Lights, Camera {action??}

Wednesday afternoon I took off for my flight to Salt Lake City.

I had been invited as one of four guest artists on my friend Christy Tomlinson’s new art and craft show.

As soon as I landed and got my bag I was outside waiting for Christy.

No more than a few minutes had gone by and a car came towards me blaring country music.  The car stopped to pick up another person but the man driving didn’t have a shirt on.

I smiled and thought it was pretty funny.

A few more minutes went by and another man pulled up WITHOUT HIS SHIRT ON! Seriously.

The man next to me looked at me…I looked at him and I said, “What is up with this place? I swear if MY friend pulls up without her shirt on I am out of here”.

I am happy to tell you that Christy did indeed have her shirt on and that I was able to continue with my trip.

We immediatley headed to find Margie, grabbed a bit to eat and then got massages.

Isn’t that the best way to start a trip?

My massage was great.  No talking, perfect massage, long scalp massage.  Margie’s girl just talked about river dancing the whole time.

That is worth getting your money back!

We stayed up past 2 am talking…which was stupid because we were all taping the next morning.

I don’t know how she did it but Christy was up early, showered, all her outfits ready and she was off.

I made myself some eggs for breakfast (we will revisit this little detail soon) and we slowly got ready.

We all talk a lot and that can put us a little behind sometimes:-)

When we got to the studio it was so fun to see Christy’s beautiful set and see her taping.

She did such an amazing job and you would never know she barely slept.

(Margie’s photo)

I met Danielle Donaldson in person for the first time and her sister.  We were able to spend lots of time with both of them of the next few days and I am now a huge fan of Danielle’s work and spirit.

(Margie’s photo)

One of the highlights of my time in Utah was spending time with my friend Chrissy and seeing her shine on camera.

(Margie’s photo)

I have to say…if you know me in person I talk A LOT!  I had 15 minutes to explain a project, Christy was there too and there was an intro and closing in that time period.  I seriously am not even sure the project made sense.  Stay tuned to the new show and we can all mock my inability to stay on course.  Who knows:-)

(Margie’s photo)

After taping we all headed out to dinner and then another night of staying up way too late.

The next morning I offered to make eggs if anyone wanted them.  Christy said yes and I headed into the kitchen.  I hadn’t felt great after the eggs the day before but I have to have protein in the morning or I feel sick.  I looked at the expiration date on the egg carton this time…hold on girls….the expiration date was MAY 19!!!

I had eaten three month expired eggs the day before.

To say to lease we did NOT have eggs that morning and I personally feel that Margie may have tried to kill me (may).

Later that day a group of us were able to help Margie with a few awesome projects for Spark (if you have not heard of it go immediately to her site and SIGN UP).  One of THE most creative, beautiful artsy retreats out there. Go. Right now.  Go:-)

Now the next part is a little embarrassing but because I have no pride I will be honest.

I had a later flight.  We were eating at a local Mexican restaurant when I decided that MAYBE…just maybe…I should look at my boarding pass that I had printed out earlier in the day.

I am not proud of this but I misread the boarding pass and read the arrival time as the departure time.  To sum things up I missed my flight and Margie was stuck with me for another night.

Early the next morning we were off and Margie could finally relax.

I was ready to come home though and so glad to see my sweet family.

Before I left for the trip Kelly took the kids and had to do a few things in his office.

I had never left for a trip before without anyone at the house saying goodby when I left.

I travel enough now that everyone gave me big hugs and kisses but no one cried.

No one except me.

When they all left I had tears in my eyes because….get this…no one cried!

On the way to the airport I called and talked to Kelly and told him what a fool I was being.

He teased all the kids to start fake crying and they happily obliged.

Jack got on the phone and said, “Mom, you aren’t sad because we didn’t cry are you”?

I replied, “No.  Ok..yes”.

Jack, “Mom, we just didn’t cry because we are used to you traveling more.  But we still miss you a lot when you are gone”.

I love that kid.  I love them all.  But next time I told them to fake cry when I am leaving…and make it believable!


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  1. Jennifer Rizzo

    Oh, you look gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it. You had better not try that staying longer stuff at my house.. I am kicking you out. I am so happy for you that it went well!!!!

  2. Mikal

    ha ha…. that’s what I do to my kids too!

    You girls look so beautiful and I can’t wait to see how it all came together!

  3. Jen

    I am SO looking forward to seeing the show. I am sure it is going to be fabulous. I mean, with that collection of such creative ladies…how could you go wrong. 🙂 Oh, and I am SO glad you survived the eggs!! lol Have a beautiful week.

  4. kelly barton

    first. i love your playlist!

    second. wow, gorgeous . beauty . talent here.
    so happy that i have been introduced to you and
    your amazing wares.

    just deciding what purse is most me.


  5. margie

    my darling darling Jeanne.
    love you.
    so grateful you didn’t die from the eggs.
    what an amazing few days together.
    what a gift you are to me.
    thank you.
    can’t wait to do it again.
    soon please.

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