First of all I want to thank so many of you that left me the sweetest comments and sent me the most amazing emails!!

As women it is so easy for us to relate to one another.

We don't have to be going through it to feel so deeply for another that is!


I grew up in rural Illinois.

My parents and brother still live there.

My parent's farm has to be my children's most special place on earth.

It is not hard to imagine why….land, tractors, a dog named Lizzy, trees to climb and places to explore.

As much as I love Colorado…Illinois will always be home.

I love the green, rolling hills, trees and the stunning fall.

I also love all the cornfields, cows and old barns.

I always dream of moving back near my parents and buying our own farmhouse.

I have to admit that there is one specific house that has my heart.



I can imagine my children running all over the land, planting a huge garden, having chickens and probably a few other animals and then holding a yearly sale in one of my barns.



Can't you picture it???

I have also been blessed enough to get to know the owner a little.

She loves this farm and she has so many animals on the land that she rescued and loves dearly.

The owner and I are hoping that my husband gets an amazing job offer and we get to buy her land.

If we are supposed to move I know…I KNOW…that it will work out.

But until I get to have my farmhouse in Illinois I may have to settle for my own chicken coop in the backyard.



If any of my neighbors are reading this…I PROMISE I will give you free eggs:-)

Within minutes of reading Heather's post the other day  I was not only quickly writing Heather asking to borrow her photos…I was emailing my sister (because we are both obsessed with wanting chickens) and then emailed my husband in DC and told him I would be his love slave if he built me one!

Have you lost all respect for me???

I don't even care…I need me a chicken coop and chickens.


Preferably a chicken coop that looks as amazing as the one Heather's handy husband built!

Come on…there HAS to be another woman out there that would make the same deal.



Now I am just embarrassed……..