My Art Studio {Where I Lose Track Of Time}

Until two years ago my art studio was down in our unfinished basement.

I had plenty of room but the lack of good light and the chill during the winter made it less than desirable.

I would find myself not wanting to work on art.  I would go a few weeks without creating and then get frustrated with myself for my lack of motivation.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know the rest of the story.

If you are new to my blog I will fill you in.

A little over two years ago my husband kept on insisting that I take our rarely used dinning room as my studio.

I fought him for awhile because I loved that room.

It had gorgeous raw silk curtains, custom wainscoting (that my husband had built) and a stunning chandelier.

Even though the room wasn’t used often I still loved that we had THAT space.  That space to entertain and celebrate holidays.

My husband was persistent.

He knew what I desperately needed…even though I didn’t know yet.

I finally said yes and we began to make the dinning room my own space.

It does something to you deep down when you take a room, at the front of your home and announce to the world how important your gifts are to you.

I am so glad my husband pushed and I am so grateful that I agreed.In the beginning the space looked lovely and perfect but it didn’t have all of the supplies I needed to work.

It is now a working art space.

Here is the studio today.

Thank you Kelly.

Thank you for going on a little tour with me.

I hope you have a little space to call your own.

If you don’t….I highly encourage you to seek out that space in your home that is not being used.


We are so excited to tell you that my shop can be found in the newest (March ) issue of Romantic Homes.

You will find us under “We Love”.

Thank you Romantic Homes!

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  1. Jenny

    A glorious work space… I can feel the creativity! I’m searching for a little ‘niche’ in my home to permanently call my own too!

  2. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ

    Jeanne, your studio is so very warm and welcoming. It does in fact announce to the world that your gifts are so very important to you and I’m sure every visitor is moved by all the beauty! My hubby Rocco turned an unused bedroom in our home into my studio and I’m in love! It’s so much more fun to be with the family while I’m working…

  3. Elizabeth

    I have a similar story…moved from the cold, ill-lit basement to our former family room. Moved the family to the “formal” living room that was used 3-4 times per year. What a difference it has made in my creative output. Love the pics of your studio…congrats to having a playroom of your own.

  4. paige

    i love your studio jeanne
    honestly i don’t know how you ever leave…

    i love it when you share peeks inside your world

  5. geisslein

    OH MY GODNESS! What a BEAUTIFUL space! I have fallen in love now!!!!!!!!!
    have a lovely, sunny and inspiring day today!
    greetings from sunny germany, geisslein

  6. Mary Ann Lana

    Hi Jeanne! I must tell you first of all, Brandi Carlile…I’m a huge fan. Second of all, my favorite video from Creatively Made is the tour of your studio. I have watched it again and again and I know someday I will have a space like that. I really am so glad I saw that cream ruffly purse all those months ago and started following your blog, you’ve helped me in ways you’ll never know…Thank you. xxxooo

  7. teri

    How wonderful to have this lovely space of your own. It’s clear you have made it uniquely you and that you treasure it. xo

  8. Marilyn Johnson

    Gorgeous studio and beautiful artwork. I would to just sit quietly in there in awe. Someday dreams! Thank you so much for sharing and for all of your inspiration!

  9. Leah C

    I love, love your studio…it’s sooooo beautiful!! And congratulations on the RH feature! I’ll be looking for ya:)

  10. Alissa

    what a wonderful and inspiring place to be!! i don’t think i would ever leave…thanks so much for sharing!
    and congrats on romantic home feature!

  11. Jeanne

    Oh Jeanne, I love your dining room-studio! I’m so happy that you finally gave into Kelly’s urgings. It is SO you and your gifts really deserve better than the cold basement. It’s fun to see the bigger picture of where you sat while video taping your Creatively Made e-course. Thanks for sharing all these photos with us.

  12. Ivy

    Jeanne, this space is just beautiful and so very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us. I just adored your recent E-Class Creatively Made and my home office has started the transformation to my STUDIO…slowly the art supplies are coming out of the closet and my art hangs around me. It feels wonderful! Thank you for re-connecting me to my creativity! xo Ivy

  13. Suzen

    Hey Jeanne, I love that your studio is so full of supplies and looks really well used. I got a kick out of it not being neat as a pin, like some sort of spread in a magazine, the curtain doinking off to the left and a well-used paint apron (of your own design.) In my coaching of creative women, I often notice they kept their studios in the basement, too. I wondered if the muse didn’t feel a little sad to be kept in the dark isolation as though it was a naughty and last-minute little imp. No one would consider serving dinner in the basement, but we think it’s ok to keep our creativity down there. We all need to honor our gifts and bring them into the light of day as an important part of our lives. Good for you and for Kelly for insisting that happen! (I bet your dining room is happier, too!) Suzen

  14. Stacey

    I want to thank you for this post – I am the mom of a very creative 9 year old. She creates all the time. And it looks a bit like your studio. I am not a creator – I’m a word girl and words are nice and neat and will stay where you put them.

    But paint and paper scraps and felt go flying all around. I get a little (okay a lot) fussy about the mess.

    Seeing your studio helps me to see that is not her messiness.
    It is her art. And it is beautiful in itself.

  15. Chelsey S.

    What a wonderful space! I adore studio spaces. I hope to someday get back into painting. I miss it. Hard to do when you have 5 young kids running around though. Enjoy your new space, it looks great!!!

  16. Joyce Toler Collins

    I have this very same delemma! My dinning room has become the “catch all” for my vintage/craft/antique items! I have been constantly trying to keep it cleaned up and apologise for the ” mess”! Eureka!!! I only use the room as a dinning room for the Holidays! You have inspired me to convert it to my studio!!!!! Thanks!

  17. Katey

    Congratulations on being in Romantic Homes!! How VERY Exciting!!! My mom brought over the latest Somerset Life and I saw you in there too and I’m like screaming I know her!!!! Well I feel like I do anyway!! Love your space and thanks for sharing it. It is fabulous! Love husbands who just know! Love them! He is a keeper.

  18. Rachel Schindler

    Lucky for us, we get to reap what you sew (no pun intended) in a beautiful art studio. Love the chandi and that dark color on the wall. Do you possibly have a name/brand for it?

    1. jeanne Author

      I wish I could tell you. We lost the can and I have tried to color match it for touch ups awhile now. If I find a perfect match I will be sure to share with all of you.

  19. Arda McGarry

    Love the googelie eyed picture!!! I have to tell you that I have a photo (which I too had used instagram on) of my son, with glasses on, and he looks like an older version of your son…well, he really looks like Drew Carey!

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  21. carikraft

    What a happy place!!!! Gorgeous artwork so glad you are warm and inspired, my basement studio gets chilly too!
    thanks for sharing your studio space with the rest of us, love it!


  22. gkgirl

    i am absolutely totally spiralling in love with your studio
    and your work!

    i think i just drooled on my keyboard.


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