I live in Colorado.

Not the East coast.

Not the South.

English garden is a joke!

Water is a hot commodity and we have a schedule we have to follow to water.

  We even have water patrol. Serious.  He drives around making sure people are not wasting water.

So…my point is….when all of you gals are sharing gorgeous photos of your garden I am a little jealous. 

OK..sometimes I am a lot jealous.

One of my favorite flowers is the lilac.  It reminds me of growing up in Illinois.  We had a huge bush right outside the window over the kitchen sink.  Its amazing fragrance would fill the downstairs in the spring.

Lilac bushes were some of the first bushes we planted.

So, four years after planting them this is all they amount to so far. 


Did you just laugh?  That is rude!

Lets just say the fragrance is not filling any part of my home. 

Sometimes you have to cheat a little and that is were this comes into play…..



Aunt Sadie lilac candle!

It smells so wonderful.  It is actually like a lilac bush exploded in my kitchen….just what I was going for.

So there….all you gorgous garden girls.  I have a candle!!!!