New Photo Shoot {Grab a spoon and eat her up}

I take all of the photos for my collections and I love it!

I don’t usually take photos for other people because it is not where I have focused my attention.

It is fun though when I have a chance to have a break from the norm.

Recently I did a quick photo shoot of my neighbor’s daughter just for fun.

I wanted to get her photos done before I left for Illinois.  Good thing I did..the leaves were almost all gone when I got home.

She was full of pure joy.

I love this age and all the freedom and independence they feel.

Enjoy our fall evening of photos…because now snow is blanketing our town:-)



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  1. mgriffin

    Jeanne, these photos are amazing of a beautiful little girl! You captured her essense…the joy of life in her eyes and her smiles! I can almost hear her giggles and laughter:)

  2. amy

    i love, love, love them. she is precious! you might need to take on another side business from time to time. the pictures are gorgeous!=)

  3. Darlene

    Oh Jeanne, I love love love the pics!!! Thanks for posting. So fun to see on your blog (and the Berry Patch Farm pics)!

  4. Therese FitzRandolph

    What beautiful photos! When she is a grown woman with babies of her own, she will look at these with her own children and be grateful for the neighbor who spent the time taking them. On a day that was filled with sad news about cancer of a loved one, this brought an actual smile to my face. Thank you Jeanne!!

    1. jeanne

      I am so, so sorry that someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. Truly. I hope they have a quick road to strength and healing.

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