New Items Are On The Way


I have been busy at work getting ready for the Country Living Fair that is coming up early September.  I will have new aprons, dresses, clutches, purses, plaques, journals, letters, frames and some new surprises at the show.  My Madolyn is modeling a few of the new dresses that will be at the show.  After the show I will have these available on my site.  In the next few days I will give you a peek at a new apron and purse.  Fortunately, my mom (the original Madolyn) is busy sewing all my creations.  I would never be able to get everything ready for the fair without her help.  It is so amazing to think up an idea and see it come true with her amazing sewing.  Thanks mom! 






Does anyone else sense a little attitude in this one?  I think my "model" was finished for the day.  She had trees to climb and tractors to ride.   

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  1. mkg

    These photos are really wonderful!! You have a great eye for a good snapshot. And your model is precious! I hope you do well at the fair. Good luck!

  2. amy

    who is the mysterious “mkg”?=) i love, love, love the dress at the top! look forward to seeing more.

  3. Bethie

    Little Miss Mady has a future ahead..for sure! Absolutely darling, and I love the dresses. They are beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, the photos of the farm, kids, and Mady are so great, you have quite an eye Jeanne!!

  4. Jeanne

    Yes, these dresses will be for sale at the Country Living Fair and I will have them also on my Etsy site after the fair in September. Thanks so much for the interest!

  5. vicki cox

    I just love the dresses you made for the country living fair. Did they both sell or are they still available? Can you tell me if the patterns are for sale or are they your originals? Thanks so much. I love your blog. Vicki

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