Not far from me there is an old, historic farm that is being brought back to life.


Slowly the roofs are being repaired and the barns repainted.

I do not know who owns this farm.


I have no connection to this piece of land…but I can't pass the farm without looking.

I have stopped more times than I can count to admire the possibilities and see how they are restoring it.


I think it is so beautiful that someone has chosen to take the time and energy to cut, nail, paint, sand, rebuild and plant over tearing it down.

I am excited for them.


Excited for the possibilities of what is in store for them.

When I look at this farm I see beauty and I can imagine all that it will be someday.

For some reason I am drawn to this farm in a way that I can not even explain.


The possibilities I see in this old farm parallels my excitement for the possibilities in the year to come.

The dreams, goals, commitments and plans that are being made and the ones that are still just quiet in my heart.

This past year brought so many new adventures into my life and I truly believe that this year will be more amazing.

I am excited about where you will see my work.

I can't wait to share a series on my blog all about your dreams and making them a reality.

I will be offering classes and will be teaching for the first time this year!

I am also expanding my services as a decorator and stylist.  This is an area that has grown so greatly over this past year and I am excited to see it grow even more.  

I will also be focusing more than ever on my collage and canvas pieces.  I can't wait to reveal my newest creations.

My heart is so full from all the relationships I have made the past year and how they will grow even more this year.

I have trips to see friends, trips to shows and even a trip to France that has me excited beyond words.

For all those that have encouraged and inspired me this past year…I hope I am able to bring a touch of that light right back into your life this coming year.

There are so many more things that are in my heart to share but I will hold them close for now.

I love possibilities.

Whether it is in an old farm house being restored…..rekindled friendships…….creativity that is springing back to life or just knowing that each day we are given is an opportunity to grow and change.

I wish you the sweetest of new years

It is FULL of possibilities!!!


I would love for you to visit my brand new photography blog.

I will be capturing one image a day for the next year.

I hope you will join me on this adventure and even play along.

You can find me at