Lovin’ Right Now {How About You}

I always love those weeks when you notice some of the little things that make you happy as your days go by.

Sometimes they aren’t really the big things…but they bring you joy just the same.

We are in our second week of school and I am thankful for the routine and so are they.

I love cuddling up with Benjamin and hearing him read.  We did that…together.  I will cherish that my whole life.

I have been listening to this new CD.  I love that the kids have their favorite songs and request certain numbers.

Every morning when I pour my cup of coffee I reach for the same turquoise mug.

It is big and the color makes me happy.

I have had those phone conversations with true friends this week that leave you smiling all day.

The kind of friendships that make you feel safe.  Understood.  Cherished.  I hope you have had those kinds of phone calls this week too.

They are precious.


I have had many late nights lately.  So, after the kids are tucked in bed I get to work.

I love the nights when my work can still happen while catching up on my movies.

This week I  watched The Conspirator….soooooo good!  My husband fell asleep but I love historical movies.

Robin Wright Penn was absolutely amazing.

Last night I watched the new Jane Eyre.

I can’t help but love time period movies.

I am a sucker for everything about them.

I thought the acting was incredible in this one too.

Tonight I watched Something Borrowed.

A lot of movies this week…I know!

I laughed so hard at the dance scene…I woke my kids up.

I think I cried a million times too.

I read the book and loved it…and honestly it is totally not my kind of book.

Someone said the movie was too different from the book but I read it so long ago I don’t even remember!

Maddy and I got pedicures this past weekend and our toes are lookin’ pretty fine!

Maddy’s nails are all dolled up a bright blue but I am sportin’ OPI “My Own Private Jet”.

My friend, Amy Jo, turned me on to it and it is my new favorite.

It may just replace “Lincoln Park After Dark”:-)

I don’t have the photos to prove it but I have had one of those weeks that just makes me fall deeper in love with my husband.

I like gifts and all but I feel the most loved when Kelly spends time with me and acts of service.

All of the prints that people order every week….Kelly is the one that prints and cuts ALL of them.

We ship A LOT of prints each week.

I came home from my time with Maddy and friends and Kelly had built me a whole packing station for our shop.

We have really needed this and because we need to hire someone this was perfect timing.

All day today I stood at this new area he has built and it made my happy all day.

These are the things that make me feel truly loved.

And not to get all mushy with you guys….but YOU!

I have had one of those weeks when I have to pinch myself because I get to create for a living.

I get to be home with my children AND run a business.

I get emails every day telling me how much you love your purchases and how you will tell all your friends…and you do!

Thank you!

That is my week so far.

It is the nothing…the simple…mixed with the amazing.

I love it all!

What are you lovin” right now?


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  1. cathy

    Well that was a lovely post to read and I must say receiving your gorgeous parcels for my shop and my customers is another way to put a smile on my face. I have had my gorgeous son’s 15th birthday this week and it was one of those days where I just smiled all day…thank you for sharing, thank you for your beautiful creations …xc

  2. Paula Parrish

    Hello Jeanne,
    I love spending time with my friends scrapbooking, making my handmade soap, and spending time with my precious family. Sitting on the coach crocheting while my hubby and kids watch a movie (feeling blessed) at night. Doing what I love and loving what I do.
    Smiles, Paula

  3. Shannon

    We Love You for all the beauty you bring into our lives!!! Can’t wait until I get the bag I ordered from you 😉
    Just saw a few pics of your pretty home over at Jennifer Rizzo’s and PLEASE do a post with more pics of your home, it is amazing 🙂
    Your week sounded like fun, I love watching movies especially time period movies like you said, oh and anything that makes me laugh and cry.

  4. Traci

    i use my mug every morning too and i think of you each time i pull it out of the cupboard. my sister loves that nail polish color too. i recognize the name. have a great day jeanne!!!

  5. Deborah Carlson

    Beautiful post Jeanne!
    Love everything you are grateful for…it truly is the “simple” things that bring such joy.
    Im glad you are having such a happy week!
    My favourite OPI has been Lincoln park after dark too! 🙂
    Hmmmm now maybe Ill check this one out too!
    I bought the Mermaid Tears one this summer and the Skull & GlossBones one from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection and loved it…a pale grey but as for the mermaid tears (a pretty green) I havent tried it on yet! My bad!! 🙂
    What a kind hubby to share your business joys & needs with you.
    Like you, I have my special cups to and yours sounds wonderful! Oh those movies sound worth watching too…I saw the Something Borrowed too!
    And how sweet to have such special phone calls this week!
    Ahhh friendship is such a gift!

    Deborah xo

  6. Leah C

    It’s definitely the little things that mean the most!! And yes, you are loved:) Hope your week continues to be wonderful!

  7. amy

    fun post, jeanne! i love weeks like that. this is a special week over here…but for sort of big reasons. it looks like we have a replacement for the sale we made several weeks ago. look forward to showing you. hopefully we’ll enjoy it for a long, long time. oh, what is it about nail polish that can bring a smile. i really like the vixen from revelon i showed you last week; it feels like a small celebration of fall/winter on my nails.=)

  8. pam

    I watched Jane Eyre last night too! Loved it. My husband likes to tease me and asks if “EuroTrash Theatre is on again!” Something about those “period” pieces. I’ve decided to re-read a lot of them recently. Think I will have a different perspective as an “adult” than when I was a teenager. Small moments are the best. I’ve had to sit down my camera a lot lately so I can participate and not observe…Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  9. Jeannie-JB

    I love the fact that you cherish your time with your children – young Mom’s with their own business’ don’t have an abundance of time. My beautiful girls are gone (flew the nest in search of their own exciting adventures and life), so imagine how happy I am that they are both going to be here – home, in my nest, with me and their Dad this week. No husbands or grandkids allowed. Just my wonderful, amazing, supportive husband and my girls . . . It would be heaven if I wasn’t limited to bed, chair, physical therapy, repeat, . . . because of a knee replacement. But having my girls here is priceless – even with the knee thing.

    I love your blog and your products. Like the beatles….. you rock.

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad you will have your girls home with you. I can only imagine how much I will treasure those moments some day! I hope you heal quickly!!!

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