Dear Golden Vintage

I have a little bit of an obsession….with the show Mad Men.

Timeless Vixen Vintage

First of all you have to remember that I grew up watching old movies and later always designing clothes inspired by the 30s, 40s and 50s. 

First Love

My husband and I watch every episode.

I love the clothes, behavior and they are always making little references to things that are current faux pas. 

Posies For Lu Lu

I laugh every episode at something that wasn't funny in their era.

First of all….who EVER smoked that much?


I didn't grow up with smoking parents…but this has to be extreme.

Posies For Lu Lu

Sometimes I think I have emphysema after watching an episode….especially the first few seasons.

I will be so bothered about Don Draper's behavior that I almost take it out on Kelly and all men in general.

Swanky Vintage

The best is when I am thinking about the dang show all day and want to talk to Kelly about it as if THESE PEOPLE ARE REAL!!!

Thank goodness for the break.

I needed to emotionally regroup.

Anyone else addicted to the show?

If you have never seen it….go and rent the first seasons…and you can thank me later when you take up chain smoking, tacky decorating and putting a tracking device on your husband!

Our next party is going to be a Mad Men themed party.

I will be Betty Draper..of course and Kelly will need to buy a wig for Don Draper hair.


I better start buying the candy cigarettes, making the deviled eggs and mixing the martinis.


Thank you everyone that has been checking out my new photography blog.

I am already having so much fun and I love that so many of you have decided to do it too!