(I realize that this photo is blurry…it just makes me smile so I put it in anyways)

Your last child will always be your baby.

You let them get away with more.

You laugh at more and punish less.

You let them come into bed with you at any time.

You are also really sad when you see the baby part of them disappearing.

My Benjamin is looking less little everyday and truth be told…I am a little heartbroken.

I did ask him to stop growing awhile ago and he promised to stop but I think he lied.

My third is also HUGE.

He is three and his head is as big as his 10 year old brother.

Seriously large!

He wears a 5T.

So…I am holding on to the curls.


That's right!

When Grandpa and Daddy think he needs a haircut I stand firm.

My third is the only child to have my curls.


Believe me…this kid has NEVER been mistaken for a girl.

I just can't cut them.


He has had many trims.

When I say trim…I mean we paid for a cut and they took off an 1/8 of an inch:-)

The hairdresser always likes to tell me that his hair is coming in straight and I just try to ignore her.

So for now I am holding on (very tightly) to the curls and how they make him look just a little bit smaller.


He will get a big boy haircut someday…not just yet!