New Sculpting Course Open For Registration! {create your own holiday gifts this year}

I am thrilled to announce that Stephanie Lee will be teaching Hand Formed | Simple Sculpting {sculpting with plaster and clay} beginning NEXT month!

This is the perfect time to create special gifts that really mean something special for the holidays.

Stephanie is creating a course that will teach you the basics and beyond and you will walk away with multiple sculptures for yourself or others.

{The images below are just peeks into the kinds of projects being created. More images will be coming soon.}

There are few mediums that I enjoy as much as plaster and clay!

Come and check out the details and get in on the early registration price of $28.99. The course will be available on November 24th and the videos will be available for one year.


Here is a peek into the course…

“Painting is so poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific and makes you worry about gravity.” 
 -Damien Hirst

In this playful exploration of three dimensional form, we will dive into the fundamentals of creating stable and long-lasting sculptures using plasters and clays that are readily accessible, fun to work with, and easily modified to create whatever form you want.

During the week of this jam packed course, we will build multiple projects from start to finish with each project emphasizing different techniques that can all be adapted and modified to be combined with all the other techniques taught in the course. Each project will demonstrate a different armature or foundation construction approach so that you can feel confident in the stability of your beautiful pieces no matter what the final form is. 

Once we have a stable foundation shape, we will explore various finishing and textural effects using paint, carving, sanding, finishing with encaustic medium, and incorporating paper ephemera & found objects. You can expect to get a bit messy but will enjoy that you most of the projects demonstrated can be created from start to finish in a day or less even with no prior sculpting experience.
Share the joy of the journey of this course with children or friends in playful collaboration or dive in the learning as sacred personal creative time to build objects of lasting beauty and joy.

“Art-making is not about telling the truth but making the truth felt” 

To read more or register click HERE.

See you in class!

Jeanne Oliver


To register:

1) go to and register (this is free)

2) once your account is active you can follow this link to go directly to Hand Formed | Simple Sculpting

3) once you are on the main page of the course please click the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be instantly in the course and ready for class on November 24th.

See you class!

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  1. Lei

    Hello. This class looks very interesting. Could you tell me how many projects there are and how long the early bird price will run? Also, when will a supply list be available. Have a wonderful day!

  2. constance

    I really love semiprecious Stephanie Lee- 🙂 She’s the best of the best & inspires so much!

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