Living Room Redo {Shop My Own House}

I can’t tell you how much I have loved doing the Creatively Made Home e-course.

It has been so fun to play with my home and to share my love of family and home with others.

I thought you all would like to see some of the photos I took this week for one of my project videos.

I won’t show the video but I will show you lots of photos.

The project was “Shop Your House” and it was just to show how your space can look different by:

1.) Moving your furniture around

2.) Looking around your house for pieces

3.) If you don’t notice something anymore it is time to move it or paint it to give it new life.

I really think that keeping your home fresh helps you to feel like you have a new space and helps you appreciate what you have.

Here is how the living room looked before I started….

Room View #1

Room View #2

For this redo:

*moved the couch against the window

*chair facing the fireplace

*tray on the coffee table/ottoman

*painting on the mantle

*cushions on the bench (from our window seat)

*moved the end table to the right of the couch

Room View #3

For this redo:

*moved the bench and cushions to the kitchen table

*took a desk from our bedroom and placed it in front of the TV with books/suitcases

*moved chair off to the side with a floor lamp

Room View #4

For this redo:

*moved the bench and cushions back

*changed the art above the fireplace

*moved the ladder and replaced it with a shoe rack, vintage lines, ironstone etc.

*moved the couch back to facing the fireplace

*moved the chair back to the window

*moved the end table next to the chair

*changed the items on the end table

*moved the desk behind the couch with books/birdcage

To see the video of this redo or to see 73 other discussion and project videos (so far:-)) you can register HERE.

The course is not over and the content will be up until the end of April!


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    I absolutely love the sign above your fire place….
    I love to see how different people use them in their homes…..
    your home is beautiful..a total refuge for your sweet family.

  2. jamie

    Love it! Looks really Nice, change is good. I do that too, I think because I am in my home so much and I get bored looking at it the same way all the time. Sometimes, I end up in the Garage finding old decor items I’ve put away and forgot about. I bring them back out and move this and that around and it’s like New. It’s nice when it costs nothing..

  3. amy

    very fun, jeanne! you got the love plaque! it all looks great…and it really is a great way to appreciate pieces you already have in new/fresh ways.

  4. Denise In Bloom

    I am enjoying the course so much. Thank you for all the work you have put into it to make it lovely and inspiring for all of us. Can I ask you the paint color on your living room walls?

  5. Jeanne

    Hi Jeanne!
    Is the 12 Artsy Ornaments e-course a repeat of last years course or is it a new one?
    P.S. Your home looks great – so cozy, warm and comfortable.

  6. Jen O'Brien

    I am torn, I lLOVE #4 but also adore your bench at the table. I know how good it feels to move things around, just did the same in my FR, I took stuff from everywhere & I was brave, I finally got the white slipcover sectional I have been dreaming about. I am a little nutty right now with it, hopefully it will wear off:). Your room looks awesome!!!! I LOVE the art too:).

    1. jeanne Author

      I loved the bench at the table too but it is too big for everyday use. It does have me on the lookout for an armless/backless bench for the kitchen though:-)

    1. jeanne Author

      I will have to scan the mix. It is a custom mix that Sherwin Williams mixed for me. I will put it on the blog soon.

  7. Aura

    Hi there Jeanne!
    A wonderful blog post as usual! I had emailed you and not heard back…Last year you had a creatively made business e-course, using your gifts I can’t remember what you called it. I was wondering if it was possible to buy and still view it?

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