When I watch a movie I am paying as much (or more) attention to the house/decorating/landscaping as the characters and the storyline.

He used to laugh when I would lean over in the middle of the movie and say, "did you see that wainscoting…did you like that mantel….we should move to France….I want a huge oak tree in the front yard…"

I could give more examples but I think you get the point.

I am annoying during movies.

He has now learned.

He will lean over and say…."I bet you like that wall color…….you are drooling over that kitchen right now….no…we are not redecorating our whole house."

Don't you just love him?


I went to see It's Complicated with a friend the other night and we were both making comments the whole movie.

Not only is the movie hilarious…I laugh REALLY loud…serious…it is embarrassing…at least for the people with me:-)

I thought I would show you some of my favorite decorating etc. parts of the movie. 

While I am at it I thought I would show some of my all time favorite movie houses.

I know you guys will understand.


It's complicated kitchen corner 8



The movie is worth the garden alone!  Who cares that no ones garden could ever look this good and that the tomatoes were wired to the vines!!


Not crazy about that hat…but who am I to judge about garden hats!!


Most of this room is not my style..but I love the slip covered furniture and the dark mantel is gorgeous!

My ALL time favorite OUTSIDE of a home in a movie is the home from Stepmom.



Are you crying and swooning right now???  The inside of this home is too formal for me…but the outside is perfection.

Coming in at a close second would be the house from  Marley and Me.

I may have even gasped a little when they drove up to the house.

I told you  I have a problem.


How about a few more.

This movie actually was the reason that I wanted a third child…The Family Stone.

Weird.  I know.

I just want a house full of children and I want my kids to fill the house up when they get older.


The inside of the house was too cluttery (is that even a word??) for me but I love the feel of being comfortable in the house.

Who wouldn't take this home from Somethings Gotta Give?


I never get tired of watching this movie because of the incredible decorating.


I have shown many homes that I like the outside but one of my favorite movie apartments in from

P.S. I Love You.

I adored the decorating of this space.

I wish I could have found better photos for you.

It was so fun and eclectic and one of my favs.




It is almost midnight and I better get to sleep.

This was fun.

I now need to go back and watch some of these again.

I better not watch The Family Stone again though…my husband has told me we are done having children.

I could show you photos all night….what are some of your favorite movie houses?

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  1. Natasha Burns

    Oh I can just imagine your loud laugh, you’re so cute!!!
    LOVING that Stepmom house, like, seriously coveting it!
    If you don’t take the hat I will, I really like it, it’s very cowboy-esque and what a fab lady wearing it πŸ™‚

  2. Lori

    the house from Marley and me looks like one that in on the island here at put in bay…i love that house too…i guess i pay more attention to the story lines…because i really can’t come up with any favorite movie houses…

  3. Hope Ellington

    This is so true…I watch the decorating and the furniture. My kids even say “Mom…I bet you love that”. I gasped in Marley & Me, and you are right…who cares about wired tomatoes??? I am visual. You made my day today.
    Indiana girl…Hope

  4. Patricia

    While watching the movie It’s Complicated, my husband and I looked at each other during the garden scene. We didn’t even have to say a word. I just shook my head yes.

  5. Michelle

    Love all of them, but for years the Somethings got to give house is my favorite. Inside and out. Have a wonderful weekend!
    xx, Michelle

  6. Tricia

    Ok, this was the most fun post I’ve read in a long time! I love this!!! I think I may do it on my blog too, if that’s ok. Have a great weekend Jeanne!:)

  7. Miriam

    that is so funny….I know exactly what you mean. Something’s Gotta Give is one of my favorites and I only watch it for the house!
    Makes me feel good and inspires me! Keep writing….Ive been a fan of yours for a long time and always enjoy your post!

  8. kana

    I am scared now that I possibly have your same problem! I LOVE all of those houses and noticed them as well and I definately noticed the apt in PS I Love You. We might just wear everybody out if we went to a movie together!! BTW, speaking of hats, I really liked the hat that Hillary Swank wore in that movie….very stylish on her!

  9. Janet

    Laughed my head off at It’s Complicated too! So very funny! Really liked the “Father of the Bride” houses and actually told my painter I wanted that paint color for the living room — he rolled his eyes, but figured it out! Great post!

  10. Brenda

    Love it….in PS I Love You, where she is sitting on the bed, i love that green lamp…its gorgeous…

  11. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    I do the same thing. As a matter of fact through the whole, It’s Complicated, movie I was drooling over her entire property. Couldn’t understand why she was remodeling:) LOVED the “Somethings Gotta Give” house!!!

  12. jackie

    Somethings Gotta Give is my all time favorite house…..My best friend and I ohhhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhh every time we watch that movie. It is one you could move right in and just live. Not to formal just perfect. Thanks for the fun post.

  13. Mikal

    That garden is to die for! Especially since I am consumed with getting in the dirt right now…wonderful post and photos!
    Thank you!

  14. traci

    jeanne, i am the same way. i knew all those house photos by sight. they are some of my favorites too. i couldn’t believe meryls character wanted to remodel her home. it was perfection already. great movie.

  15. Kimberly

    OMG!!! My friend and I kept talking about the dresser in P.S. I Love You. I want that dresser!!! As for my favorite movie house…Practical Magic. Oh, how I love that house. I love all the ones you put up here too. That was so fun to scroll through those photos. I love, love, love houses. My favorite thing to do is look at people’s homes. I have gone to real estate school THREE times but always realize it is the houses I want to look at and real estate is more paperwork than I could ever handle! Thanks for your recent comment it really made my day!!!

  16. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I urge you – rent Spanglish asap and pay attention to the beach house. (The story is lovely, too.) And can you believe I’ve never seen Something’s Gotta Give?
    ps- Were you in camp Adam or camp Jake?

  17. Carmen

    I remember the first time I watched Marley and Me, I was IN LOVE with that house! My 16 year old daughter laughs at me too because I am always rewinding movies to see things in the houses. And I remember thinking when I watched Family Stone…”I hope that’s what it’s like in our family when the kids are all grown up.”

  18. Debra

    Totally feel the same way when I watch movies. My favourite is the house in Something’s Gotta Give besides Keanu Reeves of course!

  19. Bluebell

    Both my daughter and I do the same thing….sometimes we get so caught up in the “dressings” of the movie we have to watch it a second time to actually pay attention to the movie…I love the little girls room in “Holiday”, patio/view in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and any of the houses that a movie starring Meg Ryan or Diane Keaton are in!

  20. Suzen

    I’m with Flower Patch Farmgirl on the Practical Magic house. Not that I’d actually want to live in it, but it WAS magical in a witchy sort of way. Ditto the store. I always love a curly squirrely Victorian with about 19 paint colors on the exterior.

  21. Shannon

    Oh my gosh you picked all my favorites down to wanting a 3rd kid just to have a big family for the holidays!!! My husband gets so annoyed cuz I have watched Somethings Gotta Give atleast 50 times. I haven’t seen It’s Complicated yet but it looks amazing. πŸ™‚

  22. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    The Notebook ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE that house and the property its on! Also, Hope Float…love that house ~ one of my all time favs is the small town house that Julia Roberts moves to in Sleeping With the Enemy! I have the same illness! We should name it so we can be properly diagnosed…how ’bout Movie SETalitus?!

  23. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    I know…I forgot the “S” on Hope Floats….see I also have a grammar and spelling illness that makes me go back and correct everything so that people don’t think I’m illiterate : )

  24. Tracy

    looooooove the family stone!!! and I’m so with you – it makes me ache for a house full of children when I watch that movie! I just loved their dynamic in that movie…OH – and the home…did you just LOVE the attic space with the angled ceiling? Love.
    What a fun post!!

  25. lissa

    I haven’t seen that movie yet but I keep reading about it! Wouldn’t it just be a dream to have a garden like that? Do you like it enough to see it again in SEattle? maybe…
    Thanks for this morning. SO much better!

  26. Tiffany

    my husband has learned to live with it, but he does get upset when I rewind ten times to see something in the details again!
    One of my favorite movie houses is from the holiday (the new version) the english cottage!! Although, for modern, I also love the LA house!!!
    xoxox, Tiffany

  27. rachel

    I have to agree with you…not only is PS I Love You one of my fave movies of all time, but I LOVE the decorating as well. Happy weekend!

  28. susan

    those are all great ones! i loved the one in something’s gotta give. the inside was fantastic too. i love the big white one and anything with that new england, nantucket feel i’m drawn to. have a great weekend!

  29. deborah

    Grey Gardens…amazing house. I didn’t feel so bad scanning each scene as the house is a character…changing as the women change. Even at it’s worst this house is still beautiful.

  30. Melissa Gruber

    You picked all of my favorites…the only other one I love is the house from Father of the Bride…and on TV…Brothers & Sisters…love that house that Nora lives in…so would love that BIG house…you are too funny!

  31. Amy Jo Axe

    Love it! Those are some of my faves too! Kel says that I need a Family Stone intervention because I watch it so often! I LOVE it so much because it makes me laugh and cry through the entire movie!

  32. inmyownstyle

    I also do this with movies, see every detail of the set design. I think it is a visual thing, I do it at sporting events too, I have no idea what the score is, but I sure do know what colors the team is wearing, what golfer looks the best etc. The Something’s Gotta Give house had me changing my decor the next day after I saw the movie. My friends just laughed, but I love that look. My all time favortie movie house is in Patriot Games with Harrison Ford. It sits all by itself off a dirt driveway and overlooks the water. Love it, wish it where mine.
    Diane @ InMyOwnStyle

  33. inmyownstyle

    I forgot to add in the comment tht I just left for you that I also love love love the house in The Proposal withe Ryan Reynolds. That is right on the water too.
    Diane @ InMyOwnStyle

  34. Melanie

    I love all these houses. I have the same problem that you do, I look at the decor and architecture too. How can you not, set decorators are very talented. Thanks for the inspiration.

  35. Courtney Walsh

    After It’s COmplicated, I came home and looked up every photo I could find. I read so many articles on Nancy Meyers and found her real life house. It’s ever bit as inspirational as her movie houses.
    Something’s gotta give is probably my favorite. I would give my left arm for that house. Or maybe not my whole arm. But at least a fingernail. πŸ™‚

  36. Heather

    There is seriously something wrong with my deep-seated connection with you and having never met you formally it is just CRAZY! I read your entries and talk to the computer saying things like “I know….”, “I agree”…”No Kidding…” “Love that one too”…Thank you for being you. I Love you! Love all those house, agree with the clutter issue of family stone, agree with the thought of having childrent to fill the house as they grow. And that part with the black and white photo of the pregnant mom…too much…just too much! I also agree with so many of the other houses in the previous comments, all kindred spirits I guess!

  37. Amy Muffoletto

    My hubby and I and some friends went to see this movie tonight. I love her house. It is beautiful. One day….it would be a dream come true to have style like that. When the kids are grown maybe… Thanks for sharing all your wonderful movie sets with us. I love them.

  38. Bristol

    Don’t you love falling in love with movie houses. A girl who works for me could hardly wait to tell me about the house in it’s complicated. I have always loved the little cottage that reese witherspoon makes over in Sweet Home Alabama~

  39. meg duerksen

    i love this post jeanne.
    i do the same thing. we were in the middle of kitchen remodel and watched OLD school of all things….and i paused it and said “look at that tile!” he had an old house with an old kitchen and i loved the old tile. it was diamond shaped…
    i love you’ve got mail.
    and the family man.
    and my mind is blank right now for what else.
    i think…i am going to try to go it’s complicated tonight. πŸ™‚

  40. Christy

    I love to watch a movie for the places rather than the story too! I love the houses in “Because I Said So”! ALL OF THEM! The mother’s, the daughter’s and both boyfriends. Every one is perfect for the character! Watch and swoon!

  41. Beth

    I do the same thing in movies and my husband has learned too! I love all the homes you have picked, but my favorite house in a movie is YOU, ME and DUPREE! I LOVE that blue craftsman! πŸ™‚
    decorated wise, I also love Meg Ryan’s appt. in You’ve Got Mail.

  42. Leah C

    Oh I would move into that house from “Something’s Gotta Give” in a heartbeat! Beside the homes you showed, one of my favorites is the Baileys’ old house in Bedford Falls {It’s A Wonderful Life}

  43. Lana

    oh wow, all those are favorites of mine too1!! I loved all the movies too…The Family Stone and Something’s Gotta Give (& the soundtrac) the ultimate favs…but here’s one from the past…Steel Magnolias…I loved the yards, the mom’s house and the porch at the daughter’s house…Eclectic INDEED!

  44. kristen

    Love love love that someone else notices such things n movies and I agree, my most fav house is the one in stepmom! Thanks for such a happy blog today! It’s cold and gloomy here in Atlanta, so I needed that πŸ™‚

  45. Bec

    Both houses from The Holiday- I love the quaint little cottage with the stone and crooked doorways, but the big open CA house would be like living in a spa!

  46. Amy Muffoletto

    Hello friend, I have a blog award for you…You probably receive them all the time but I just want you to know how creative and inspiring I think you are. Check out my blog. Hugs, Amy

  47. Spencer

    We went to see “It’s Complicated” and I’m tellin’ ‘ya….I couldn’t take my eyes off that kitchen. Isn’t it glorious? My Mum used to tell me I had to see this movie or that because I’d love the decorating. Just before she passed away we watched “The Goodbye Girl” so I could see all of the cute things she had in her apartment…..

  48. The Little Red Shop

    Mmm…I don’t need any pictures…The P.S. I love you spaces are etched on my mind. Love them!!!! I am completely and utterly a romantic comedy set sap!
    : )
    Julie M.

  49. Jaime Southwick

    My Dream movie home is from the Notebook!!!!! If you haven’t seen the movie it’s worth the house alone!!!
    I also drooled over the garden in “It’s Complicated,” I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who couldn’t get over that picturesque garden!

  50. Abby

    I loved this post! We must have similiar tastes because I loved all of these. My favorite is from Something’s gotta give. I do the same thing when watching movies. Totally get where you’re coming from.

  51. Amanda

    Hi! I just found your beautiful blog, and I LOVE the post on movie houses — I do the same thing. Sometimes I pay more attention to the set than the storyline! LOL.
    Do you have a homeschooling blog?

  52. Sabrina

    OH wow!! A movie house kindred spirit!! i always look at the housesdecorating in movies! I’ve thought the very same things as you about all those houses!
    I want Stepmom’s house! But when I saw Family Stone, I said, I want lots of children someday and a house like that to fill it full of my crazy kids!

  53. dianereeves

    I watched P.S. I love you all by myself so I could pause the movie as much as I wanted and study the set. I think I counted at least 10 lamps in one scene! I loved how she displayed her Christmas cards down her fridge too. I think I need to add it too my que again.
    I remember loving the house in Spanglish….I need to watch it again too.

  54. emily ruth

    i love the yard in stepmom…the chairs & tire swing & of course the leaves…kate winslet’s house in the holiday is so sweet & charming…& i know it’s not a movie but i love the gilmore girls house. perhaps it’s because i have watched the entire series from beginning to end four times & so it almost feel like my own house πŸ™‚ i like the not so matchy decorate as you grow look & i know that’s because this family could never maintain the beautifulness of the houses you pictured, which i loved also πŸ™‚

  55. ida

    ok, ive been looking all afternoon. Does anyone know the color they used in the Father of the Bride interior?

  56. suzanne

    Good Morning,
    I stumbled upon your blog via Crescendo! … and have been reading some of your archives ~
    I’m getting such a kick out of your words!
    anyhoooo….love! this post. I ALWAYS do this w/ movies…and must mention my “all-time favorite house in a movie”. It’s from Hanging Up w/ Meg Ryan. I loved her house! That kitchen…and her foyer w/ the awesome autumn & halloween decor.
    Check it out!
    Seriously, can’t believe so many other people have this same obsession.
    Have a great day!

  57. Alicia

    O…M…G!! I’m just snooping around your blog, sipping some joe and LAUGHING my butt off at this post! I do this ALL the time. Marley and Me was killer. I asked my husband if we could move to PA and buy this house! He said no πŸ™ How about the little book shop on You’ve Got Mail?? That movie made me want to own a bookshop πŸ™‚ Funny post…loved it!

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