Your Love Is Deep {Your Love is Wide}

Life has been particularly busier than normal these past months and I do not do busy very well.

Busy makes me feel like I am treading water and just keeping my head above water.

Each morning I try to focus on what really needs my attention whether it be home, business, children, friends, marriage or myself.

These days lately it just feels like everything is needing my attention.  Hence the treading water.

We will figure it out especially with all of the school changes this year but it is taking longer than we expected. Maybe we just don’t handle change well. Who knows.

We have been in such a need for a huge exhale and opportunity to disconnect that we were so excited about the chance to escape to the mountains for five days.

My mom spoiled the whole family with a beautiful getaway to the mountains and it was just what we were needing.

She rented a huge house that held all of us and we had days of hiking, slow mornings, sleeping in, good food, games, art, hot tub and fires.

Today as I was dropping one off to school, taking another to a doctor appointment and then heading back home to record videos this song just connected so deeply with me.

There are busy times in life.

Whether I was a new mommy or chasing after toddlers.

Whether I am homeschooling my children or dropping them all off to different schools.

Whether the business is growing or we are on a new path…I need to rest in the Lord.

I am tired. So tired some days and so many times the rest I need is so much more than physical.

So, if you need rest too I hope you will take a moment, close your eyes and pray for rest…

(feat. All Sons & Daughters)

Jesus Christ
Will You guide me through this life
Wake me with each morning’s light
And restore my soul’Cause through Your strength
All my fears will fade away
As you lead me in Your ways
I will trust in You

Your love is deep
Your love is wide
And I will rest in Your arms tonight
Your love is deep
Your love is wide
I will rest, I will rest

All I see
Is Your beauty chasing me
And the love that sets me free
Oh, I’m found in You

Your love is deep
Your love is wide
And I will rest in Your arms tonight
Your love is deep
Your love is wide
I will rest, I will rest

Your love is deep
Your love is wide
And I will rest in Your arms tonight
Your love is deep
Your love is wide
I will rest, I will rest
Tonight, tonight
Lay Your peace
Like a blanket over me
And as I lay down to sleep
I will rest in You

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  1. Teresa Swanson

    Totally awesome family photos of your trip via the love and courtesy from your mom. Glad you had a lovely rest. If life gives you cherries, eat them! Yes, busyness seems to come all at once, and trying to fill all of the roles in life where we are to be at any given moment, whether it be the role we live as a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a Nana (in my case) sometimes it becomes overwhelming, but those designated ‘who I am’ places which are part of my God-given agenda, which I am to ‘fill’ to the best or worst of my abilities, are part of God’s plan for me. So, if I become ‘used up’ for the sake of my family, then God knows my path, even though I do get ‘burned out’ at times. We rest when we can, and say ‘no’ when we have to in order to keep our own sanity. And sometimes we just have to ‘press on’ with the ‘burn out’, and we regroup and do it all over again.
    Thank you for this post.

  2. Sheila Rumney

    What a wonderful trip… I think sometimes we all go through busy times in our lives where we feel in contast overwhelm. Hoping this was the break you need to recharge. Have you heard Carrie Underwood’s new Christian song Something in the Water? It is my new favorite. Thanks for sharing your words and the beautiful song.

  3. Noelle Mena

    Thank you for capturing your ‘story of now’ through both words and images. I got away a bit through you for a moment. I allowed myself to wander into those colored paths of Fall. Feel the warmth of a fire pit. Wearing my Uggs and knowing how they are the best in the cold to keep my feet toasty. What a blessing your mom gave you and your family. May the rejuvenation linger in your spirit, soul and body as life takes you through this next season. You bless so many Jeanne. Don’t forget you woman. Take care of you.

  4. dannylion

    Enjoyed the song – so true! I would like this played at my funeral. When I am able to rest with Him…. when I am no longer breathing – or caring for my son…

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