Needing A New Ride

I have a nice mountain bike that I use when we do more trail riding.

What I have been looking for the past six months is a cruiser with gears.

Something to ride on all the paved trails around our house.

I am looking at two. 

Looking is not the same as getting…I just wanted to clarify!

Madsen bike

I LOVE this bike

Of course I do…it is $1300!  The back would hold the littlest and all the toys to take to the park.  The basket even has seat belts.

On to the bike I can actually afford.

It is still pricey…but not as pricey.



Isn't she purdy???

I love all of the cruisers by Electra……this is the Gypsy 3i.

I will let you guys know if I ever get one of these!

Maybe it is time to head to wal-mart and get one of their cruisers..they are pretty cute I must say!!!


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  1. ohgoodie

    If your patient, you might find a used electra on craigslist. I found the
    ‘gigi’ electra, so cute, for my college aged daughter on craiglist in a nearby city last week for 250.00. I really wanted to get this bike for her at christmas, but it was nearly 600.00. This one was well taken care of and even already had the basket on the front. The bike bell rings like a doorbell, how funny. Good luck in your search, I’m still trying to find my dream bike, the amsterdam, Madonna model. I’ll just wait until someone else pays full price and gets tired of theirs.

  2. Brandie

    Oh, I love that Electra bike but my littlest would look so cute in the back of the 1st one. Too too cute!

  3. Amy Jo Axe

    I love my cruiser. It is a Nirve with a really fun basket on the front. You should definitely get one. I am the only cruiser rider who still wears a helmet, but that is just my personality!

  4. lissa

    okay! I’m ready to live at the sea in a cute little beach cottage with that bike resting on my front porch. You can live next door. We will have white linen curtains that blow in the breeze and ride our cute bikes to the market to pick up fresh fruit and cheese. Then I will drop my kids off at your house and take a day to myself. 🙂 This dream just keeps getting better and better….

  5. lorraine lewis

    We spent some time in California awhile back and rode beach cruisers everyday. I loved it. A great investment and so much fun you will love having one- go for it!

  6. Chasity

    i love the townie bikes by electra…i would see them in my hubbies cycling magazine and drool…{over those and tom boonen} ha…
    i ended up with a pink k-mart special. love it…streamers and all!
    have a great weekend.

  7. Jackie

    So fun! I’ve been thinking about a cruiser bike too – my friend Colleen got the cutest one that is polka dotted, with a basket and the whole thing! Of course, I miss the days of riding all over on my baby blue Schwinn 10-speed!

  8. Tara

    Electra’s are really popular in SC…I just let my mom have my cruiser, so she can ride around her little town and when I visit i can hop on and ride to the store..good luck picking the perfect bike! happy weekend Jeanne.

  9. Baraginie

    I have just ordered a Brompton Bike which is an English made folding bike: it should arrive in 6 weeks, which I am very excited about!

  10. Elaina

    I got an Electra cruiser (not one of the fancy ones, but the very basic one) back in may and it is AWESOME. It’s a single speed, but I live in FL, so that works ok. Might get a hub shifter for it later when I have the $ to spend on it.
    The basic Electra cruiser is not that expensive, though, and it’s still cute and comfy and you can get it in 3-speed.

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