Not What You Are Expecting


I know you are probably waiting for my post on Brave Girl Camp.

Sorry…I haven't even uploaded the photos.  Serious.

You are probably waiting to see a little sneak peek of my new line coming on MONDAY:-)

Sorry…that would require me being ahead of schedule and that doesn't usually happen.

As you can imagine my weekend will be very busy.

I thought I would give you something today though!!!

See how nice I am???!!!!


I have been wanting to show you my FAVORITE new coffee shop in Galena, Illinois.


While we were home visiting my parents Kelly and I spent a few days alone in Galena.


I swear to you we visited this coffee shop four times and they truly thought we were stalkers!


I was asking about the paint color (smoked oyster if you are interested) and pretty much gushing about every little detail the whole time I was in there.


I could live here!!!


So, if you are headed to Galena anytime soon be sure to stop in and support a local coffee shop….and you may just want to stalk them too!!!



Don't forget to come visit the shop on Monday for The French Brocante… purses, camera bag, clutches, art, jewelry, vintage treasures, French linens, Paris flea market finds, clothing……….

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  1. Traci

    i am headed to galena in november. i will surely stop there. i love coffee shops. wish my town had a cute one. can’t wait til monday!!!

  2. Alli

    The next time you go to BGC I want to go with you!!! You’re amazing and it would be so much fun to hang out!
    Love ya!

  3. Mikal

    Oh, this is the tease post huh???? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I would be a stalker of that coffee shop as well… Smoked Oyster by ???
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Leah C

    I think if I lived in Galena, that coffee shop would become my “second home”…so cute & inviting:) Can’t wait to see what new goodies you have in store for us! {pun intended;}

  5. bonnierose

    THAT PLACE looks so amazing…. so quaint, so warm and cozy and oh so comfy! Wow… love it.. thks for sharing…. it looks just magical and darling…. and the coffee.. yummmmy!

  6. Serena Berry

    hey cutie pie! I want that to be my living room! Those photographs on the wall look amamzing. what a nice little romantic getaway.
    why does your husband remind me of Marc? oh right, probably cause he’s a totally cute, nice bald (hope he doesn’t get mad at me for that) guy with a great smile.
    you two make a darling couple! Can’t wait to see the new line.

  7. shannon

    That coffee shop does look very inviting. Can’t wait until monday, I’ll be stalking the etsy shop late sunday night 😉

  8. melinda

    just wanted to let you know that something lovely happened to me the other day…I found your blog…delightful…thankyouthankyouthankyou for the time n inspiration n eye candy

  9. Dore

    I could so live there too! (The coffee shop) that is 🙂
    Wonderful pictures, and once again looks like you had a beautiful time. Jeanne you did not let us down, the psting made up for it 🙂
    What a beautiful couple 🙂

  10. JaYne

    I will check it out next time I’m home! One of my favs is Vinnie Vinnichi’s. I could sit on that patio and wine the afternoon away!

  11. Suzen

    Holy Smoked Oyster, woman! This place is to DIE for! What a find…no wonder you spent so much time there. (Oh, BTW, cute sandals :-)) S.

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