I live in a creative world that has predominately been created, supported and sustained by women. I am constantly reminded how much of a powerful impact we have when we work with one another. It has been through these collaborations with other women that I have not only found my way in this creative business but have been able to thrive because of their support system. I always remind people that in life and business…we cannot do it alone. We need one another. We need community.

So often after a live Creatively Made Business workshop I will have one of the business owners reach out and let me know that they would like to be a sponsor at a future event because of the impact and generosity of the sponsors they encountered.

As the days were quickly approaching for the event I not only received their gifts for each of the attendees but I also received their emails, private messages and texts sharing their encouragement and hope for each woman attending. They genuinely cared about each woman, each business and each dream that would come together for the workshop. This is the truest heart of community and one of the many blessings of how powerful women can be when we support and encourage one another.

As I was putting together each basket for the business owners I was completely overwhelmed with the attention to detail and love each business bestowed. It was such a blessing to not only add the sponsors to what I was providing the women but to share with them the HEARTS behind each business that had gifted them so generously.

In return, each woman celebrated each sponsor on social media and our hope is to become customers to each brand. Each of these businesses not only carry products I use but are also women I admire. I hope you will join me in supporting each of our sponsors for our Creatively Made Business workshop.





Kim Taylor Co. provided each business owners with one of her pottery soap dishes.



I see beauty. I see it all around me, in the forest, at the beach, and on the sketchiest streets in big cities around the world. For me finding beauty brings me joy, as it does for so many of us. I think the key is to find the beauty in our day to day lives, whether we live on the west coast or in the midwest, rural Australia or a city in Canada. Because when we find beauty, we find joy, and we could all use more of that~

As a photographer I have had opportunities to capture that beauty through the lens of my camera. On one such occasion my path lead me to Uganda where I connected with a Ugandan doctor who shares my passion for empowering people. Together we formed The Grow Hope Foundation (thegrowhopefoundation.org) which empowers impoverished communities there.

As a potter I find inspiration in both nature and art. I love being inspired by how others use their creativity to create beauty. I also find that time spent in nature inspires me to create pieces that feel like the earth, where the clay began.

You can shop Kim’s pottery HERE.



Faded Plains provided each business owner with handmade soap to compliment the pottery dishes.



I founded Faded Plains with a simple idea in mind: to make beautiful, simple and natural products that you’ll feel good about using.

With that in mind, I make each and every product with you as my inspiration. From my simple, yet effective dish soap to my wonderfully silky lip balms and body soaps, I want to make products you love and feel safe using.

You won’t find any artificial colors, fragrances, fillers, parabens, phthalates, SLS or petroleum products in my line.

I believe simple, clean ingredients are best. You will always know exactly what you’re using on your body, and in your home.

xo, Andrea

P.S. Want to get to know me a bit, and get a look behind the scenes? Follow me on Instagram @fadedplains.

You can visit Andrea’s gorgeous online shop HERE.



Sea Salt and Peony provided each business owner with a jar of her French Grey Sea Salt with Rosemary.



Why Sea Salt & Peony? When I was a little girl I had a dream of having a garden by the sea. I pictured myself standing in the kitchen with sun kissed skin preparing beautiful, healthy food. Each winter I anxiously await spring because I cannot wait to get my hands in the dirt. I love to grow tons of herbs and believe that anything cut fresh from the garden makes food taste better. There’s nothing like a tomato in August right off the vine and there is little in life that matches the joy of a bouquet of peonies right out of the garden. I created this website to share with you some of my favorite meals, cleaning tips, organization ideas, garden inspiration, and most of all my love of family and Jesus.

You can shop Lissa’s salts HERE.



This last workshop was our last LIVE Creatively Made Business. Because we have such a beautiful online version we are now able to create more mastermind level live workshops moving forward.

I have loved all of the live Creatively Made Business workshops we have had the honor to host over the years and we are now excited for what is next! If you are interested in the online version click HERE!  A 10-week online workshop to build, launch, and nurture a business that aligns with how you want your life to look and feel.