Watching friends and peers tap into their deep giftings and then sharing it with the world is very inspiring. I am surrounded by so many men and women that are intentionally showing up in their lives and the impact is far reaching. I am watching friends start non profits, open pottery studios, teach, sell their first paintings, step up to a microphone and speak for the first time, self publishing, publishing…stepping out. It is one of the most beautiful things in my lifetime to see creativity have a platform and to be validated.  I needed it. Maybe you did too.



Recently my friends Vanessa Hunt and Heather Patterson of At the Picket Fence blog published their first book called Life In Season | Celebrate The Moments That Fill Your Heart and Home. Their blogs are filled with DIY, decor and heart. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that their first book reflects all of that and more. I expected it to be more amazing projects but what has left me with tears each time I have read is the transparency and vulnerability that these pages drip with. Each time I have closed a chapter I have sat with the most grateful heart that I had the moments to read their words, reflect upon the heart of God, to connect once again with women I adore and do see that we all have the same brokenness. I don’t know why we need to be reminded of that. I don’t know why we sometimes think we are the only ones broken and when we see it in others it actually makes them more beautiful…and it does for us too.


I love a good surprise and this book is that. This is the book I am reading each morning with my devotional because their words last long after the page. Yes, I will try the recipes and projects but the sweetest surprise is the heart of who these women are and their heart for each one of you when you read the pages.

An excerpt from the chapter Scars

“…Are we capable of seeing the scars in our lives in this way? As trophies of that fight we have won, to be displayed proudly. As memorials to what we have conquered in our own lives.

Can we identify with Jesus as He held out His scarred hands to His beloved disciples, as proof that He was alive? Can we see our scars as reminders of a victory over sin and not something to be ashamed of?”


It is just beautiful! The whole book will inspire, make you laugh, cry and encourage you as you love well those around you.  It shares the truth that there is rich joy in all seasons of our lives.

You can read more or order HERE.