My whole family had the privilege of meeting Anne Marie and her beautiful family last summer.

From the moment you step on their land you are enveloped in peace and beauty.

It is a rare treat to feel that so quickly.

They have the joy of raising their children on land.  Real land.  Something I very much wish for.

It didn’t feel any different this time.

Most of the joy of being at their sale is actually enjoying this life they have created together.

I know you will want to visit after seeing these photos…..

I guess we were also there for a sale:-)

OK…I bet you want a few peeks at the sale too!

Anne Marie’s husband did an amazing job of building walls inside their barn/shed to create rooms for the show.

Anne Marie and Jen stayed busy for months creating and planning the event.

All their efforts were truly appreciated.

I have to throw this  photo in….I know it is blurry but I love this photo of Anne Marie and two of her boys.

Such a sweet photo and very reflective of their relationship.

The highlight of the weekend {for me} was teaching an art class.

I love teaching so much and feel so honored each time I have the opportunity!

Those photos will be next.