Sometimes things happen in life that you just have to share….and you hope that your friends will learn from your mistakes or your wise, wise advice!

Recently a friend of mine wanted to purchase one of my skirts.  She asked what I wear with mine.  I told her I wear my tall boots, white tee and jean jacket.  She ended up buying a skirt and one of my purses.  Obviously she has amazing taste.

Moving on.

We had made plans to take our children to the ballet A Midsummer Nights Dream. We were meeting in town and driving together to Denver.  We met at Starbucks to fuel up with caffeine (of course). 

We both got out of our cars with the SAME OUTFIT ON!!!! 

I am yelling, "NO……NO… said you were not wearing it until Sunday". 

My friend equally mortified yelled, "We have to do SOMETHING.  Where can I go to get new clothes"? 

I informed her that we were already running late and we needed to leave immediately. 

Dressing alike as adults is not cool like when you are in elementary school. 

We looked like the biggest dorks!!! 

We were going to the opera house in Denver and we were trying not to walk together… was no use….people were still staring.  Not the good kinds of stares.  The "Why are those dorks wearing the same outfit? They look like complete morons!"

I  thought you would like to see some pictures from the day.  I hope you like this photo…the memory had to be preserved and my son took it….hence the reason we have no heads!





The life lesson is…………..always talk to a friend who has the same clothes as you before you go out in public together!  You can thank me later!!!