I seriously have a movie problem..I love movies!


I have girlfriends that I see movies with regularly and Kelly and I often go on date night too.

When I go to movies with my girlfriends I kind of come home with ideas for Kelly……

When I saw Country Strong I told Kelly that he should invest in a cowboy hat and possibly take up smoking.

{I don’t care what people say about that movie…I loved it}

When I came home from 17 Again I thought it would be completely appropriate for Kelly to go out right away and get a leather jacket and aviators…

{no judgement that Zac Efron is…ummmm…12….}

After Australia I wanted to special orders Kelly some chaps…..

When I came home from Kung Fu Panda I knew that Kelly needed some martial arts classes…..

OK….that one is not true…but who wouldn’t want THOSE skills????