A few weeks ago in the JO Creative Community (I would love to have you join the free FB group)I shared the art supplies currently on my cart.  The stars of the show were my two watercolor palettes that are a custom combination of half pans from Ocean Paper and Wildthorne. I had so many requests wanting to know exactly what colors were in the palettes that I made a short video and then labeled each color for you. I hope this helps you as you pull together you own palette and also encourages you to buy individual pans to create the best palette for yourself!


The two palettes that I have pulled together are a mix of half pans from two different companies for the most part. You will see that one palette is full of more color and then the second palette is more neutral. Some of the same colors are in each palette and you will even see similar names but the pigments are very different because of the pour or the different company. I did the best I could to read the names on the sides of the pans but some were very hard to read so I hope I came close:-)

Slate gr., Sea Clay, Golden Oliver, Gr. Earth, Cambrian, Epoque, Grey Azul, Slate Blue Green, Seafarer, At Sea, Indio, Lichen,

Beige, French Clay, Camel, Terracotta, Stone Ochre, Burnt Rose, Red Ochre, Bourbon, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Ferric Yellow,

Ferrite, Golden Yellow Ochre, Light Yellow Ochre, Buff T, Warm French Grey, Sepia


Charcoal Black, Gris Fonce, Dark Iron, GRS, Sodolite, Grey Ochre, Pale Grey Lake, Slate, Pale Grey, Silk Grey, Warm French Grey,

Shell, Mayan Indigo (purchase from HERE), I. Green, Slate Green, Tigers Eye, Buff T., T. White, Prune, Sienna, Camel, Terracotta, French Clay, Rose Clay,

Sandstone, Buff Titane, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Dark Umber, Raw Umber