Do you remember as a kid lying on the couch with your feet up in the air and your head down by the floor?

Didn’t you love the different perspective of the ceiling and parts of the room you usually didn’t notice?

I always loved hanging upside down on the monkey bars and seeing how different everything looked from that perspective.


I feel like I saw the world with a different perspective when I went to Alt a few weeks ago.

The Altitude Design Summit was something that I had never heard of and my friend Alexis actually talked me into going.

{I am so glad she did}

When I usually attend shows or art retreats I usually know most of the people and they know me.

When I went to Alt NO ONE knew who I was and truth be told….I knew NO ONE either except for some of the session panelists {and I didn’t know any of them personally}.

I wasn’t impressed with meeting so and so….I didn’t know who was the hottest blog there….I didn’t know who is amazing in the design world etc.

It was awesome!

No one there had ever read my blog, bought anything from my shop or knew anyone that knew me.

I went with a few friends and then I left knowing a whole lot more.

I watched an editor {that in my world is a pretty big deal} walk through the crowds without being noticed.

That must have been such a different experience for her.

In the world we were in that weekend..she was just another person at the conference.

At other events I have been to she would have been mobbed and people would be pushing themselves [and their businesses} on her.

In the same breath one of the people there could have mentioned the hottest editor etc. that I wouldn’t know either.

Isn’t it nice to have the reality check that our little worlds that we think are so important are tiny….really, really tiny!!

I was in a round table discussion about licensing when someone brought up Demdaco.

A few people didn’t know who Demdaco was and I piped in that they carry Kelly Rae Roberts and everyone…EVERYONE…around the table said…”who is she”?

While I was at Alt one of my friends said, “There needs to be something like Alt for the art world” and I said “No,  we need to get the art world here”.

I was able to meet the most incredible and creative people that I would have never met if I would have only stayed in my little world.

They were all artists too….just in a different realm.

If you think you are hot stuff….if you think everyone knows you…..if you think everyone knows everyone that you know…..go someplace that no one does and I promise you it will change your perspective!

{on a side note…I do not think I am hot stuff or that everyone knows me…and my perspective still changed;-)}