I have a nice mountain bike that I use when we do more trail riding.

What I have been looking for the past six months is a cruiser with gears.

Something to ride on all the paved trails around our house.

I am looking at two. 

Looking is not the same as getting…I just wanted to clarify!

Madsen bike

I LOVE this bike

Of course I do…it is $1300!  The back would hold the littlest and all the toys to take to the park.  The basket even has seat belts.

On to the bike I can actually afford.

It is still pricey…but not as pricey.



Isn't she purdy???

I love all of the cruisers by Electra……this is the Gypsy 3i.

I will let you guys know if I ever get one of these!

Maybe it is time to head to wal-mart and get one of their cruisers..they are pretty cute I must say!!!