I know I am not alone when I say that the cooler weather inspires and encourages me to love on my home more.

The leaves falling and the cooler days and nights just make everything just a bit more cozy.

I love having a cozy home and making my family feel warm and loved.

Sometimes it is just the little things that can change the whole feel of a home.

My home is rarely as clean as I would like but it is usually picked up and that is usually good enough for me.

Music is always playing in our home, candles burn all day and nothing makes me feel more awesome as when a yummy meal is on the stove.

When I think of fall I just think of cozy and all the ways I love to embrace it.

When the sun says goodbye early, the temperatures begin to drop and the fireplace beckons us….

One of our favorite things to do is to each grab a blanket and either read as a family or each read on our own in the living room.

I love looking around the room and seeing everyone I love so much all loving books like I do. It is a little thing but it makes me so happy.

Here are my go to cozy picks.

{making art together, big cup of something warm, baking together, listening to good music, coffee with whipped cream and cinnamon, trying new cookbooks, candles burning, French coffee, cuddling up to watch Little Women, moving things around in my home and redecorating with what I have}

My days have been focused for many months on our new e-course Creatively Made Home and it has been fun to have my mind and heart so focused on my home, family and friends.

This week I talked a lot about using what you have to decorate.

I also encouraged them to ask their families what they love the most about how they make their home, what makes them feel special in their home etc.

It is easy to get sidetracked by that couch you want, the drapes you wish you could afford and forget that it really doesn’t have anything to do with how your family feels about being in this special space you have created.

I encourage you to ask the same thing to the people in your life.

I asked my own family and it was sweet to hear what they love about how I love on them and take care of our home.

Here are some of the things they said….

I love this!

THESE are the things they will remember about our home.

THIS is what they will take away with them after they are grown.

It has nothing to do with the carpet, furniture or bedding.

All of that stuff is fun and pretty but it isn’t the stuff that really matters.

Have fun making your home cozy!


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