I am constantly in awe of the beauty that is all around me if I have my eyes open to it.

Sometimes I find it snuggled up watching a movie with my kids, watching our daughter come home from college just to go to the Daddy Daughter Ball where she is the oldest daughter there, when the mountains turn payne’s grey as the sun sets, early morning walks with Kelly, watching our oldest and seeing how wise he has become,  the way the light dances on the walls while I am doing my devotions in the morning, and learning from other beautiful women in my life.

Sometimes I even find beauty on the internet. I found so many beautiful little treasures on the internet this past month and I wanted to share them.  No affiliates, just wanting to share and I hope they add some beauty to your month too.


Give yourself permission to be creative with Ethan Hawke.
Perfect music to read to
An interview with one of my favorite artists, Francoise Gilot. She is now 100 years old and still paints daily.
Andreas Makaris sharing his love of clay and his search for simplicity.
Create pocket size journals with Aimee Bishop.
At Home with Pieter Estersohn in the Hudson Valley.