Over the past three years that I have been running my business I have been floored by the creative women out there.

I have had the privilege of becoming close friends with many of them.

I have met amazing women from all of the United States and around the world…but sometimes we don’t see all the creativity right in front of us.

I can get pretty focused with homeschooling the kids, running a house, business etc. and miss out on all the creative women right around me.

When my friend, Jenny Doh, was out here for a speaking engagement I was able to sneak a little time with her.

She told me about Ali DeJohn.  She is the coordinator of an amazing event called The Makerie.

The setting is incredible and this is by far the nicest Colorado art event I have ever seen.

Everything from the teachers…to the location…to the food is first class.

The class that interested me the most was a painting class with Flora Bowley.  I love her style and since she is a west coast artist..I didn’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to learn from her.

If you are local you might be interested in even a day class like I signed up for.

If you are staying all weekend I am jealous because I LOVE the cottages you will be staying in!!

I have been seriously talking with a local friend about creating a Colorado art retreat before I heard about The Makerie….it doesn’t mean we still won’t do it but Ali definetly filled a need for creative gals in Colorado!!

Ali, thank you for bringing something so lovely to Colorado.

Please let me know if you will be attending The Makerie (I am taking the Saturday class).