My love story began like so many….in a bar:-)

OK…it was a restaurant too…which my mom always likes to remind people.

I was sitting at the bar with some girlfriends.

The most handsome of boys walked in with a group of people.

I leaned over to my friends and whispered, "I would like you to meet my future husband."

Unbeknownst to me they sent him a beer (on behalf of me).

He then came over to thank whomever was responsible and all my friends pointed to me…I was mortified!!!  Serious.  I never would send a man a drink!!!

If you know me personally I do not embarrass easily…well…I was truly embarrassed. 

The handsome boy talked to me for about 15 minutes and then I gave him an out to go back to his friends.

He didn't take it.  He talked to me for the rest of the night.

I would like to add that after he left the bar that night he asked his friend if he had had beer goggles…nice.  I am proud to say that his friend said that I was pretty.

Our first date was a week later at a jazz club in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

After our first date he called my apartment to make sure I got home safely from the subway.

I was hooked.

Kelly wanted me to add that while we were first dating he remembered looking at me and thinking to himself, "She is way too classy for me.  How long can I keep up this charade?? "

We were engaged three months later.  

He proposed at the same jazz club that was our first date.

Married seven months after we met.

I have heard people say that the day that got married was the best day of their life.

I didn't feel it then…and I don't feel it now.

It wasn't the best day of my life.

Don't get me wrong….it was a beautiful and perfect day…but it was just the day that we sealed the deal.

We had already made those promises to each other.

I wasn't scared or nervous….I was so sure of this decision.

I had complete peace.

My best days of our life would come later when we met each of our precious babies.  Each of those days stand out like no other (I would take just one more if I could).

After our wedding we went to Galena, Illinois for our honeymoon because we were so poor and didn't have many vacation days left.

So while we were home this summer Kelly and I took a mini vacation to Galena while my mom and dad watched the children.

We enjoyed the hour drive taking photos, stopping at antique stores, drinking coffee and enjoying our time alone.


We were able to stay not only in the same bed and breakfast but also the same room as we had twelve years ago. 

Galena is one of my favorite towns in the United States…the trees, historic homes, wonderful shop lined streets, restaurants and coffee shops.

Picnik collagefaces (Me after one of the restaurants kept on messing up on my gluten free meal and I was watching Kelly eat)

I love this boy of mine.


(At the most incredible restaurant One Eleven Main.  Delicious and they made amazing gluten free food for me. We actually ended up eating here twice.)

I love him so much more than the day I married him…but that is how it should be.

Today is our twelve year anniversary.


So today I celebrate our love story, our tears and struggles, our babies, our laughter and the years that are ahead of us.

Happy Anniversary Kelly.  You bring out the best in me!!!