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Being that my birthday and Mother's Day were so close together I was blessed with a five day run of celebration.

I will not even pretend I was complaining.

In my last post I told you that I asked to go hiking for my birthday.

We decided to head to Fort Collins to hike Horsetooth with the kids.

Because we used to live in Ft. Collins we stayed the whole weekend and made it a little get away with the kids.

We were able to hike, see friends, shop, swim and just relax.

I told Kelly that we needed to do this every Mother's Day.

It was truly such a great gift to not wash clothes or pick up the house.

On one of the days I took just Benjamin around with one of my closest friends and her daughter.

One of our stops was this fabulous new fabric store in Old Town called Mama Said Sew…seriously…cutest store name EVER!

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If you are in the area and you love beautiful, designer fabrics you HAVE to stop by.

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They are so kind, the store is amazing and they even have a little place for your kiddos to play while you look around.

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To even draw me in more …they had such a fun mix of vintage items scattered around the store.

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I hope this store is a huge success for them because you don't find many unique stores like this when it is so easy to order online.

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It was such eye candy to see all the fabrics, patterns, books and notions.

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They even offer classes!

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Do you think they will give me a discount from now on for broadcasting all there lovelies???

I didn't think so:-)

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Now go and pull that sewing machine out.

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(My friend's daughter loves to sew.  This is her stash of goodies that she bought to make a purse.)