I got so many emails about my first post of favorite things I thought I would do another one.

I would like you to know that my friend Amy Jo especially enjoyed it and referred to Oprah (Oprah's favorite things) when expressing her joy over the list.

She is a lover of ALL things Oprah.

I am not.

If for some reason I am ever on the Oprah show I will deny this.

Ok….here we go.

I love, love, love these jeans!

AG Tomboy Jeans








I don't ever use dryer sheets..I use these lavender dryer sachets.

The smell is light and my husband has never even mentioned the scent on his clothes.



This is my favorite olive oil. 

 I love the smell and taste of basil and try to incorporate it into as much of our food as possible.


I recently walked into my neighbor's home and it smelled incredible.

I immediately went out and bought this….in fresh linen…from Bath and Body Works.


This sounds like such a weird one…but I really try to limit my sugar intake and I don't want to eat Splenda or another artificial sweetener. 

This is a natural sweetener and you can find it at any natural grocer.


This is my favorite wine of the moment. 

Nothing fancy and great price.

I could drink this with a straw…maybe I am right now….I will not tell.

Don't judge me…it has been a rough day.



I know I said I don't go into Kohl's for anything but my lipstick but I forgot to tell you about one more thing.

I love these because they do the job of more expensive peels.

I have to admit that I am a little bit of a product junkie and I love trying new things.

I buy these again and again.


I know I have talked about my dry hair…and you are going to have to listen to me complain again.

I adore anything that can trick me into thinking my hair is soft and this is it.


My last favorite thing for this installment is my favorite workout.

It is short (20 minutes) and to the point.

I have time for this and I can see results.


What are some of your favorites?