I am not one to read the directions or manuals for ANYTHING.  If I can't figure it out…I find someone that can.  I may have only married for this reason.  That and dishes up in really high cabinets.  Moving on…I need a man.  It is sad and pathetic, but I don't want to put furniture together, install software on my computer, figure out the espresso maker for the first time…you see where I am heading.  I am a directions loser.  Then I got a new camera for Christmas, telephoto lens and a MACRO lens.  I am so excited and my husband is thrilled to get my old digital camera.  I started back to school with the kids this week and I haven't had very much time to play with the camera and the macro lens just came the other day.  I AM TAKING THE MANUAL UP TO BED WITH ME.  Yes, I am going to pull back my pretty Anthro duvet, slide under my silky blue sheets and cuddle up with my Cannon manual. These are just a few of the first pictures I took today with the macro.  I was just messing around and the lighting was horrible, but not bad for just point and click. I can't wait to see what they look like after I READ THE DIRECTIONS:-)