When we are staying in Bellagio we love to take the train from Lake Como to Milan for the Navigli Antique Market. On the last Sunday of every month over 400 vendors line the banks of Naviglio Grande (the oldest canal in Milan) and you will find everything from vintage linens, gorgeous mid century furniture, art, books, silver and more.

We like to start exploring the market around 8:30 while some of the vendors finish setting up. You will able to go around the whole market within a few hours and then revisit some of your favorites. If you start early enough you will find that it doesn’t get too busy until mid morning. I would highly recommend you come when it opens and you will enjoy the pace a lot more. Most of the vendors take a credit card. I am not good at negotiating but if you are, I think you will find many willing to work with you.

We like to stay right along the canal at Masion Borella  (thanks to the beautiful recommendation by my friend @carolynpeeler @pronetowanderretreats) During our last visit we arrived on Saturday afternoon and explored the surrounding neighborhoods and then came back to our hotel for an incredible dinner in their gardens. In the morning they provided a wonderful breakfast and then we literally stepped outside the hotel doors to explore the market. The location was absolute perfection and we will come back to the market and hotel again and again.

During our last trip to the market I was able to find two vintage paintings at incredible prices, amazing vintage books with stunning cover fonts, a small locket to go on my new charm bracelet from @alexisgarrettdesign, a few metal Italian signs, a vintage trench coat and purse. I thought the prices were really good and the quality of the market was extraordinary. I am not knowledgeable about high end vintage clothing but there were whole sections with the best vintage clothing I have ever seen.

If you want more suggestions about Italian Vintage Markets you will want to get this free ebook by The Cottage Table Experience.