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Being that my birthday and Mother's Day were so close together I was blessed with a five day run of celebration.

I will not even pretend I was complaining.

In my last post I told you that I asked to go hiking for my birthday.

We decided to head to Fort Collins to hike Horsetooth with the kids.

Because we used to live in Ft. Collins we stayed the whole weekend and made it a little get away with the kids.

We were able to hike, see friends, shop, swim and just relax.

I told Kelly that we needed to do this every Mother's Day.

It was truly such a great gift to not wash clothes or pick up the house.

On one of the days I took just Benjamin around with one of my closest friends and her daughter.

One of our stops was this fabulous new fabric store in Old Town called Mama Said Sew…seriously…cutest store name EVER!

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If you are in the area and you love beautiful, designer fabrics you HAVE to stop by.

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They are so kind, the store is amazing and they even have a little place for your kiddos to play while you look around.

IMG_1618 copy

To even draw me in more …they had such a fun mix of vintage items scattered around the store.

IMG_1613 copy

I hope this store is a huge success for them because you don't find many unique stores like this when it is so easy to order online.

IMG_1615 copy

It was such eye candy to see all the fabrics, patterns, books and notions.

IMG_1620 copy

They even offer classes!

IMG_1617 copy

Do you think they will give me a discount from now on for broadcasting all there lovelies???

I didn't think so:-)

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Now go and pull that sewing machine out.

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(My friend's daughter loves to sew.  This is her stash of goodies that she bought to make a purse.)

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  1. Leslie

    Sewing is something I always wished I knew how to do, but have never known anyone to show me. There are no sewers in my family…. But if I could go take a class I would ! Sign me up! Looks wonderful!

  2. beth

    Oh what a great shop! Glad you got some family time and a chance to relax. Now your friend’s daughter has to show us her finished project soon!

  3. Martha

    I wish a shop like that was around here…I would love to learn how to sew!! It looks fabulous:)

  4. Amy Muffoletto

    I love to sew…. In the classes I teach I often use sewing….I find it interesting that women who are older than me, lots older. Do not know how to sew. My grandma taught me… I am the oldest of 6 girls and I am the only one who knows how. Is it becoming a lost art? That shop is to die for….Reminds me of the store I told you about that I found when I was 13 that sparked the dream in me to have my own store one day. So inspired by your pictures. Hugs,Amy

  5. mkg

    What a wonderful shop. Very cute lay out of fabric, vintage, and play area. Sew appealing:)

  6. Sherry

    You have such a beautiful blog! I found it through “Artful Blogging” magazine. I had never heard of the magazine until lately. I am a participant of Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly Abbott. Beverly’s blog is also featured in the summer issue (page 36). I ordered the magazine to read her article. I plan to visit each of the blogs featured in the magazine and yours is the first. You see, I’m new to blogging, having only started in January, and am trying to pick up tips from the experts. I’m saving your address in my “Favorites” list and will be back.
    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  7. Lori

    Jeanne, that looks like an amazing store…i hope they do well too…it’s so hard for small businesses like that to make it…you hit that nail on the head, it is too easy to find anything you want online now…i hope you found a lot of fun fabrics to play with!!!

  8. Janet

    That store looks so amazing! What a fun place to go! Have just been thinking of signing up for mother/daughter sewing lessons even though I flunked Sewing 101 two summers in a row! Maybe I can focus more now, right??? ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day!

  9. Melissa Gruber

    oh, how i love to sew and that store is so pretty. there is one like that close to us too…new and i am selling stuff there. i love the fact they have a play area…what a great post idea, i will have to do one on my little shop!
    enjoy the day!

  10. Jane Hill-Gibson

    We’ve got a great store like that around here too. I love going in just to get inspiration from all of the beautiful fabrics and other “lovelies” as you would say. Only problem for me like many of your other readers is that I don’t sew. I need to take classes when ever time might allow. Happy belated birthday by the way, mine is also very close to Mothers Day, in fact many years it actually falls on Mothers Day. It’s nice.
    Happy day,
    p.s., not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I do LOVE your blog. It’s beautiful. I’ve seen it both in Artful Blogging and in Tera Frey’s book (I think). Cheers

  11. faded prairie

    i have absolutely no control when it comes to fabric…sigh…*bliss* ;0) that store looks absolutely amazing…i just may have to take a day trip and come visit!

  12. Angela

    Um, Mama Said – of course you get a discount for broadcasting all of our lovelies, and for taking such gosh darn BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Thank you again for such a wonderful profile!

  13. Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

    Oh, what fun! Happy belated Birthday, Jeanne! Aren’t May babies the best! My mom and I are headed on a Midwestern road trip in a couple of days…and she actually mentioned the idea of bringing along her sewing machine. I still need a liner for my cart for Farm Chicks!
    What a lovely store. I hope they do well and definitely think that YOU deserve a discount!
    : )
    Julie M.

  14. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    What a treasure of a shop, Jeanne! I love it! There is nothing like that anywhere around here. I would certainly love to hang out there, get inspired and shop for sewing projects. I think sewing is a fabulous thing!

  15. Suzen

    A fabric store like that is like the old days when you first opened a box of 64 brand new crayons and practically swooned just from the smell of them! We had a store near us here in Upstate NY that was called Knit and Be Happy. It was a yarn shop and she had a big flumpy couch in the window where you could sit and knit or get lessons. That name says it all, doesn’t it?

  16. lorraine lewis

    What a wonderful fabric shop. I love the vintage goods.
    Happy late birthday it sounds like it was a wonderful day.
    Enjoy your new camera- I loved my Canon 5D- it bit the dust when a wave splashed up on it on our vacation- it was a sad day.

  17. Nicole@FarmgirlChaos

    I absolutely LOVE Fort Collins. I was just there in August. But I don’t remember seeing this store in Old Town. I guess it would be a fun excuse to go back. What a great place. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Lara

    Went to Fort Collins years ago for a roommate’s wedding…I really like that town. I bet you miss it in some ways.
    Yes, best store name EVER. Can you imagine the happy dance that was busted out by whoever thought of that?! Love it.
    Can’t wait to see what you make!

  19. Denise

    What a beautiful and fun store! Next time I’m in Colorado I will head up there and check it out.

  20. Susan

    Nicole, she just opened in April so yes, reason to come back. Across the street (Mountain) a bit from Coopersmith’s. Go shop til you are thirsty, then go over there to eat and drink :D, then BACK to Mama Said ;D
    I stumbled in one evening just before closing (we were over at Coopersmith’s) and fell in love. I have to contact Angela about teaching my youngest to sew as I refuse to (I’d have to clobber her and she cannot touch my Bernina), but I just got her a machine. Ladies’ craft group that I belong to has taken a pledge to all spend at least $10 a month there. Most of them can afford to spend more than that there, but I am unemployed so can’t. Wonder if I can work for fabric there?

  21. Amy Jo Axe

    What an awesome store and an awesome day with you and Ben! Lauren is almost finished with her purse. She is waiting for my Mom to help her with a button hole! We’ll send photos when it is finished!

  22. Cara

    I live here in Ft Collins and love love love the store. There is a fabulous toy store we frequent around the corner often. Ft Collins is a wonderful town to visit and raise the kiddos too. Glad you enjoyed your stay. We now have a market once a month called the French nest outside downtown. You should look into doing it with all your cool stuff.

  23. Beki - TheRustedChain

    I don’t have time or energy to learn to sew… but I can make a mean piece of jewelry! And take some rockin’ pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love the photos here. So bright and happy!

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