I have to admit something.

Something very shallow about myself.

Sometimes…SOMETIMES…I will buy a book just because it has a great cover!

I know, I know….how could I do this?

I am a LOVER of books. 

I love the written word.

I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon than in a bookstore.


Why would I buy a book…a precious book based upon the cover?

In truth..you would think the worse the book the better the cover because they want to trick you into buying it.

I recently bought this one…



Seriously…does a cover get much better?

Love the dress, bare feet and of course the old pickup in the background.

HATED this book.

Waste of my time.


You would think I had learned about the whole cover thing.


I recently bought this.



I couldn't help it.

The cover cuteness was calling my name and I had no control

Oh girls.

I love movies and really love old movies.

This book is so beautifully written and I loved the characters.

I had to rent The Philadelphia Story just to watch it again after this book.

Katherine Hepburn..Cary Grant.

The author, Marisa De Los Santos, must be such a lover of old movies because she references them throughout the book.

I love that she wrote that sexy isn't what so many people imagine. 

"Sexy is Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed talking into the same telephone receiver, their anger tipping reluctantly over into desire, the desire as much in the distance separating their two mouths as in their proximity to each other."

If you have seen It's A Wonderful Life how could you not agree!

She later uses words to paint such a clear picture of the tone of a man's voice.

"His voice was like music, love and warm.  An oboe, maybe, or a French horn."

She later refers to a woman that the main character has loved.  She describes her as "a living jewel box".  I love that.  It leaves no question in your mind how much she was cherished.

I stayed up (way too late) after everyone was in bed from celebrating the 4th.

With hair that smelled like a bonfire and fireworks and a tummy that ate WAY too much junk food…I cuddled up and finished a story that was truly beautiful and beautifully written.

It goes to show that my cover shallowness sometimes pays off.

I hope you have a chance to read this book because it is original, moving and the cover is pretty cute too!