I believe in this quote and think about it often.

I am lucky enough to constantly be in the position that I have the opportunity and pleasure to have incredibly talented women and men all around me.

I know that by having people of such talent and quality that it also helps me to grow as a person, artist and business woman.

I think I have the best job in the world.

I get to reach out to some of my favorite creative people again and again and ask them to collaborate on classes or participate in my Creativity Takes Courage interview series.

The newest Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits} will begin on September 30th.

I wanted to share with you why I chose each of the following women to be a part of the course and to share their incredible work.

I remember the first time I saw Cori Dantini’s work in person at the Cherry Creek Art Festival.  Each piece was a treasure with so many layers that I couldn’t pull myself away.  Her work makes you happy but it also connects deeper because both my sister and I had tears while looking at her work.  The first time I met Cori she had her hair in two little buns on top of her head and her personality reflected her art which I always find to be true about all of us.  Our art shows pieces of us that are sometimes obvious and at other times hidden.  Her work has detail, reflection, color, vintage elements, tenderness and whimsical mixed together.

This is the FIRST time that licensed artist Cori Dantini has ever offered her teaching online!  This is such a huge thing for all of you that are taking the course.

Cori’s work with acrylics, watercolors and ink and creates illustrative and mixed media masterpieces.

I am so honored that Cori will be stepping into this online teaching world with all of us!

Jane Davenport creates whimsical girls and images with her beautiful mastery of watercolors and acrylics.  Jane has an amazing grasp of color and design and connects with her students like few other teachers I know.  I always want our classes to offer art in different styles and mediums and even thought processes.  Jane is wonderful at pulling from inspiration but also her imagination and it shows in her work.  Her teaching style and techniques instantly pull you into her world of color, whimsy and imagination.  It doesn’t hurt that we get to listen to her awesome Australian accent the whole time:-)

Every once in awhile you stop in your tracks while looking at art and you know you have found something new and different and you can’t pull your eyes away.  Robin Fingher creates this kind of art!   Her art is full of color, detail, whimsy and depth.  This is Robin’s first online teaching project and her creative mind will take your art on an adventure.  Who doesn’t’ want a good ol’ adventure in art?  Robin will help take you outside the box and start looking at your art in new and exciting ways!  Robin’s art will also get you talking about art and the meaning behind it.  That is a wonderful place to be.

I can’t say enough beautiful things about Gillian Lee Smith’s work and the depth behind her as a person and her art.  Gillian’s work to me is an exhale and I don’t even know if that makes sense to anyone else.  When I see her art and use of charcoal, inks, oils, imagery I just want to sit and look again and again.  Her work has so many stories contained in each piece and each time I look I see something new. She is generous and open with her process and techniques as are all of the teachers in the Master’s courses.  Gillian will show you new ways to use the mediums you already have in front of you.

I have watched Teresa McFayden’s art evolve over the years and I have been smitten by her use of color and design to create images that are truly her own.  Teresa is no stranger to teaching and bringing artists together.  Her art incorporates her love of color, abstract and playful design.  Get ready to play with new mediums and to explore techniques that will bring new life to your creativity.

Can you believe this line up for teachers?


The course will start off with me studying under the works and techniques of Vincent van Gogh!

My mind is all Vincent all of the time at this point and I can’t wait to explore his creative world with you very soon.

This course is worth more than $600 and would cost thousands if you were to travel and learn in person.

I believe in making my courses affordable so anyone can learn and take high quality classes.

I also believe in always giving people more than they pay for.

This 6 week online art course will begin on September 30th and the videos will be available for two years to watch at your convenience!

This course is $62.oo

To read more about the course I highly recommend reading THIS blog post or heading directly to my creative network.

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I can’t wait to see you in the course and to create together!