My Life List {Part One 1-50}

Have you ever met Erin from Design for All Mankind?

No? Well she is super sweet and you may want to steal her whole wardrobe.

If you haven’t met her I am sure many of you read her super cool blog.

I met her briefly last year at Alt and again this year.

She came up with the “My Life List” and I loved the idea so much I am going to completely steal her idea and make it my own.

Stealing is OK under very special circumstances!  It is.  Really.  Don’t judge me!

Without further ado….here we go

My Life List

1. Write my life list (which I have to write because I LOVE checking things off my to do list)

2. Write a book

3. Live in Europe

4. Visit Rome

5. Read all of the works of C.S. Lewis

6. Learn to play the guitar

7. Stay in bed all day (not be sick) and read and rest

8. Rent a cabin for the summer

9. Plant a big butt garden..not a small dinky thing.  Make it count.

10. Get the children’s baby books done

11. Design a wedding dress

12. Forgive my father (I have done it before I know I can do it again)

13. Teach an art retreat in Paris

14. Learn a foreign language

15. Write to the special teachers in my life and thank them

16. Own land

17.Be a foster parent

18. Go to Europe with all my children

19. Read all of the Bible

20. Go to Israel

21. Plant an apple tree

22. Dye my hair red

23. Take a photography class

24. Take a sculpture class

25. Surprise Kelly with a trip to the beach

26. Go on a cruise

27. Help my children get into college

28. New York City on New Year’s Eve

29. Go to the garment district in LA

30. Go to the garment district in NYC

31.  Find a mentor

32. See the New England states in the fall

33. Grow my nails long (impossible with all the art I do but I will try)

34. Hike a 14er

35. Sleep in a convent (not to be confused with become a nun)

36. Learn to make a kick butt cappuccino

37. Catch up on the photo albums (the kids love them so much)

38. Paris in the fall

39. Take dance lessons (it could be scary)

40. Send a birthday card (on time) to everyone in my life for one full year (thanks for that one, Erin)

41.Put up a hammock (this will require that land I talked about)

42.Keep a journal for a whole year (not just buy one, write in it for a week, lose it, start in another one…..)

43. Feel how good it would be to have a cleaning lady 1 x week for a month

44. Run a 5k again

45. Get my nose pierced

46. Have everything we own paid off (doesn’t that sound delicious???)

47. Spend an afternoon in the art museum all by myself

48. Help my sister redecorate her house (I have been asked… I am not being rude:-))

49. Start a local art club where we can get together once a month and create together (cheesy but awesome)

50. Meet at least one of the children we support through Compassion International

(Part II will come soon)


Don’t forget to link up on Friday for “Finding the Lovely”.

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  1. Shelley

    What a great list!

    #49 – have you heard of RAW (on FB: In the RAW: Random Art Workshops). Basically gather together to create with those around you. If you want a biz type place, do you have a community center nearby that you can use? Just a thought.

    Have fun with your list!

  2. Jessica Noethlich

    What an AWESOME list, Jeanne!!! ? I will definitely be “stealing” this idea once I get my blog up and running! 🙂

  3. Lori

    What a fantastic list Jeanne and they are all “do-able” which is what life lists are all about. Since this is part one I cannot wait to see part 2.

  4. Mikal

    Oh my heck, I love your and Kim’s lists. So doable compared to my “47 in 47” this past year, and telling myself to not be upset that I couldn’t get it all done. I’m so stealing this idea myself. Love it so much! 🙂

  5. Marilyn Johnson

    First of all Jeanne, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. I firmly believe God puts people into our lives at certain times for certain reasons, even if it is via the internet through an ecourse! Your class was very inspiring for me even if I haven’t got to do much with the projects I have watched all of the videos and came away truly inspired. I will get to the artwork in time. I work full time and am busy with a toddler and two teens and when I do get to be creative I tend to savor the moments taking my time through the process, never rushing through it.
    I love your list and am working on my own right now. I was inspired by who has a wonderful list and has been posting a weekly series about how to write a life list.
    I loved the one about spending the night in a convent. I grew up only a couple miles from a convent in a farming community. Beautiful place. Then the summer after my mom died,(I was only 8), my dad took us on a trip to Yankton, SD where my aunt was a sister at the convent there. I spent the night there with her. I don’t remember a lot but what I do remember is it was extremely peaceful, beautiful, right on the Missouri River, we rode a bicycle for two and I thought it was neat that they had wine with dinner(I had grape juice).
    Running the 5K- I am training now, hoping to run the “Color Run” for my first race this summer. Don’t know if you have heard of the “Color Run” but it sounds fun!

  6. cathy

    Love this list – you know what – so much so that I am going to now steal this idea from YOU and post in on MY blog (lol lol) Wow I am with you on so many of these it’s weird – #2,#3,#8,#28 and more – I’ll let you know when I post mine!

  7. Karen

    Thanks J for posting this, I’ve been sorta down lately. I’ve been examining my life and have been thinking I should have done this and that and why did I waste time doing this and that and I need to start doing this and that and so on. But!!!!! reading Your Life List had me looking at all the things I have accomplished, some of which are on your list. This is my last year in my forty’s and the image of that huge hour glass in the Wizard Of Oz keeps pooping I mean popping into my head. Thanks for the refresher coarse in “live in the moment” Having goals is a wonderful way to keep yourself moving.

    “Just start” I heard 2 very lovely ladies say one night in a chicken coop.



  8. Carolyn

    I love this post and I know that I will be writing a very similiar post soon. I have a list like this that I wrote before I was married. I wonder if I can find my old journal and see what I have accomplished and how things have changed over the past decade. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Serena

    once you get that big butt garden planted, I really am going to have to come check that out!!!!
    Maybe I’ll try to plant one too and we can see who grows the biggest butt. ha ha ha ha haha ha. oh man, I crack myself up.

  10. Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    Jeanne, you’re incredible. What an absolute fantastic list. I can’t believe you want to get your nose pierced! I think you and Kim need to combine some of your adventures. And I do hope you’ll take us along on every one of them.

  11. Brandie

    I know this is an old post but I am just seeing it and had to comment. I have a list like this too in the journal you made me! We have so many similar things on our lists it is funny. I just knew you were a kindred spirit;) Here’s to crossing off many things on our lists!

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