Na-Da Farm {Come See Me}

{All photos on this post are by the talented Traci Thorson}

Last summer, while I was visiting my parents, I was able to take the short drive to Na-Da Farm.

We both homeschool our children, the kids had recently become pen pals and we were all looking forward to meeting each other in person.

From the moment we drove onto their property we couldn’t help but smile.

Jason and Anne Marie have paid such beautiful attention to details throughout their land.

Before we were out of our car Anne Marie comes out of the house with no makeup, a scarf on her head and a long flowing skirt. She looked gorgeous.

Their family was so warm and welcoming. As Jason and Anne Marie were giving us the farm tour our children were off running around the property and swinging through the air on ropes hanging from trees!

If you follow Anne Marie you know that she has a twice a year sale at her farm.

She asked me if I would want to sell at her show this year.

After meeting her in person {and being on her beautiful property} I wanted to make sure I worked it in this year around our annual trip to my parent’s farm!

So, not only will I be selling at the Na-Da Farm Sale this May…I will also be teaching a mixed media art class on Saturday afternoon.

You can come and shop and then stay for an afternoon art class in the prairie or in one of the barns….perfect ending to a day in the country.

There are some amazingly creative women that will selling at the show and  Fifi O’Neill will also we there autographing her new book Romantic Prairie Style.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this book….I have already pre ordered it:-)

My friends Anne Marie, Tracey and Maria are all in the book and all of their homes are swoon worthy!!

Get your girlfriends together and come to the farm.

I would love to meet you!!!

{all photos are from the fall Na-Da Sale…courtesy of Traci Thorson}

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  1. Mikal

    Oh my! This will be an amazing experience… wish I could see it in person, but I know you’ll have awesome photos.
    How joyful to have this coming!

  2. Glenda Goins

    I attended the Fall show at Na-Da farm this last year, can’t to go back in May! Will I need to register for your art class? So excited!

  3. Nathalie

    Jeanne… where is this wonderful event being held…. I would love to take a trip to see this great event and hopefully get a chance to meet you

    1. jeanne Author

      This event in outside of Chicago, Illinois. If you go to her link on this post you will find more information.

      1. Nathalie

        Thanks…. I always wanted to head to Chicago… except for the winter. I just may make thsi my mother day gift.
        hope to see you then

  4. Lara

    OH, how I wish I could go to this! Wanted to meet Anne Marie for awhile now and of course, to hug on you. So glad you’re doing this!

  5. Sherry Hicks

    I really wish I could go to this event, I was amazed by the pictures of the last one and the Bridgette video! I love the things I have got from you and wish that I could come and see your line in person. I would also love to get my book signed by fifi and I am patiently awaiting it as well! One day I will make it! Have a wonderful trip! I like your new blog design it is very pretty!

  6. Sandy B

    Oh wish I may, Wish I could. Be there. And then the title “Romance of Behemian Italy” – Oh beautiful Italy!
    I am so sure I would be laughing, smiling oooohing and aaahhhhing and enjoy myself all day!
    Have fun getting ready for this event Jeanne!

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