Mister Wonderful, Hot Stuff, Man of My Dreams

I get asked a lot how I do everything or how I balance everything…bwahhhhhaaaaaaaaa

That post is for another day, but the reason I can do any of this is Kelly.

I thank him all of the time.

I just don’t know if you all know how much he does that helps me stay sane, grounded, focused and encouraged.

If I need ANYTHING done for the line he is always willing to help.

I have never heard him complain in three years about my business…THREE years!

I started to put together a list of all the ways he helps me…but it is too long.

The bottom line is that I couldn’t do this without him.  I wouldn’t want to.

Every major decision we sit down and talk about.

Before I had a business he would have never told me that the money he brought home was really his…and I couldn’t imagine saying those words to him now.

We are a team.

If you are thinking about starting a business the best partner you need is your spouse.

Because you will get tired.

You will doubt yourself.

You will have wonderful crazy ideas and you need him to tell you that you can do it!

You will need a shoulder to cry on.

I might not sit and talk to Kelly about all my designs etc.  but he is in ever financial decision we make.  He is on the line too.  We have to agree.

I don’t know how I got him.

I know a few other men like Kelly.  I know he is rare.  I know I am blessed.

So, when you see the new line on Monday I want you to know that Kelly’s to do list was pretty long too.

If you like the lookbook, website, prints…..he had a part in so much of it.

I know these next few days will get even crazier. I am so blessed to know that even though it will be stressful in this house…there will be peace between us.

I love you Kelly!

Thank you for believing in my dreams….and helping to make them a reality!

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  1. Serena

    I hope I get to meet Mr. McDreamy sometime. He’s got a face that just screams “I’m really cool”! I’m so happy that you have someone like this by your side. My man is my rock too. I don’t think I could do it without him. I think I’m going to crown you Mr and Mrs McDreamy!


  2. kolleen

    aaaaaaah i love what serena wrote!!!
    what a beautiful expression of love to your husband.
    they are rare gems….THIS i know for certain.
    my husband is definitely one of them and I thank God many, many times a day for bringing him into my life and into
    my girls.

    i love your recognition of him and adoration for him.

    blessings upon both of you and i CAN. NOT. WAIT to see your next line of yumminess!!!


  3. Mikal

    You two are such a cute couple, and I love how you openly adore, encourage, and praise him as well. Blessings to your love each and every day!

  4. Stacey

    you are one lucky girl! & it seems to me from so many of your posts that I have read that you are extremely grateful.

    i am just as lucky. i don’t know how i managed to find my husband. he is there for me in so many ways. we are a team as well. he understands me in away that very few do … he understands this deep part of me that needs to create like i need to eat or breath. he magically nurtures this and at the same time keeps me focused. i am very thankful that i have him.

    thank you for such a lovely post and for making me stop and take a moment during my busy day to be grateful!

  5. liz

    Loved reading this post . . . I am so glad you have this wonderful man in your life to share everything with . . . a true and loving partner!! I have one of those blessings also . . . he is my love and my rock . . . and I feel blessed each and every day!! Loved this post Jeanne!! xo – liz

  6. mgriffin

    You have a WONDERFUL husband, partner, friend, father to your children….You both are very blessed to have each other!!
    I love you both!

  7. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    What an incredible blessing to have a husband like Kelly! However, I think it is definitely a mutual blessing, Jeanne. I cannot wait to see your new collection!!!

  8. Leah C

    Yep…you sure got yourself a Mr. Wonderful! You are blessed, and he is blessed…and even better, you know it & show it:) A beautiful love story 🙂

  9. Bonnie

    What a wonderful post! You and your hubby seem like such a good team, and I think you’re right that men this wonderful are pretty rare. I have a sweetheart of a husband too, so supportive of me staying home with my kiddos and also following my creative dreams… you’ve reminded me to tell him today how much I appreciate him! Thanks, and good luck with the new line! I’m excited to see it all.

  10. amy

    can’t imagine you being able to do all you are doing without his love, support, wise input! awesome stuff, jeanne. thankful, too, for kelly’s love for you, the children, your family!

  11. Ange

    Jeanne – you obviously deserve it as you must be just as wonderful 🙂 Good luck on the new line!!

  12. Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose

    What a great post! There is nothing better than a woman loving her husband out loud and a couple truly being there for each other. You are blessed indeed! And so is your hubs. Soooo excited to see your new line!

  13. Melissa

    he is a lucky man. as you are a lucky lady. i fully understand the feeling of being so blessed with a dynamite, encouraging, supportive husband. it is one of the best feelings in the world to know he is right by my side.

    you two make a strikingly gorgeous couple. but i’m not surprised.

    CAN NOT wait for MONDAY! hurry up already, i have an order to place! 🙂

    AND i picked up my hair pins today…LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  14. paige

    your honey sounds like a total winner. how awesome to be on the same page!
    now…for monday…bring it! the suspense is killing me

  15. Martina Vickers

    Isn’t it just a wonderful feeling! I, too, am blessed with a absolutely wonderful man! He loves me for me! And the part that is even better than that, he loves my children like they are his own! He would without hesitation be there for me through thick and thin, for better or worse! May all your days be filled with happiness and joy!

  16. Anne Marie

    i love this post Jeanne…i love seeing another woman give thanks and respect and love to their husband…he has it all….the looks…the personality…the faith…and you 🙂

    xo+farm blessings,
    Anne Marie

  17. Michelle

    Jeanne… I am so excited for you and after the ever so small glimpse into your life I know that Kelli is a million blessings to you every single day. Congrats to you both and those precious kiddos on the beautiful life you are living. It is wonderful to watch another husband and wife that love each other so well.

  18. Susan Reaney

    This is so lovely. Kelly is one of a rare breed. I can see the love between you in your picture. Isn’t it fun when pictures capture that? I, too, have been blessed with a wonderful husband. I was told, by a friend who lost her husband, to tell him I loved him every day. Best advice I have ever had.

  19. Spencer

    Whew……. what a great fella……not to mention AD.OR.ABLE…. What a looker! 🙂

    Warm blessings,

  20. Charlene

    Always great to have “wind beneath your wings” Isn’t it beautiful music when like souls find each other. LUCKY YOU!

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