Magnolia Branches | January Refresh


Once the house is clear of Christmas and spring in Colorado is still months away…there is this in-between of seasons.


This is the time when I like to organize, still honor winter with textures and layers throughout the home, candles, pine branches from our land and each late January I splurge on Magnolia branches! They really do feel like a splurge but they are this sweet reminder that spring is coming (in about four months in Colorado) and to enjoy the season that I am currently in.


Remember, winter is for the makers and also for some magnolia branches:-)


I get my branches from Terrain. This is not a sponsored post. I just love them and wanted to share if you love them too!


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  1. Rita Damiani

    What a pleasant video to watch on a cold Canadian day. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. Susan S

    Such a good idea….I like to gather budding birch branches at different times of the year…..but these gnarled magnolia branches with their plump buds…oh my!! So beautiful!!

  3. Cecile

    What a nice idea!

    Also, the outside of the pod is sort of velvety, and when they fall off, the two sides of it often stay together and look like angel wings. They’re nice to add to a mixed-media project!

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Catherine SAUNIER

    Bonjour Jeanne, merci pour cet appel au printemps et ce magnifique bouquet de magnolias, c’est superbe !
    Un petit sourire pour le panneau dans votre cuisine qui provient de la France, du département de l’Aveyron, une très jolie région 🙂
    Prenez soin de vous.

  5. Lucy Tyson

    Thank you! This has given me a reason to cut some branches off my tulip magnolia tree, already budding, we have in our front yard. I live in Northern California just 5 miles inland from the coast. Normally the Magnolia tree does fine unless we have the late frost, then it will kill some of the new buds. This is a great way to save and enjoy them. We also have a white magnolia tree that is year round with leaves with huge flowers 6”-8” at least. No problems with freeze affecting the blooms because the leaves protect the larger buds.
    Thanks again,
    Lucy Tyson

  6. Sharon Tomlinson

    Way cool! I’m going to notice what the magnolias are doing in our central Texas area next time out.

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