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When I was a child I never understood why when I would ask my mom what she wanted for her birthday she always said things like…I don't want anything…..I just want to spend the day together….I just want something you have made.

It is so interesting how things change as you get older. 

I now understand what she was saying. 

She was asking for time.

She was asking for the things that really matter.

I understand that "things" are nice but there are many ways to make a person feel special and loved.

The kids and Kelly had been asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I didn't ask for anything monetary because I have this amazing trip to France coming up and lets be honest….that exceeds the anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday budget!

I did ask to go hiking because it is truly one of my most favorite things to do.

I also asked for my car to be cleaned out because my car can become the most disgusting vehicle of anyone I know.

I don't know how it gets so bad. It gets to the point that a door is opened and random junk falls out…I wish I were exaggerating.

Seriously….I love a clean car…I just am not very good at keeping it clean.

On Wednesday morning I came downstairs to a Starbucks, breakfast and presents on the table.

They all sang happy birthday to me and I began opening my goodies.

Jack wrote me a letter telling me what he loves about me…he said I would love it the most and he was so right.

Madolyn bought me tampons because she thought it would be hilarious….what the heck??

I WAS running low.

Benjamin picked out an awesome water bottle for me because I am always losing them and I love to carry water with me everywhere.

Kelly bought me a pile of all the trashy magazines that I buy when he is out of town.

TRUE confession here…I love nothing more than buying the gossipy mags when he is gone, going to bed early and just reading brainless garbage.

Do not judge me…and if you want to know anything about J Lo, Justin Timberlake etc…I MAY be your girl.

I made sure he didn't get me subscriptions because I would be too embarrassed.  I even put them face down when I checkout…like that makes them invisible or something.

Kelly got me a massage and I can not wait to use it. In fact, I am a little surprised that I haven't already gone in.  I hope heaven is just one long spa treatment.

There was one more present on the table.

It didn't take much unwrapping until I began to cry…ok…bawl.

Kelly surprised me with my dream camera…a Canon 5d.

As I was unwrapping I was crying,"we can't afford this" and he was trying to reassure me that yes we could.

I still know were a million other things that we should have done with that money but I felt so spoiled.

Kelly still thinks I like the water bottle the best because I am constantly using it and telling Benjamin how awesome it is.

Kelly will pipe up with, "how about that awesome camera I got you"?

So even though I got an amazing gift I truly felt special and loved in all the ways that really matter.

Nothing beats a letter written by my son expressing his heart…and what a tender heart it is.

Nothing made me laugh more than Madolyn's sense of humor and the tampons.  She thought it was the funniest thing and it made it even funnier.

Knowing that little Benjamin picked out the water bottle was so sweet.

Knowing that my husband went in late to work so he could make me breakfast made me feel special and loved. 

Things are nice…but being lavished in love is even better!