like to get out of Life Book 2015 -> more inspiration and technique and developing as an artist
    what keeps your creativity on track or -> well, sometimes it is going off tracks but doing something,not necessarily art relative is bringign it back, like watching birds, taking pictures, reading books – and then back on track

  173. Gennifer

    I stay on track with my creativity by simply showing up and doing the work each day. Whether I’m feeling it or not, I go into my studio and play every single day. Most days I get into the flow pretty quickly, but some days it just doesn’t happen. However, I don’t feel bad about it because I know I did my best and not every day is going to be sunshine and rainbows. 😉

  174. stacy

    i find inspiration thru all of you. i would love to take this class because it would help me stay on track. i hate when i say i will start being more creative “soon” and then never really get around to it

  175. Gloria L.

    Well, honestly, my creativity isn’t always on track! But there’s so much inspiration out there, especially during LifeBook, that I’m soon drawn in again. So thanks for this opportunity to be inspired!

  176. English quilter

    When my creativity needs kick starting I like to listen to music that inspires me, and I will seek the company of creative people. I would like to join Life Book 2015 to improve my art skills and to help me express things about myself in new ways.

  177. Betty S.

    thank you for the chance to win! I hope this new class will help me to grow artistically, and to keep motivated. Some unexpected stuff happened this year which kept me away from art, and I really need to get back to it.

  178. Kimberly Carmichael

    Play! I just play… with everything… and explore. My grandchild are so full of awe and wonder. They inspire me in so many ways.

  179. Nicole

    In my time on maternity leave I have delved into my creativity more than I have since art school (over ten years ago). Making art is *almost* a daily practice. I hope Lifebook 2015 would help me keep this practice alive as I return to work and am busy with my toddler.

  180. Marla Jean Esser

    I see something that I have never seen before, or something that I have not seen in awhile….. and it triggers a new thought! I love this journey, and would love to be able to do this again. I love to try new things, as I learn new things about me. Thanks Tam….. you have changed my life.

  181. Nicole Austin

    i keep my creativity on track by doing a little something each day–even if it is just a little doodle on the side of a notebook page, or laying a stencil down on an open journal page, i try to do a little bit each day.

  182. Sheila

    I need to get back on track with my creativity and am hoping this course will help with that. Too easy to let life get in the way.

  183. debi m

    Hello, i would love to take LB 15 to meet artist i have never heard of, to be inspired, to have fun and to paint, i love to paint. I am so new to it but have found such joy in every aspect of it. thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  184. Cathy von Hassel-Davies

    I think what keeps my creativity on track is that I just feel so wonderful during and after making something. This gives me that nudge I need to get into my studio and do something, anything.
    I would love to get out of the Life Book course integrating things that happened in my life to my art/journaling. I tend to hibernate when I know I should just do some sort of art work and get it out of my system.


  185. Francine Melder

    My inspiration usually comes from waking up a long time before anyone else in our crazy busy home stirs and clearing my mind. I would love to have the opportunity to “meet” with other creative minds for a whole year!

  186. Alenka

    i get inspired by color of the nature and i get inspired by my nephew, when i am stuck… i just close my eyes and draw, .. in life book are awesome teachers, hardly wait for their lesson, so i would learn so many new technics.. and trying to developing my style 🙂
    thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  187. Sandra Bilodeau

    Hi, I hope to be inspired in a whole new way and rid myself of self doubt by taking Life Book 2015, it would be my first time experiencing such a fantastic offering of teaching, inspiration, acceptance and sharing. I wish to be the one you choose to surrender to this exploration in art journaling! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  188. Lisa Taunton

    I’m still trying to learn how to keep my creativity on track. I’d love to join in the fun of Lifebook 2015!

  189. morning dove

    life book 2015 would give me a chance to build on honoring my story of life, struggles, joy, happiness, adversity – you know all the things that make life worth living. to expand on journaling would be fantastic.

  190. S Patel

    I always get inspiration from my walk to school. Even though I’ve been going the sme route every weekday to and back for over 4 years, I always see something new like new flowers in peoples front gardens, falling autumn leaves or dew drop covered spiderwebs.

  191. beadsophisticate

    I keep a small notebook in my bag to jot down ideas or quick sketches as I think of things throughout the day.

  192. lozzie

    I get my inspiration in many ways…..sometimes its the sunny day and the feeling it brings … grandchildren when we play art…..seeing other peoples creations…feeling what I can see within myself…my own creativeness and wanting so much to bring it out of me and thats where LB15 would be the magic for me…I would so much love to be a part of it all…thanks for the chance to win a spot……

  193. Sue Lichter

    Life keeps my creativity on track.I am needing some me time . helping my son raise his very bright awesome little girl now eight has been tough at times and I need a good excuse . Wining would be the perfect one :))) Love you all xxx

  194. Anna

    I rarely win anything, but as I have just been diagnosed with Crohns disease after nearly 3 years of being ill, I need healing both physically and creatively – my art has suffered as I have. I would love to win this course, but if I am not that lucky I hope some one will buy it for me as a gift!

  195. Virginia

    My greatest hope is to remain part of the Universal creative tribe, learn with each of you, and the whole international community that is generated here. I need to create every day and I love it this year in my life Life Book. Share on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (@lamohino). thank you from Madrid, Spain¡ Mua¡

  196. Petra de Jong

    Love to take lessons from lifebook 2015. Being creative and playing with all kinds of materials and experimenting is life saving for me. Just like water and food. It nurtures me, gives me balance and learns me to do, follow my intuition instead of my head. Every time it brings me by meself and the brings the best in me into the light. Follow the lessons in lifebook with all those amazing teachers, brings me Everyone week THE opportunity to be ME! Love to win a place fo lifebook 2015!

  197. Jo Seymour

    I find great inspiration from nature. In addition, I have a list of artists blogs I try to check daily. There is inspiration everywhere – just have to keep your eyes open. It’s been said, it isn’t what you are looking at, it’s what you see ( my version). I would be thrilled to win a spot in LB 2015. Thanks for the opportunity.

  198. funkefragmentz

    So wonderful to have found such a bevy of beautiful artists and art friends <3 I'm so looking forward to new ways to create art & filling my days! I would love to be a student in Lifebook 2015 it would be the greatest chance in my lifetime. Thank you so much Michelle Villasenor Mora <3
    p.s. I enjoy waking up to my spare room filled with projects, paints, colors ….and having something new emerge from what Ive been taught the day before! That is Blisssss at its finest for me <3

  199. Patricia Esparza

    My creativity comes from taking online classes, blogs, pinterest, facebook, also from living in the beautiful mountains of Southwest New Mexico, thank you for the opportunity……

  200. Sigrun Linda Karlsdottir

    Hi 😀 thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot on Life Book 2015!! 😀 <3

    I keep my creativity on track by taking online art classes <3 Love being inspired from many different teachers and being a part of a community like that <3

    Greetings from Iceland 😀
    Sigrun Linda

  201. Karen Anderson

    I have loved the routine of the classes being released in Mondays during LifeBook 2014 but what keeps me inspired is the excitement of never knowing what I’ll be doing each week. I have learned so much on my LifeBook journey and can’t wait to see what next year brings!

  202. christinasrainbow

    What an incredible gift this would be! Amongst very talented artists and learn more about mixed media. Life Book 2015 would definitely keep my creativity on track, knowing that each day I have something to learn and enjoy keeps me inspired and motivated especially when I’m feeling down. I’d feel so blessed.

  203. Britt-Marie LÖw

    To create is essential to me, and to be able to do it online from my own home is so convenient since I use wheelchair and specially in winters its too stressful to get out and about in the snow to reach a course in the city. I have done Life Book this year and it has really helped me to go trough some blockages in my energy and emotions. I also think I am learning to find my own style in painting and that gives me great joy. thank you so much Britt-Marie (Finland)

  204. julie m

    as a live-in caretaker for my elderly, disabled mother, my creativity doesn’t stay on track. unexpected problems and trips to medical facilities can take several extra hours out of a day, with no time for anything else. taking online courses helps with getting back on track. there is always some inspiration waiting when i have time. i don’t always get the projects done on time but that is better than not getting anything done. and i do get back and finish them on the good days when there are no diversions from the schedule.

  205. St. John Studios

    I keep my creativity on track by doing something, however small it may seem, something creative every single day. Ya know, like a discipline 🙂 xoxo Can’t wait to see you in LB2015!

  206. clare

    Life with its highs and lows, people I meet, natures abundance, children, animals……. These treasures inspire me to create. Fbook shared.

  207. sossi

    Sunshine, music & a (semi) cleared work space keep me on track. Mind you, I’ve been know to create at 3am when the whimsy hits, then my space (which is just a cupboard top) looks as though a cyclone has touched land! I will just take any opportunity to make art happen.
    Your artwork is awesome Jeanne; I’m so looking forward to you teaching a Lifebook lesson. YAHOoooooooo!
    PS Pinning you now too.
    PS #2 Thank you!

  208. massofhair

    Pain management is how i keep on track. I am in constant pain and have difficulty sleeping so finding which craft will distract me is a process which is ongoing. My lovely OH comes up with ideas i can try, for example he asked me to make him a case for his Raspberry Pi using my electronic die cutting software, he also throws down challenges like use red in your art today…

    I am definitely a jack of all trades and master of none and feel lost, would love a place on Life Book 15 as it would help me develop my style and i would LOVE to work with all the teachers 🙂 xxx

  209. Karen Ouellette

    I keep my creativity on track by visiting all of my wonderful artist friends sites. After looking through all of the beauty, techniques, colours etc, I am more than ready to jump in with both feet! I would LOVE to win a spot in “Lifebook 2015”, that for me, would be a dream come true!!!

  210. Dianne Thompson

    what keeps me on track is the inspiration from other artists and taking classes to learn new techniques

  211. Jane Bell Lassiter

    I get my inspiration from the everyday moments and the beauty around me. I have a busy day job so sometimes I go several days between studio time. I’m so happy when I’m creating and know I need to… not just want to! I’ve also pinned this post.

  212. Kathy Ownbey

    I would like to learn to be more spontaneous and trust my instincts when doing art!

  213. Deanna Hogan

    I did great keeping up in 2013. It hasn’t been so easy this year, as I had to take a few months off to work another creative endeavor. Now I’m behind and trying to get back on track, but seeing what others are doing really helps.

  214. tess1960

    I find creative inspiration in Life Book lessons and searching through my own copies of past paintings and journals. I love Cloth Paper Scissors magazine too.

  215. Anita Haines

    What keeps my creativity on track is stepping back from screen and digging in and getting my hands messy. I am the first say how much I love all the inspiration on line… but I can get so off track if I spend all my time there and not “do” my own art and creating. What I would like to get out of Life Book 2015 is learning new techniques, being inspired by other artists and being challenged to dig in and create.

  216. Barbara Talbert

    Taking every online class I can manage keeps me motivated to do something artsy every day!

  217. Sharon F.

    I found that taking LifeBook 2014 has really helped to keep me on track. Even when I feel low this wonderful group of artists pick me up and point me in the right direction. I’m so blessed to be a part of the Life Book Family.

  218. Lisa

    I am a custom Framer at Michaels and seeing art everyday keeps me very inspired, I see so much artwork that it is hard not to keep being creative. I would love a chance the win a spot in Lifebook, fingers and toes crossed.

  219. Mary Kaye Wells

    At this point, creating is a necessity. Do it or my soul dies. LifeBook has forever changed me. This month marks 1 year of health related issues. I haven’t been able to keep up with lessons, but I’m doing bits of what I can do.

  220. Melissa Connell

    I’m not sure i have a track to keep on when it comes to my creativity. All I know if im not at work, I want to be at home creating something. anything.

  221. Lena

    Art teachers (like you) are my inspiration 🙂 I love online workshops – very inspired 🙂

  222. marion

    What keeps my creativity going, is inspiration through watching artists at work… that’s what I would like to get out of LIFEbook 2015. Inspiration to my own creativity, because I loooove to flow!

  223. Claudia Adams

    I would love to win an opportunity to do this course – all my life I have felt the compulsion to create, but have always put it on hold while I raise my children and grow my career. But I have decided that I cannot wait any longer and have started challenging myself to be creative – this would be a wonderful way to stretch me artistically ????

  224. Natasha May

    What gets me going is the challenges. If someone challenges me to draw or paint something I haven’t done before. I just love learning new things and techniques. 🙂

  225. handsandharts

    I keep on track by getting Lifebook lessons every Monday, following artists’ blogs and YouTube channels and Facebook. I also keep inspiration journals for my own ideas and schedule creative time almost every day.

  226. Annie

    I get my inspiration from nature, pets, music, art magazines and following artist’s blogs. Any of those can send my creative wheels spinning and take me off to another great art adventure. 🙂

  227. stefali

    I only recently discovered that I can be different and I only needed to find the lifebook to just go grab my dream! Better than therapy, it is just what i needed 🙂 I would love to have the chance to keep discovering this hidden part of me through Lifebook 2015

  228. Barbara

    My inspiration comes mainly from nature. Right outside my door is all the inspiration I need. I just heard about Life Book 2015 and it sounds amazing – 25 teachers?! Yeah!

  229. stefali

    as for what keeps my creativity on track……… well LIFEBOOK definitely does and from one lesson i get a million other ideas and i love that……..i wish i had the time though to explore more ideas hehe!

  230. Tanya McAlexander

    I keep my creativity on track as best I can with a small calander and I try to find classes I can take that have a schedule that will help. But the best way to keep it going is to keep playing with my supplies even when my Muse is asleep..

  231. Stacy Magic

    Just pinned this post to Pinterest. Made your website a favorite of mine (not on your list, but am adding all the wonderful LifeBook teachers). Thank you!

  232. Tina

    Making the time and space keeps me creative. I also love the Monday lessons from LB 2014.

  233. carmen

    Just read somewhere that if you want to make art you should just start. It seems so easy and it’s easy to be inspired by just about everything, it’s another matter to do it! I would love this chance to create, and the classes would give me the outlet and drive to make time and just get going!!!! thanks for this opportunity. 🙂

  234. Debra

    I’d like to be more disciplined, and a weekly prompt would maybe help me do that. Keeping on track is easiest when I am in the beginning stages of a project!

  235. Theresa Merkling

    I have the darndest time staying on track, but the excitement my local art buddies generate keeps pulling me back to task. Would love to win the free spot…

  236. Angela

    Setting aside time without any distractions helps to keep me creative. And if I get stumped… watching one of my Project Runway DVD’s helps.

  237. Claire Harrison

    Creating something everyday, even if its just a tiny doodle page or watching u-tubes for ideas to keep the brains creative spirit flowing now thats its started 🙂

  238. Betsi Marczak

    I get my inspiration from every day life, my friends, nature and also from other artists and art lessons. I would like to learn new techniques from Lifebook 2015! I am sure it I going to be absolutely awesome! Has to be, as the artist teachers are absolutely fab!

  239. conisu

    Taking classes, discovering new mentors and like minded people is very inspiring to me. I try and make time each day to do something creative. I took Lifebook 2013 – what an amazing eye opening experience. In 2014 life happened and I had a reboot – but I am hoping and planning to be there in 2015!

  240. Melanie LeGrand

    Inspiration comes in the most amazing places. Lately, even through the children’s books I read to my 2 year old. Some of the poetry and illustrations gives me new ideas for my own art. Also, magazines and Pinterest. Most of my inspiration though comes through quiet time, when I can process what I’ve seen or experienced and can mentally rearrange to invent something new. Then it’s a race to my craft room to get it “out” before it disappears!

  241. Cristiana

    I am in this great course till it starts 4 years ago and love the idea to win this spot!

  242. Maurie

    Taking the time to just stop and LISTEN to my inner being… if I do that I’m certain to feel the nudge, the inspiration, the excitement to create!

  243. Tawana Martin

    My heart is full when I create. Growing my own vegetables and flowers, filling my walls with my creations and wrapping my body in soulful expression makes my soul shine. Would love to be a part of the next LifeBook series.

  244. Kristin McKee

    I have followed some of the instructors in Lifebook in the coming year, so I had an idea of what quality of work they put out. However I’m very excited about all the new faces I’m meeting. This is giving me the want to create, all these new ideas and directions I’m picking up just by visiting all these new peep. Woo Hoo.

  245. Teresa Staley

    I find myself in another world being outside with a pencil or paint brush in my hands. My heart is full and my mind is at ease when I create something from nothing.

  246. Teresa Swanson

    My other comment was a novel. I will keep this one short. I have posted on my blog. The reason I want to take Lifebook 2015, is because I have a dear friend who is taking Lifebook 2014, and she wants for the two of us to share the experience of Lifebook 2015, as we are 3,000 miles apart and have shared a lot of life changing experiences in our marriages, and both have had handicap sons, of which hers passed away. We want to learn the classes at the same time and keep that kindred spirit connection flowing. I also desire to learn new art techniques of which there are so many awesome instructors for the 2015 season. Thanks so very much!

  247. fiona

    i dont allways find it easy to take time to create, im often to busy doing other things like cleaning the house. but i fell trapped, sad and i want to run away from obligations when i dont take the time to be me and create. i hope life book will be something for me to do for just me. to remind me that i need to make the time and prioritze art. tamara at willowing gave us a free sneak peek on this years ink spray class and i saw the high quality of the course. im crossing my fingers and hope to win 🙂

  248. lovingrd

    My wondering and wandering mind NEEDS and pushes me to create in order to attempt to process this crazy world and life and bring harmony to my heart and soul. 🙂

  249. Bea Savellano

    Connections with other artists – friends, classes, blogs, museums push me on…bea

  250. Deborah Melanson

    Having challenges keeps me on track. And I feel so much better after I finish something I am proud of.

  251. arlsmom

    Having deadlines and being in control of my schedule keeps me on track. Having creative time each day and also structured activities keeps things in balance and keeps my creative time more focused. I would just like to learn all types of new techniques and skills in the class…thank you for the chance to win a spot!!

  252. ravensgirl13

    Honestly? I just started this process of art journaling in May. I’m a retired teacher. ALL of this so new and different! I have difficulty staying on track and feeling like my work is worthy. That’s why I’d love to participate in Life Book! Get some direction, inspiration, and mostly some great teaching to help me stay on track! I posted on Face Book. Trying to figure out how to pin!

  253. Angela Hogan

    I would like to participate in the Life Book 2015 group so that I can inspire, be inspired, and branch out into new territories.

  254. Gnoe

    Erm… my problem is that I cannot keep my creativity on track – I have a hard time pulling it out of the mud. So that’s *exactly* why I need Life Book 2015! 😀 Thanks for the opportunity!

  255. Annette Maloney

    Hello! Congratulations for being chosen as a LB Instructor – – how cool! What keeps me on track is just to slow down and take a moment to consider all that I have and be thankful. Have a wonderful year with the amazing, talented instructors in LB2015

  256. Betsy

    Staying in the art keeps me on track. Even if I just slap paint in a book and do nothing more with it. Creativity seems to ebb and flow with me.

  257. Cecilia Brown (@xylia_brown)

    What keeps me on my artistic track is spending some time each day in nature, which luckily is right outside my back door that opens onto a wonderland of trees and ponds. I also spend time each day visiting an artist’s blog or two, trying out new color combinations in little drawings, and by writing in my journal. I’m excited about LB2015 and am having a blast visiting everyone’s sites and blogs!

  258. Lisa

    I just learned about Life Book 2015 the other day, and I’m incredibly excited about the course. I have just recently decided to step away from my current job, so that I can concentrate on my artistic self and refine my personal artistic style in 2015. This course will be the perfect catalyst for that goal, and winning a spot in the class would be sublime! I’m excited to be learning from you, and all the other incredibly talented artists who are a part of this project!

  259. Jenne Feeney

    I actually have a lot of trouble staying on a creative track. Thats why I hope to be able to take this course, i crave structure! I have endless unfinished projects at the moment, and I last took Lifebook 2012, (seems like yesterday) and it was mind opening!!! It was nice to be ‘back in class’ 🙂 <3

  260. Sofia

    I want to be motivated, figure out my style, develop my style, pushed beyond my comfort zone, get inspired to create daily DAILY!! That what i expect from 2015 Lifebook!! 🙂

  261. Joyce

    What keeps my on track is my 4 artist friends. We meet once a month at my house and someone shares a technique and we do an exchange. Everyone is so creative and we can hardly wait to see what someone has done. Thanks for the chance to win LB 2015. I’m in LB 2014 and it’s been a whirlwind.

  262. darcyw3

    I would love to take part, I am sorely lacking in inspiration right now, having a hard time even picking up a pencil. I would love to be inspired by the great teachers and the amazing students throughout the year.

  263. dannylion

    I would loveeeeeee to win a spot in this amazing class!!!!!!!! I really am hoping for a miracle here!!!!!!!

  264. SuseADoodle

    WOW! My “creativity” doesn’t stay on track. I need to be more intentional. And LifeBook 2015 would help with that I think. 🙂 I just took part in a 21-day art experience that was wonderful and know that a year-long daily project would be wonderful in so many ways — it would connect me to a daily practice of intention in terms of creativity, thought and art. THANK YOU so much for an opportuity to win a place in this project — otherwise I’ll have to find a way to make it as i go all on my own and it would be better to be part of a group on a journey together …

  265. Deborah Helms

    I find my inspiration in everything. I would love to be a part of the Life Book Class to learn new techniques to express my vision. I am in love with color and texture and I am blessed to have my own studio and be surrounded everyday with the things I love. I believe that Art saves lives, it has given my life meaning and has saved me more times than I can count.

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