When I watch a movie I am paying as much (or more) attention to the house/decorating/landscaping as the characters and the storyline.

He used to laugh when I would lean over in the middle of the movie and say, "did you see that wainscoting…did you like that mantel….we should move to France….I want a huge oak tree in the front yard…"

I could give more examples but I think you get the point.

I am annoying during movies.

He has now learned.

He will lean over and say…."I bet you like that wall color…….you are drooling over that kitchen right now….no…we are not redecorating our whole house."

Don't you just love him?


I went to see It's Complicated with a friend the other night and we were both making comments the whole movie.

Not only is the movie hilarious…I laugh REALLY loud…serious…it is embarrassing…at least for the people with me:-)

I thought I would show you some of my favorite decorating etc. parts of the movie. 

While I am at it I thought I would show some of my all time favorite movie houses.

I know you guys will understand.


It's complicated kitchen corner 8



The movie is worth the garden alone!  Who cares that no ones garden could ever look this good and that the tomatoes were wired to the vines!!


Not crazy about that hat…but who am I to judge about garden hats!!


Most of this room is not my style..but I love the slip covered furniture and the dark mantel is gorgeous!

My ALL time favorite OUTSIDE of a home in a movie is the home from Stepmom.



Are you crying and swooning right now???  The inside of this home is too formal for me…but the outside is perfection.

Coming in at a close second would be the house from  Marley and Me.

I may have even gasped a little when they drove up to the house.

I told you  I have a problem.


How about a few more.

This movie actually was the reason that I wanted a third child…The Family Stone.

Weird.  I know.

I just want a house full of children and I want my kids to fill the house up when they get older.


The inside of the house was too cluttery (is that even a word??) for me but I love the feel of being comfortable in the house.

Who wouldn't take this home from Somethings Gotta Give?


I never get tired of watching this movie because of the incredible decorating.


I have shown many homes that I like the outside but one of my favorite movie apartments in from

P.S. I Love You.

I adored the decorating of this space.

I wish I could have found better photos for you.

It was so fun and eclectic and one of my favs.




It is almost midnight and I better get to sleep.

This was fun.

I now need to go back and watch some of these again.

I better not watch The Family Stone again though…my husband has told me we are done having children.

I could show you photos all night….what are some of your favorite movie houses?